Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


18. Chapter 16: But Your Perfect To Me.


Chapter 16: But your perfect to me. ~*Narrator*~

Olivianne just slept there, on her fist class seat near the door. She was un-knowledge of her surrounds. You see, most of the time she is a deep sleeper. She snorted softly in her sleep, making Welly laugh quietly but quite enough so Olivianne wouldn't wake up.

The airplane was beautifully constructed and well structured. It for long or short flights. It seemed like it would never brake.

But that's what they said for the Titanic, and it's at the bottom of the ocean.

One of the screw drivers had fallen out right before the departure and just now, an employee found out about the missing screw driver, but it was to late for them to find out or really do anything.

An employee had seen the lovely couple, Harry and Olivianne, before she left for her trip. His face paled, knowing what was yet to come. He panicked. The couple was such a cute lovely couple. He envied it.

When the plane drivers found out the terrible fate that was going to happen to the plane, he panicked and told the copilot about this. They informed the passengers about this and told them not to panic.

But they still did. Imagine know that your plane was bout to crash down? That there was no way to be saved?

Bu some how in all the commotion, no one woke up poor ill Olivianne. She slept there, dreaming about her possible future with Harry. She felt a twist in her belly and woke up with a jump. Then she woke up in the panic and heard cries and pleas for saving.

She looked for her friends but they weren't there. Actually, no one was around. It as as if suddenly, everyone in the airplane had disappeared. As if everything had disappear except Olivianne and the plane. She heard screams outside, telling her to get off the plane.

She looked outside, hoping to see something good or something comforting, but all she would she was her getting nearer and nearer to the ground. She thought for a moment and closed her eyes, she knew that she has to get ready for the crash. She thought about what would happen to Harry.... Would he find a better, healthy, prettier and thinner girl?

Would he be able to get over the loss? She decided to try and walked towards the door, it was already open. She would see the sky, but didn't dare to look down to the ground. Then just as the plane crash down the ground something extraordinary or just really stupid.

She jumped out with some of her belongings.


We had just had an interview after Olivianne left and she was about to text me anytime now. It had been so painful to not know anything about her or what was happening.

It was just like before we officially met, I knew something about her, but, alas, I didn't t know her. Also that odd feeling of longing for someone. But I'm sure it will be worst when she comes back home, to Canada...

I got a call. It was from an unknown number. I rolled my eyes, maybe it was an annoying fan who had hacked my phone. I usually got those, but I learned to not answer unknown numbers.

People wonders why I have so many phones. It's mostly because they usually get hacked or because i get fans calling me. One phone is for friends, one is for family and one is for work. It's not because I'm weird... Right?

The number kept calling as I was in the van with Louis driving and my in shotgun. Liam, Zayn and Niall were at the back chatting. Liam seemed excited about something as he chatted with Zayn. Niall was on his phone, possibly play a food-maker app on his phone. Louis was humming along with the radio, which was Papanamericano. He drove swiftly to the hotel since tomorrow we have a concert in Germany.

"Pick up the damn phone!" Louis said annoyed. I nodded softly as I answered it.

"Hello," said a weird voice.


"Is this Harry Styles?" Asked the person on the line. It was a man.

"Yes, who is this?" I asked.

"This is the Euro-plane, we are calling to announce you that the plane 900 A from Paris, France heading to Valencia, Spain, has crashed in Madrid, Spain. There is only 2 dead-"

"How does this affect me?" I asked panic. That's right, it was Oliv's plane. I bunch of ideas flooded my mind and my eyes widened in panic, thinking of the worst thing that would happen.

Louis shot me a questioningly. Liam and Zayn didn't notice me, but Niall did. He leaned forward to the seat to be able to listen to my conversation.

"M. Styles, Olivianne S-"

"No!" I screamed.

Was he going to say she is dead?

Is he gonna say, I'm sorry to say (and more blah blah?)...

"Is a survivor." Once he said that I screamed like a teenage girl. I fangirled hardcore and freaked out. She is alive! The boys gave me looks.

"Erm, sir... She would like to speak to you, but she is in ICU. She has a few broken ribs and she has to be checked on her lungs. Also, her back... The doctors need to check it. She told Welly to take and call you, here she is. "

What? Why? Panic rose up my body as I hyperventilated in mixed emotion. Louis looked at me weirdly. My eyes were wide and anxiety.

"Hello?" Asked a familiar voice on the phone.

"H-how is she?" I panicked.

"Hey Harry! She fine. She... Well she was put to sleep for a bit since she was panicking."

"How did it happen?"

"The plane crashed in the water because a screw driver fell out and it was sinking. We were on a plastic floaty boat, out of the plane. Olivianne was asleep inside but we woke her up and she jumped out if the plane to swim towards us...

"This current or wave got her and Antonia had to go, jump in the water and save her. The plane, its left wing had fallen out and crash against her. She just has to have a check up on her lungs and she has to fix her ribs. Also she hurt her back. Don't worry, though." She finished with a sniff, as if she had been crying.

"Did she tell you to tell me to not worry?" I asked.

"Um, maybe? Don't worry. She want you to do that concert than you can come. Plus, she only will be here in the hospital until tomorrow than we can go around and do the European thingy."

"So... Basically, you are telling me... That your plane was in a crash because of a screw driver. Olivianne jumped out and one if the wings from the plane crash in to her and she basically drowned but Antonia saved her?" I said as the boys brought their attention to me in shock.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"My girlfriend, with lung cancer, drowned. She got hurt and is in the ICU and is unconscious-"

"Asleep," she corrected me.

"Yeah, whatever... And you expect me to not worry?" I asked dramatically.

"Oh, your being very melodramatic! She'll be fine as long as she sleeps and relaxes!"she said. In her voice you could heard that she was possibly rolling her eyes. "But if you must know, she was put to sleep since she was panicking and she kept screaming out your name and saying that you shouldn't, that her back hurts... So to sum it up, she had gone a bit crazy in the pain."

"Ah, Ok... How are the others?" I asked in concern. I couldn't have pity for Oliv, I promised her.

"They are wet and cold. I'll call you later since I need to have a check up." She said. "Bye Harry!"

"Bye Welly, take care kiddo."

"I'm not that young!" She protested as she chuckled and hung up when I heard, in the background, a nurse called her.

I sigh and hung up. The boys gaped at me, waiting for and explanation for my outburst. I knew that they would worry so I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Lads," Louis said as he glanced at the scene. "Let him be, let him tell us when he is ready, alright?" The boys nodded and mumble things like how unfair it was to not know about the situation.

We got to the hotel, silently and went up to the rooms to pack for the trip. I was in my hotel room, the boys were somewhere else packing, but i had my door open since i didn't feel like closing it.

I sigh when I saw that Oliv had left her scarf here again and I had worn it. It was purple with little gold yarns. It's quite lovely and she seems to have kept with care. I smiled because it smelled like her floral sugary smell. She honestly smelt good.

Also, Olivianne had left her one of her stuff animals. It was the caramel colored bunny. It was very soft and it smelled good. It wore a white dress that obviously was or is a shirt that is to small for Oliv.

I missed her.

"Harry?" Asked a familiar voice.

"Yeah?" I said looking up at a worried Louis.

"How are you?" He asked. I looked at him weirdly.

How am I? How do I feel? Obviously, not well. I'm was a bit traumatized. Worried.

"I dunno, I'm worried, here I'm packing for a concert whilst Olivianne is in Spain and... I've go mixed emotions like a teenager!" I said as I frowned.

"My friend, that's the glory of relationships. Different emotions. It's beautiful though. Don't worry, if its true love, well, you know what they say..."

"What do they say?" I asked.

"That love will or always find its way, something like that, I'm not sure." He chuckled.

"Ah, oh yeah sure..." I smiled politely. "I'm pretty sure it's true love." He simply nodded but in his eyes, he had an uneasiness in his eyes.

"Hey, can you tell me what happened in that phone call?" He asked cautiously.



"Alright, so..." I started as he watched me and nodded for me to continue. "Basically... Olivianne's plane crashed... In Madrid. She was supposed to go to Valencia, also in Spain so that's not the problem... When she was jumping out of the plane, one of its wings smashed against her back and well, she has a few broken ribs and... Erm, she is in the ICU..."

"Oh, Harry! I'm so sorry! How is she though? Didi you talk to her? Is she ok?" He had a worried across his face.

"No..." I said as the boys came in the room when they over heard my finally talking. "I spoke with Welly." Liam looked at me with worried and surprised look. Maybe even jealous.

"What did she say?" Zayn asked.

"Um, she said that Olivianne is asleep, they put her to sleep since she was in panic and, yeah, in pain. "

"And the others?" Niall asked. He has been smiling more since Antonia and him met. But Niall is always having this annoying sad It-was-my-fault type of mood.

"They're fine. Welly had to hang up 'n go since the doctors were gonna check up on her."

"So Amber is ok?" Asked Zayn.

"Yup, also Antonia and Welly, lads don't worry!" I answered.

"How can we not?" Asked Liam.

"True..." I said smiling as we got our stuff and left for the airport to go to Germany.


I texted Olivianne on the hone that the hospital had lent then as we waited for the plane to be ready for us. Paul was watching up and smiled at how childish we were, especially Louis who was wearing bunny PJs and I was wearing my Kitty PJs. It was my mom who bought us these matching PJs.

I thought about the whole Larry thing and shook my head, that would give me headaches of the mess. I was sitting on one of those uncomfortable leather chairs that make you excited because your leaving for something. Louis and the rest to the boys were chatting but I was in a corner.

I obviously don't socialize.

I had Oliv's bunny in my arms and I snuggled with it as I watched my phone, waiting for her reply. I watched and after what seemed for hours she answered.

O: Harry?

H: Oliv?

O: yeah?

H: Hey beyoutiful! xX

O: Be-You-tiful? Ha, sure thing;) hey sex

H: Sex?

O: Sexy! Sorry spell check

H: o! Ha, cute Xx

O: Yeah...

H: How r u?

OMeh, ok... I guess right?

H: what did the doctors say?

O: I broke my bottom ribs, it hurts:( but don't worry! I'm better than before. They gave me lots of medicine and gave me gross stuff so I became drowsy and asleep. Actually, this is Welly texting since Oli is half pretty drowsy ( for the first time she has an real reason to be like this))and she is telling me what to text. She was texting but then the spell check checked her and yeah she isn't texting.

H: oh, haha hey Welly! x

O: hi:)

H: call me, I wanna heard Oli drowsy!

O: R u sure?

H: yeah!

O: k...

Then I got a one call from her number.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, It's Me," said Welly and I smiled and gestured the boys to come towards me. They came and surrounded me as I put the phone on speaker.

"Hey!" Said Louis out of the blue.

"We are on speaker that's why..." I mumbled.

"Oh, same!" Said Amber and Zayn smiled brightly at the sound of her voice.

"Anyways  Antonia, stop fooling her! She is on laughing gas, she will be stupid ok?" Said a annoyed Welly.

"Hey Love!" Liam said.

"Vas Happenin' there?" Zayn said.

"Hey, Antonia! Stop it-haha" Welly started to say something but then in to laugher. Her laughed where short and muffled. "Sorry," she said trying to catch her breath. "So, Tonia is making fun of Oli since Oli is always making fun I how Tonia talks since she's got this gangster accent and now Oli is talking all baby and shit and Antonia is making fun of her and they are being stupid and it's hilarious to Amber and I."


" Antonia, OMG don't..."

"What happened?" Asked Niall excitedly as he heard Welly speaking in the annoyed voice that Liam usually does when we do something stupid or irrelevant.Usually that tone of voice brought mischief and excitement and fun.

"We got some money from the pale company to go shopping and Tonia convinced Oli to by thongs... They are acting like children." Niall burst in to laughter.

"She sounds quite wild," Louis commented in a sassy voice.

"Yeah, that's her. She is like this naturally, or was. It's awesome to see her like this, since I've missed her wild ways... But it's a pain in the ass. She is so stubborn and sometimes stupid when she does that."

"Ah..." We all said together and the we heards some loud noises in the background.

"The worst part is that now she has her hyper-activeness and childish ways tripled. Also, to top it off, Amber and Tonia is are motivating her. Though, it's a sight to see."

"I bet." Zayn muttered.

"Anyways, how are you guys?" Liam asked.

"Either from the fact that the girls are pretty weird right now and Olvianne is making baby noises... We are good. As usual, poor Oli got hurt the most." Welly said sighing.

You could see that their group was a bit like mine. Welly and Liam are the mature ones. Zayn and Amber are silent but really nice. Niall and Antonia laugh at everything and anything. Louis and Grace are possibly alike. From what Oliv has told me, Lou and Grace are pretty wild and sassy. And I guess Oliv and I go together and complete each other.

Our gate was called so the lads left to prepare themselves and aboard the plane. I asked Welly if I could talk to Oliv privately and she let me.

"Alo?" Asked a childish voice that I missed oh, so much.

" hello babe..." I said.

"Aw! It's my cute lil' cupcake!" She laughed a big childish fruity laugh, reassuring me that she was drowsy and on laughing gas.

"Um, how are you?" I said.

"Good! Feeling like rainbows are coming out of me! Ha, did you know if you sneeze with your eyes opened, your eyes'll pop out and you can die?" She said cheerily as if it was the funniest things she has ever heard.

"I don't think you can die.. But, yeah I didn't know..."

" Hey, Peter Pan?"


"I'll see you tonight!"


"I'm my dreams, duh! You told me that when we are far apart, we will see each other I our dreams!"

"Did I know?"

"Yes, you did! Also, you said that Tinker bell is Louis!" She giggled as I turned to see Louis and gaped at him and blushed. I can imagine Louis in a Tinker Bell outfit though...

"As! And who are the lost boys?" I asked closing my eyes as I waited inline to board the plane with the boys. The line was slow so I closed my eyes and in the world it was only me and her.

As if I had left reality and gone to Neverland. She was the child inside of people when she wanted to be.

"More like the lost group! It's The boys and my girls!"

"Ah, cool!"

"The nurse said that I'm not really healthy. I found that insulting and slapped her. She got mad at me and gave me to much happy gas. Whatever that shit is..."

"How are you feeling?" I asked a bit impatiently.

"Better... Haha, Antonia says that I should go on Kijiji and buy an elephant... I think I will!" She giggled. She sounded a bit high... She was high with laughing gas so..."I left my bunny there right?"


"Please take care of her."

"Oliv, love, I gotta go...I will take care of the bunny! I'll call you later," I said with uneasy, I didn't want to stop talking to her. "I love you." I said blowing a kiss to the phone as I got to my seat in first class.

"Adieu, mon petit croissant!" She said in a French accent. "I love you too!" I then I heard giggles in the background and Welly telling her to hang up so I could hang up. She hung up after a long sad sigh.

I smiled and turned my phone off.

I beside Louis with the stuff animal in my arms. I slapped face, I should have asked her about her stuff animal, at least the name. I looked at the bunny with deciding eye.

What was I gonna name her?

"Harry, what on heart are you doing?" Zayn said as he sat in the row beside us and Niall sat in the one behind with Paul. Poor Paul, he might wake up with a few pranks pulled on him. The boys gathered themselves around me.

"Are you laser beaming the stuff animal?" Niall asked.

"Uh, no..." I answered in a tone that was more like are-you-kidding-me?

" Are you mentally talking to Oli with the stuff animal?" Louis joke and earned a laugh from Niall.

"What? No, 'course not!" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Are you finding ways to style the bunny?" Zayn asked out of the blue.

" No... That a bit weird to do so..." I mumbled.

"But you are pretty weird so..." Liam said, chuckling.

"Hey!" I said as the plane started to rise from the ground. I felt my belly do some flip flops as I heard the familiar sound that the plane usually does as it rises of the ground.

I grabbed Louis' hand as I felt my torso do twist and my heart do jumping jack. I felt my breath shorten a bit. Louis chuckled at me, but it's not my fault I have this strange fear of not really heights but things that give me that strange rush in my muscles or that could possibly kill me.

What if the plane crashed down like Olivianne's did? I shook m head and looked out the window. I was on the left row of the plane but closer to where the people walk. It looked like a hallways actually.

I gripped the poor bunny's soft body and held Louis arm for dear life. I have this unsettling thought that the plane would crash and I wouldn't see Oliv.

I closed my eyes as we went off the ground and rested against the comfortable squishy blue leather chair that made a strange squish-like noise. I sighed and Louis told me to relax. So I did as I rested my head on a pillow that the chair came with and doze off the sleep.

I was in a field. There was only grass planes. I could hear grasshoppers making noises and hop along the grass. I heard small bugs making natural field noises. I also heard birds from afar chirping and sining a soft melody.

It sounded like the soft tune of A Whole New World from Aladdin. I smiled at the beautiful tune. It reminded me of Zayn since he kinda looked like Aladdin. But mostly it reminded me of Olivianne, since she always goes on shot Disney.

A smile crept along my lips and I smirked because I remembered when we sat together and watched Disney movies and sang, (mostly her), along to Disney songs. She said I would be in a Disney movie or musical since I have a glorious voice of an angel or a glorious Greek god. And people say I'm weird...

The purple roses started to randomly bloom in the grass fields around me. The sky was light blue and the sun was shining bright up above. My eyes squinted in the light. I heard giggles around me and saw a girl in a light blue flowery dress. It was strapless and from the waist and down it was flowing like a fairy. I smiled because the girl was familiar.

"Peter Pan!" She smiled as she fluttered her way towards me toward as if she was flying. Then silver glittery wings shimmered their way behind her.

"Hey, Wendy!" I said smiling. "Your here because we aren't together, right?"

"Yeah..." She said. "Hey!" She said as she kneeled down and grabbed a rose and brought it up to her nose and she sniffed it smiling. "Interesting..." She smiled.

"This is a weird dream, no?" I said. She laughed.

"Yeah, do you want to go for a walk?" I smiled and nodded and grabbed her hand as we strolled along a path that had recently appeared.

It was a quite peaceful comfortable silence untold her eyes widened and she gasped as she disappeared like mist. The sky darkened until it turned to a dark gray. The roses died as if they got burned and the grass turned a rusty yellow color. I looked around and saw nothing but lost of rusty yellow dead unhealthy grasses and gray ugly skies. My eyes sadder because this isn't the beautiful sight from before.

I heard a voice saying stuff. More like whispering in a creepy way. The whispers came from different sides of the field, all around me. I covered my years and squealed my eyes. The voice was whispering things I didn't what it to.

'Not much longer' I said evilly. 'Not even four years. Be prepared. Things are gonna get worst. Peter Pna forgot Wendy...' I felt shivers crawl up my spine and give me goosebumps. I saw the Peter Pan Disney movie and I do remember Peter Pan never remember to visit Wendy and she grew old and had children and got married and stuff. Peter Pan stayed young and forgot about Wendy as he had adventures sight he lost boys. In Peter Pan 2, Wendy and Peter Pan see each other again and she is all grown up and can't fly.

It breaks my heart whenever I see that scene. But will Olivianne and I share the same poor fate? Or worst? I heard sobs in the distance and beards eerie screams and sniffles. Then, in front of me, laid a corps. Of course it as dead because it wasn't breathing nor moving. My heart pounded deeply as I approached the body, to see who it was.

The color of my face drained as I saw the poor dead person I front of me. I fell to my knees and broke in to sobs. I felt hot tears stream down my face as if they fought for who would get to the bottom of my face first. I hiccuped from the sobs and sniffles. I grabbed the body's hand and held it tight as if she was disappearing. The body was pale and cold. Lifeless and plain. It broke my heart to see the person like this.

Then the same irrelevant whisper laughed and said something that would haunt me, 'Enjoy her while you got her. Because soon enough she die and be gone.' I screamed and cried and sobbed "No!"

I woke up with Louis shaking my shoulders to wake me up. I was having a nightmare. I was in cold sweat with my heart pounding as the bunny was beside me and squeezed beside my arms and chest.

"Haz, please calm down!" Louis looked at me desperately. "It was a nightmare! Don't worry! Calm down Curly!" He smiled slightly at the old joke. I blinked a few times and felt my cheeks were wet with fresh salty tears.

"Sorry..." I mumbled as he have my a warming hug. "I haven't named the bunny..." I said against his warm hug.

"What 'bout Miss Pepita?" He chuckled. I nodded and hugged Miss P and smelled the faint smell from my girlfriend.

"She smells like Oliv..." I blurted out and Louis chuckled and sniffed the bunny and nodded, smiling.

I checked the time and there was about 3 hours until we got to Germany. I sighed and decided to read a magazine. I think that a fan or a teenager or somebody who like these type of magazines left a Teen Magazine. I decided to waste time and read it as the rest of the boys slept and Paul, he did his security Paul-like thing.

The cover was lots of celebrities that mostly kids like and my band. It was an old picture when Zayn still had the blond streak and when Liam had really short almost bald hair. Louis had a quiff because he gave in to the pier pressure from the rest of the boys and quiffs. I luckily didn't and kept my curly hair. Niall had his hair up in a quiff, also, in the picture. We were smiling like nothing's wrong.

Like life is perfect, but it's not.

I wrinkled my noses like Miss P would because I didn't like the cover. It seemed like somebody took pictures of celebrities and did a collage of used that liquid white glue that smelled weird and scotch tape.

It seemed at be too neon and flashy.

It said random stuff like who was dating who and questions and a interview that we had been in but I'm pretty sure that they simply copied off of another magazine of interview.

It was a magazine from a few days ago so I decided to read in the gossip, for fun. It said that Lady Gaga wants children, that Selena Gomez might start in a new Disney musical, that Rihanna is working on a new album, random stuff. Until I came to the One Direction section and decided to read what it said for me. It showed pictures of Oliv and I in Disney (some of them were us kissing), at the mall, Colin out if the hospital, during an interview, walking to Starbucks.

They are a bunch of starkers... It said that I was dating a mystery girl. Then there was a a sentence that seriously got on my nerves. That there is a rumor that she has cancer a RUMOR! I said it was real and they think its a rumor! This is stupid! How can this think that it isn't real...I rolled my eyes and decided to pt the magazine down since it was giving me a headache. Then I laid back and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


I woke up in a familiar room. It wasn't exactly the same as usual but it was alike. The smells were familiar. I wrinkled my nose. I was in a hospital. Memories flooded my mind as I remembered and I gasped. I looked around me and saw faintly painted teal walls. I saw a small window on the right side that made me feel like I was trapped. I sigh as I heard shuffling and saw my friends come. I smiled at them. They smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Welly asked.

"Alright, I guess..." I said as I fiddled with my hair.

"Do you know what happened?" Antonia asked.

"Yeah... " I said smiling slightly. "When do I get t' leave? I'm kinda bored..."

"Tomorrow..." Amber said as she slid on the chair beside the bed. Antonia sat on one side of me and Welly on the other.

"Did anything survive? Our phone? My clothes? Something? MY STUFF ANIMALS?! " I said as panic rose up my throat and changed my voice.

"Um, ha, maybe you are lucky.. You brought your stuff animals and Disney and One Direction merchandise in a small bag with you that you dragged with you the floaty boat... The stuff animals are in the dryers here and what was saved that is yours, bot much, is in a room where they keep the patients' stuff since you cant have you stuff with you..." she smiled but the smiled faded slightly, "The rest its lost....But the company is paying us back all what we've lost... Don't worry..." Said Welly, tilting her head sideways.

"Ah, you always say that!" I said. She truly did.

"Oh, stop whining..." She said waving her hands as if she waved me off.

"I'm so bored though..." I moaned. Then an idea pop up in my mind. "How long have I been out?"

"About a few hours, don't worry not much has happened." Antonia said as she started to braid my hair.

"Either from the fact that twitter 'n tumblr have gone bananas. " Amber said smiling with a hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

"Oh, cool?"I said. My eyes widened about something. "Oh my... Guys did I talk to Harry when I was... You know... In happy gas?" They looked at each other and smiled sweetly and nodded.

Antonia bust in to laughter and amber laughed but not as hard had Antonia did. Tonia had this laugh Ha-Ha-Ha possibly obnoxious laugh that made me laugh with with her. Amber had a after laugh that made you smile since it was hard to make her laugh hard. Welly smiled at me because she's used to me embarrassing myself in front of guys. I honestly have had the worst ways to embarrass myself.

"You... S-should ha-have heard-d yourself! It was hi-hilarious!"Antonia struggled to say from her laughter. Amber laughed along. I rolled my eyes and Welly cleared her throat to get their attention

"Yeah, now get rest because later on we have to get ready for a vacation!" Welly said as she clapped her hands as motions for the rest of the girl to leave along with her. I sigh and decided to go to bed.


When tomorrow came, Olivianne was well rested and healthy enough to move on. The doctors didn't want her to leave so soon, but Olivianne really wanted her vacation around Europe. They let her go in worry and asked her to get each two weeks check ups. Olivianne had called her therapist to reassure her she's fine. But inside Olvianne is scared, she decided to never show her internal feeling since she didn't want to be treated like someone who couldn't do anything.

Her therapist said that she had a theory; thet maybe Olvianne has really bad luck sometimes. Oliv agreed since she also thought she was pretty unlucky. The therapist said that maybe Olivianne should think about carrying luck charms around with her. Oliv told her she would look into that and think about it. Of course Olivianne thought that maybe she should, but then again, isn't good luck charms for weird people.

The day they left for another plane to Valencia, Olivianne had about each one of the girls and herself a good luck necklace. They smiled gratefully, but they knew that Olvianne deserved and needed the luck more, but they decided not to complain. They called their boyfriends and friends and parents after they got to Valencia and they were in the hotel room heading of to a beach.

"Hello?"asked a British voice on the phone, making Olivianne's heart beat fasten by a bit.

"Peter Pan?" She asked shyly.

"My sweet sugarplum fairy?" He asked as he smiled.

"Yeah!" She giggled and smiled.

"How you been, me lady?" Harry asked as a-matter-of-a-factly.

"Oh, I've been well, tried, but good. What 'bout you, me dear sir?" She said with her bet try of a British accent as she lit the phone on speaker. She got her suit case one her side of the bed since her and Welly shared the bed and Antonia and Amber shared beds.

"Well, my fair lady who can not do an accent like mine, even if it was to was her life... I'm swell, Missing you... But somehow I'm surviving... We miss you actually. We miss our laughs as friends! Liam texted Welly 7/24..." He said as Oliv, on the other side of the phone, made a constipated noise as she unzipped the suitcase that has been then to her full of clothes from Spain. Right now the company had sent a team to recover of what remains from the plane. "Erm, love, are you ok?" He asked worried at the sound Olvianne made. She opened her bag and grabbed her bathing suit as she 'mhhmmmhh' to Harry. She walked to the washroom and lock the door, like usual.

"Sorry, I was opening my suit case to get clothes. " she apologized.

"Don't worry, I found I quite funny! Where you going to?" He asked in a chuckled as Oliv rested the phone on the counter and began to undress her self to change into her bathing suit, which basically was a a purple floral bikini and spandex on the bottom since she didn't like to wear only the underwear part and the top, she felt to revealed.

"To the beach! Changing in my bikini right now actually..." She said as she verified how she looked like and checked if how she looked like in the bathing suit pleased her.

"Ah!" He said as he smiled and Olivianne smiled, little did they both know that they were smiling at each other. "Lucky Ducky!"

"Not real-" she stopped in mid-sentence when she noticed something on her body.

"Is something wrong?" Harry asked a bit worried.

"Well, um, I was looking my self right and, well, remember the decide they put in my lung?"

"Yeah, what that gotta do with your looks, since your perfect either way..."

"Oh, Harry stop! Your making me blush" Olvianne protested as her cheek turned a hot pink color, but luckily Harry wasn't there to see.

"Continue please?" Harry asked as he wanted to I is what worried her.

"I have a little scar under my boob and at the bottom of my rib... It's weird..."

"I think it intriguing." He said as she snorted.

"Anyways... I never noticed that before... And also I see this thing, omg what is that?" Olivianne panicked as she saw something sticking out of her hips.

"What?" He asked as he brought his face closer to the phone.

"It's..." She said as she poke her hip as she tested and studied the new discovery. "Something that is sticking out of my hips..."

"Maybe it a hip bone?" He asked and rolled his eyes. She was still a immature teenager, but he loves her either way.

"Does that mean I'm skinnier?" She said as excitement rose from her throat and out to her voice.

"Don't say that, your perfect!" He said as be rolled his eyes and thought, You gotta be kidding me... Girls are weird. He made a face when she said skinnier. "I don't want you to be skinnier. I much rather you chubby then as thin as a stick, honestly!" He reassured her.

"But-" she tried to protest but he beat her to it.

"But your perfect to me. Please don't be all I wanna be skinny!" He said sweetly. "For me?" He said in the sweetest way possible.

"Um..." She said confuse.

"Love, listen, next time you hear me sing or you listen to Little Things, I will forever dedicate it for you. Because it's true."

"Ah," Olivianne blushed and felt like crawling to a corner and crying. She awed at the beautiful boy who had complimented her. How did she deserve this boy, but that what Harry thought of her also, how do i deserve her? How do they deserved each other was the real question. "Ok..." She sighed. She decided that she wouldn't mind her weight for him, even though it was hard since for about 5 years she has worried about her weight.

"Hey, have fun!" He said.

"I will! Guess what was saved from the plane?" She said excited to tell him her treasures were alive.

"Dunno... Cats? Atlantic?" He smiled and she laughed.

"Um, not I'm pretty sure not those things."

"Dogs, boogers... Aliens? Unicorns, Elvis Pres-"

"My stuff animals and Disney merchandise!" She said and squeal happily. She kept to herself about the One Direction merchandise to not bug him.

"Ah," he said. "Cool."

"Cool? Cool?! No! Amazing? Fantastic! Perfect! Not cool!" She gasped.

"Ok, Amaztastfect!" He joke.

"Ok, the stuff animal queen approves of the term." She said nodding as she slipped on a comfortable white floral dress and her Toms. The girl looked at her and smiled as they told her that they were leaving. "Love, I gotta go!" She said smiling.

"You know he won't see you smile. " Amber said as she wore a beige dress with her white with fuchsia bird patterns underneath. Olivianne rolled her eyes.

"Ok, I'll text you later since we are going to Holland..." Harry trailed of as Liam in the background called him.

"Say hello to Liam for me, please?" Welly butted in the phone.

"Sure thing!" He said as the girl requested hellos to the rest of the boys.

"Bye Cupcake!" Oliv said.

"Bye Sugarplum! Love you!" He answered.

"Love you too!" He said as they hung up at the same time. Olivianne headed to the beach. A dumb thought popped up in her head, what if a shark came and ate her or attacked her?


A\N: Salut mes petits croissants! *That hello by the way for those that don't know...*

Um, so... Basically... This chapter would have been longer if Welly and Antonia (if your irrelevant enough to not guess, Tonia is Antonia) would attack me each lunch telling me to update my story, so I'm like, fine! But this is a pretty long chapter, no?

Also, Take Me Home is out, go get it (its an album for the Irrelevant Peasant People, as we call 'em) it's really good! (I got the Yearbook Edition... soo... i got more songs than the original album, woohoo!)  I love: -Nobody Compares -They Don't Know About Us -Change My Mind -I Would -Little Things  -C'mon C'mon -Kiss You -Over Again -Rock Me -Truely, Madly, Deeply(extra song) -Magic(extra song) -Irresistible(extra song) So, basically the whole album.... Why my updates are pretty late: School, Health:S, One Direction, Daily life... Also, i now have physiotherapy (again-_-) and my back really hurts so its hard to right, because of my posture and stuff:( anyways, i've been wondering if i should put the story on hold.....please comment if i should or shouldn't!

Extra Extra: here is a SNEAK PEEK to a extra special chapter:

The poor boy walked in slowly, torn. There was no life left in him, he was truly dead. The family he had created and made and had had was dead. His mother motioned him to enter the funeral room. He sigh, knowing with out him, the funeral wouldn't go on.

He walked inside, to find two caskets in bamboo shiny brown wood. The woman who was in charge of the funeral opened where the face part of the box was, revealing is dead wife and in the smaller box, they didn't open that one for it was a dead to-be baby.

His wife looked so peaceful after all the pain and sorrow she has had. He could only think that now she is in peace and a better place. Her brown hair was perfect as usually and her tanned skin looked hollow around the cheeks and eyes, kinda like her husband looked like right now. 

He had huge bags under his eyes. His hair was wild and unsettled. He wore the scarf that he had since they first time he met his wife. It smelled just like her. He wore a navy hoodie and black sweatpants. He had no effort for anything. 

His mates help him, they were what kept him alive.

He knew the meaning of the sad song Moments. He knew what it felt like to loose the one you love, and your future child.

He broke down in front of the casket, unable to control the painful emotions.

In his arm he held Miss P and sobbed in the bunny's caramel hear and he smelled his dead wife's faint smell.

Harry was Torn, lying on the floor with the remains of what could have been the best life he could ever ask for.

But they were dead.

So..um, basically, yeah... That was the sneak peek:)


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