Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


17. Chapter 15: Soft kitty


Chapter 15:

*Emotional Alert*

Soft Kitty.

*Before The concert*


The concert was just about to start. I was extremely nervous, not for the concert exactly... But that fact that the love of my life was watching me. I had to do and make it the best show ever.

When the show was just about to start, I asked a few staff members to go around be row that Oliv was in, so I knew where she was. Also because I planned to serenade her. I heard her sing Stand Up and I guess the song fit perfectly.

This weird feeling or emotion was crawling up inside of me. It was like my belly had a heart and was beating really fast. I had this feeling in my throat. My head was sweaty. My palms sweat like if it was a waterfall.

My chest was going up and down, very fast. My throat itched and my heart beat fast.

Why am I so nervous?

Sure, this has happened before, like the first time on the X-Factor, or when I asked her out for her birthday...

Especially when I first kissed her.

That was funny, because it had been so long since I had kissed someone, I had forgotten.

I remembers I felt panic rise from me. Did I breathing during the kiss? Was it a peck? So many questions had rolled in to my mind, but once she kissed me, everything disappeared. My worries were gone.

Why was I so nervous? Usually I portrait, or so I am told that I portrait a tall majestic amazing creature from every girls' fantasizes. I've been told that I portrait a mixture of bad boy and a kitten.

Around others, I might act quiet, or that person that can't be touched. The type of person that that waltz their way around the world. I've been told that I act hard to get.

But around her, it seems like all my senses have gone a miss.

When she speaks, my ears swim in a pool of honey. When she laughs, my life brightens and is perfect. When she smiles, my heart warms up. When she looks at me, I feel like she is testing me; like she is making sure I'm hers.

When I simply see her, it's how fans say, 'I'm Dead'. She is to perfect, I wonder if this is my prize from my hard work from my life, a perfect girl for me.

I sigh and smile, life seems great.

A staff came back, giving me the coordination a to where Oliv was. I smiled politely and talked with everyone to plan this. They gladly agreed to do so, I guess it's because they felt pity for our situation or for hat fact that I've been single for a while now.

The boys laughed at how I acted. They join it was quite funny to watched Harry Styles in love and act like a teenage hormonal girl with a giant crush. The boys at gladly accepted Oliv in our circle of friends. They welcomed her and made her smile. Which made me jealous... By the jealousy left because if she was happy, so was I.

Louis found it amusing that I was so nervous. Liam smiled, like he knew the strange feeling. Niall loved the fact she ate almost as much as he did. Also the fat that she would cook anything for him.

Zayn had warned me ages ago (actually last year or so,) that the Ladies Man, Harry Styles, one day would find love and fall for that person so badly it might cause me strange emotions. I ignored it at the time, since of course I was young and careless. But I guess Zayn cursed me or said that as a prophecy, because it came true.

I wondered if these feelings were normal.


After the show, i felt proud for what i did and i felt like she did steal my heart, but I like that. But after I serenaded Oliv and fans went mad, I was going to meet up with her and some other fans.

I saw her and her friends, but I payed no attention to them because I felt like in the room, it was only Oliv and I. I ran towards her, to hug her and spine her around, but something else happened.

She stopped mid-way towards me. I ran up to her, obviously confused. I didn't really care about he people that watched me, I would act how I want to with her.

She held her hand up, signaling me to stop and that she needed a moment. Then she raised her right elbow up, with her horrified face as she did the movements quickly.

Then a cough escaped from inside of her. Not just a small cough, but many coughs in one. Traumatizing coughs. Horrible cough.

A cough that sounded like she was vomiting. As if something index of her was forcing its way up and out of her mouth. She hunched her back as she coughed. She continued to cough, so hard that her poor body was shivering and was moving from the force of the cough.

She covered her mouth with her hands as her eyes watered. She looked at me, in mid-cough, as if she was pleading for me to help her stop it. It was a painful sight that burned me. It felt like literal knives were going threw me. Like if someone had a stick on fire and was poking my chest with it. But I didn't know what to do.

I was in shock.

But the boys, luckily, as they were older, they knew what to sort of do. Liam signaled the staff to guide the fans back to the waiting room. Niall nodded to Amber and Oliv's friends to follow us, as Paul told us to go to the change room. Zayn told me to carry her as he guided the girls to the change room. I nodded, snapping back to life.

I picked up Oliv, bridal style. She wasn't heavy, just a normal weight, easy to carry. She leaned on to me as some liquid leaked out of the hands that covered her mouth. I ignored the fact that my clothes would be dirty.

Her health is much more important! She didn't warp her self around me, because she was covering from the coughs. Her small body shook from the force from the coughs. I looked at her worried as she moaned in pain. Her eyes where tearing up.

When we reached the change room, after a stamped or speed walked like my life depended on it (well it kinda did) she was pale and it seemed like she was shrinking.

"Stay with me!" I said as she eyes rolled away, as if she was falling asleep. She nodded weakly as she rested her head on my shoulder.

Was the pain so over-whelming?

I rested her on a couch and sat beside her as the room filled up with people.

I studied Olivia. Her body shook. Her face was pale. Her eyes rolled. Her eyes dropped. Her eyebrows frowned. Her eyes saddened in pain.

But the worst was that she was coughing up a disgusting, horrible, traumatizing red liquid. She was coughing up blood.

I panicked and started waving my arms in the air. What to do? This had happened before, but I didn't know her so it just brought her to the hospital. And it want this bad.

This was worst.

Louis came and he was talking on the phone.

"What do you mean, you are 'lost'" he spat as he said 'lost' with a sneer. " don't be an arse, it's the building surrounded by teenage girls. Don't ask... Do you know who I am? Don't talk to me like that! You.. You... Ok, we are in the change room. Just get here before my best friends starts freaking out. Actually, we might have to check on him, he isn't steady..."

Then the paramedics burst in the door.

They watched us and noticed blood all over my shirt, from Oliv's coughs. They then noticed poor Oliv, who was coughing up blood in a silver bucket. She was moaning in pain as I sat beside her, trying y best to comfort her.

She was crying and I felt hot salty tears go down me. She was in pain, and simply knowing that hurt. My heart was being squeezed and my chest is having daggers and fire to and poke me very reply in my flesh.

He paramedics rush to us and they carried her on to the gurney and rushed her to the ambulance, I ran with them, showing them the way out.

She was sobbing how much her lungs and her throat hurt and I winced each time we made a scary cough. It seemed like she might cough so hard that her bones might break.

We entered in the ambulance and drove us to the hospital. I felt like they were going as slow as thy could. As if time was slowing down. They took out a needle and Oliv's eyes shoot wide open in panic. I could laugh a hero she looked like, but it wast the time.

Her eyes then changed shape as she. Relax as I grabbed her hand. The look on her face was now different. Something new... A determined look.

Then she put her on anesthesia and she squealed in pain.

"Harry, please, help... The pain.." She mumbled as she blacked out. After that, the rest of the ride was quite silent.


There, in the hospital was boys, Oliv's family and her friends.

They took Oliv in the examination room and her dad went to talk to the paramedics and doctors. The air thick and my throat hurt.

I leaned again the was as they boys and girls as on the couches, chatting. I payed no attention to that, because I was in my own little world. Dave sat with Welly as hey spoke an slaughter like a family.

The groups mixed well. Antonia was with Niall, possibly speaking about food. Liam watched Welly and had small chat with them. Zayn was in a deep conversation with Amber. Louis was on his phone, possibly checking on twitter... Who as, usual, will go mad.

I crumbled on the floor and cried softly and silently. Was this all melt fault? I had soapy bought to discuss about, but just as I was convinced it was all my fault, Oliv's mom came and sat beside me.

"Hello Harry. " she said, smiling politely as she held her hand out to pull me up. I gradually accepted the kind gesture and she leases me to the hospital chairs from the waiting room. Far from the group if friends.

"Hello, ma'am. " I said, cleaning up my tears.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"I'm not sure..." I said looking down to my lap.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine."

"But if I-"



"You were going to blame you self and I stopped you."

"How did you..."

"I have practice. Her father blames hims self... mostly because Olivianne has been different. She has been quiet. I wonder if she has becomes depressed or something..."


"Well, I wanted to ask you... If... You... Couldhelpherbecomeherhappyselfagain?"

"Excuse me?"

"If you could help her become her happy self again?" Said her mom, hitting her lip like Oliv. She looked like Oliv, except her Oliv's hair is brown and has natural highlights and is wavy and curly, like mine. But her mom has black hair and it was really curly, mixed with fizzes.

"What do you mean?" I asked. What was all of this about?

"She hasn't been... Her weird self. She is... Silent, depressed... Accepting. As if she had accepted and becomes convinced hat she is going to die. She hasn't done anything to stop her self from dying."

"Oh!" I said, a bit shocked since this was the third person who told me this. First her little brother, then her father and now her mother. Was the problem that bad? "Yeah! Of course! Anything for her! I'll find a cure." I said. She smiled, thanked me and left with Dave to find her husband and i had a determined look on my face.

I will help her.

I will find a cure.

I sigh and felt salty tears stream slowly down my face. I stared at my lap.

I felt some movement beside me, I looked up to see a small, petite girl smiling to me as she sat beside me. She had fragile features on her face and a nice air.

"Don't cry," she said smiling as she played with her hair that was in a braid.


"I said, don't cry."


"Because you don't deserve to cry." She said with a Canadian accent.


"How come?"

"If it weren't for me, Oliv would be in Paris having fun... Living her life without worries..."

"Harry, she would have worries either way. She would have more since she desperately looked to find her Peter Pan."


"She needs your help. Be strong. Well, be as strong as you can. Help her?"

"Yeah... I know.." I said drying my tears up.

"I'm Welly by the way..." She said smiling. She reminded me of Liam, mature and parental.

"Ah. Hey! Isn't it you who called her curls at the bottom of her hair?" I said and she nodded nervously and confused as the doctor came in to say that she was awake. Everyone stayed there but I rushed to the doctor and followed him to the room where Oliv was.

Outside of the room sat Oliv's parents and brother with sad looks on their faces. When they saw me, their mood brightened up. They let me go in.

The doctor closed the door as he mumbled something to the family outside.

I saw Oliv. She was her pale beautiful self. She smiled to me.

"Hey." She said lazily.

"Hey?" I said, I bit to dramatic. "How dare you 'hey' me! You practically gave me a heart attack and I a lot dropped dead from panic! Don't do that again!"

"Shit.." She mumbled as she raised her hands up in the air, trying to calm down my out burst. "Calm yourself. This will happened much more! Be used to it." She rolled her eyes.

"Don't!" I gasp and sat beside her as I shrunk beside her and hugged her warmly. She was warm and soft. "Don't say that that way!"

"What do you mean?"

"You say as if you have excepted that your going to die. " I said standing up from the bed, annoyed that she didn't care. I felt my body tremble and shiver. Was this our first argument?

"But Harry!" She said impatiently, getting up from the bed easily since she wasn't connected to anything. "I have to accept it! So should you!"

"No! I won't!" I argued like a stubborn child.

"Harry... There isn't anything you can do!" We raised our voice, all most shouting.

"OLIV! I'm not giving up! I will find a cure!"

"No, you won't!"

"How cold are you? You don't have hope!"

"Because it just won't happen! It's life. People die!" She said sternly. Why?

"Why... Why have you given up on yourself. "

"Because there is no point to look for a cure!"

"Yeah! 5 freaking years!"

"Um, no. " What? She was now crying and I felt myself about to cry.


"Harry, I found out its four short years... And the chances of a cure are being smaller and weaker." Then I felt hot tears to down my face. I couldn't take this shit.

I didn't look at her, because I was disappointed and angry at her and I know that if i look at her, i'll break down and go back to her. I mad my way out the door. Stopped before I left. I looked at her face, strait in to her sad watery beautiful chocolate brown eyes. I bit my lip.

"You won't even try." I said as I left and walked out of the hospital. I heard people shout my name. But I ignored it.

Oliv is going to die sooner than what I thought. Worst of all, she gave up on herself! What bothered me the most was how this was our first argument or fight, over something pointless.

I'm not going to give up on her health. (A/N: I was going to make this chapter in parts and stop here... But my stubborn self said no. So I decided to continue. By the way, Olivianne's POV will be short:$==>>)


Did this actually just happen?

~Meanwhile the couples first argument~


Harry had just left. All of us stayed here. This was actually happening. I freaking met freaking One Direction!

That was rude... To say freaking.

Anyway... Liam is smiling at me... Omg what do I do... Omg I'm starting to act like Olivia... Except she would be swearing and stuff. Well, Antonia would be worst... Or even Grace.

Olivia would be going crazy if one of them saw her. She would be rambling about random stuff... Bet that when she met Harry she said her usual embarrassing sentence "I..I li-like u-unicorns...he he" she would make an embarrassment of her self around guys in general.

I smiled stupidly at Liam and felt a blush crawl up m cheeks. Gosh, he was even more good looking in person.

"I'm Liam." He said smiling nervously... Did he feel nervous also?

"I know... oh, that sounded strange, sorry... I'm Welly..." I said softly and blushed as I reached out to shake his hand. He smilies and shook my hand and I felt tingles when his skin touched mine.

"You Olivia's friend, right?"

"One of her best friends, actually."

"Ah! Well, then are you, erm, are you like 16?"

"Yeah. "

"Cool, you seem mature." He smiled and I blushed softly.

"Haha, you are mature," I said stupidly, of course he is! I wanted to slap myself because of the obvious.

"Well, obviously!" He said sarcastically and jokingly. We laughed. I saw Antonia and Niall talk and seemed really into each other, although Niall seemed sad about something. Amber and Zayn where holding hands and laughing about something, what a cute couple. Are they dating? I'm not sure. Grace was on he phone, possibly tweeting. I sighed at how happy and peaceful this was. I'm proud of my friends as now we have a structured life, like I like it.

Then I heard shouts from the direction that Harry had went by. We all looked at each other, alarmed. I heard loud speaking, all most screams, but more like raising your voice.

We turned our faces and we heard Harry said something and walk out of what I'm guessing is Olivia's room.

His sad was sad and angry and disappointed. What happened?

"Harry!" I heard Niall and Amber shout. Then Louis, then Liam and Zayn. What was happening?

"Oh, dear!" Said Louis as he shook his head and got up as I did.

"I'll go check on-" I started to say

"No, let them both cool down. Harry get really bad tantrums. " said Louis, we looked at each other, nodding in worry.

"Ah, well, Olivianne is worst. She holds a grudge and stays angry for a long time... they need to take time off of the drama and calm down, like Louis said, eh?" I said as they nodded in agreement.

Couples are so complicated and argue lots.

*Three Days later*

~*3rd Person or Narrator*~

Three long sad days have passed since Harry and Olivianne had spoken.

It's been terrible. You'd be a fool to not notice how broken they are. How hurt they are. How much they need each other. It's obvious that they are the ideal couple that are perfect for each other.

Harry was horrible. After he had stormed out the hospital, he walked at a pay-phone, trying to call Olivianne. He wanted to pour his heart out and have her forgive him. Kiss her soft lips again.

But instead of hearing Olivianne, it was Louis. His heart fell and crack in two, why wasn't his princess answering the phone? But maybe Louis would give him good news.

But instead...

"Hello?" Asked Louis.

"Hey, it's me. " answered Harry annoyed that it wasn't Olivianne.

"Oh, hey." He said as if it was nothing. As if he valued Harry the same as a piece of gum under the seat of a subway in New York.

"Can I speak... To her?" He asked nervously, biting his lip as he watched people pass by him as he was in those European pay-phones.

"Actually," Louis said loudly. "No, you guys need time off. First, Harry you need to think! You need to know what you did wrong. So does she. She needs time to think. Both if you are hurt and need to have time apart. You need to cool down. Plus, you both had tantrums, like children! If you speak to each other with out being officially calm, you might say things you'll regret. Trust me you need to have a time out. Ok?" Then Louis hung up.

Harry was surprised by Louis' out burst and sass. He let the phone slip out of his hand. He gasped and felt his mouth open. He was in shook. Yes, Louis had acted quite mature in the situation. But Harry needed to excuse himself. He needed to speak to her. His heart hurt.

He felt tears slide their way down his cheeks like people do on snow mountains and sleighs. He back away from the phone, bumping in to the wall behind him. He slid down the was and, on the ground, curled up in a ball. He sobbed and cried.

Why? All of a sudden, Louis decides to be the mature one, and ruins Harry. He felt chattered that he had emotionally hurt Oliv and their relationship.

He felt almost torn.

But he stopped crying. He had to be strong. He had to smile, or at least not be sad. Because, for one thing he was fully sure of, when Olivianne's 4 years are up, it would be worst. What will happen.

He stood up and walked around the French streets. He didn't know how, but he ended up at a bar.

The next day, Harry found himself on a bench in a park. He shivered since it had lightly rained and he was a bit moist and frozen. He had had a night made that was unforgivably painful.



I found myself in front of a cliff. I could feel the urge to jump in my legs. Like they were ready to pounce at the fall.

It was an odd feeling.

I looked down to the cliff where there was water, possibly it was a lake or a sea. Someone was screaming me name. I friend around to find Olivianne.

Some how this time, when I say her. I felt extremely happy. Relief. Joy. Stuff like that. Pure glee. But she didn't look like her self at all.

She was pale. Thin. Scrawny. Weak. In pain. He face was in horrible measure. She didn't look healthy at all. Why? But she still looked beautiful and perfect to me.

She was telling me something. Something I couldn't make out. She was trying to convince me about something. But what was it? Somehow I didn't want to believe her.

She started to cry. I felt horrible. I wanted to run to her and hug her. Kiss her. Something.

But I was unable to move!

Then next thing I knew, a car came crashing down and smashed in to her pale small figure. The impact brought her lifeless body near me. Then I could move. I ran to her. It seemed like I was running for ever, but I wasn't really. Time slowed.

I screamed and cried. I looked at her pale figure as she slowly faded in my arms. It seemed lien her life was being sucked away slowly. She was telling me something my mind couldn't process. She was crying and touched my face softly. Smiling.

I finically could let my mind process what she was trying to tell me before she got hit.

"I told you, I'm alive. I'm still here."

But now she was dead and gone.

Her hand fell from its grasp on my face as I started to wake up.  

~*Narrator's point of view*~

Harry had a huge hangover when he woke up. That night the nightmare he had scared him forever. He had many thoughts about it.

He then stumbled his was to the hotel and knocked to his hotel room. There, Liam had give him a long painful speech. That day he stay inside, recovering the bad hangover.

The next day he cried and screamed. He was having nightmares of different ways Olivianne could die, but mostly that dreadful dirt night made he had had. Liam and Welly, who stayed who him and nursing him, were worried.

But Olivianne wasn't so swell either.

That night that Harry had broken down and had gone to the bar, she had no clue of what happened.

After Harry left, she burst in to tears, got a snotty and wet. Her breathing was messed so she was given sleeping pills.

She had never found out about the fact that Harry had called to apologize. All she knew was that Harry didn't want to speak to her and she was hurt.

Why couldn't he accept that she was going to die. Sure, she would try, but to have her hopes brought down?

She cried herself to sleep as Louis rubbed her back and comforted her. He knew why Harry liked her, and if she want taken, he would have a crush on her.

She was like another Harry. Like his other half. It hurt in to see then both so sad, but this had to happen. Because, the couple has to feel pain before becoming stronger. They had to know this pain, to be strong. Louis, as the oldest, knew this and nobody disagrees with the eldest.

She screamed in her sleep. It reminded him of Bella when Edward left her. She sobbed herself to sleep and she cried like a lost puppy. He brought her to the hotel.

Zayn had gone with Amber to a date to a restaurant. They made a lovely couple. Antonia was outside with Niall, you could hear them laughing their worries away. They were so cute together. Then Liam and Welly had gone to find Harry.

She got changed and stumbled out of he wash room it was about 1 am when my phone rang, alarming her and louis. He answered it as she went to brush her teeth.

It was Liam. He was panicking over Harry. Louis mental groaned so he didn't bug Olivianne. He rambled about how he couldn't find Harry anywhere.

Louis felt like the adult for the first time and told him that Harry would show up, since he always runs of in anger, but always comes back. Sometimes Harry would run away physically, like a little kid running away. Sometimes he would run away emotionally.* As if he's not himself and he acts differently.

The next day, Liam called Louis. Olivianne had cried herself to sleep as Louis sang for her, trying to comfort her. Of course, it was no use.

She had had a nightmare, but she didn't tell anyone. It was Harry turning in to E.T. And killing her softly with a knife.

She was traumatized.

Because she continued to have that one nightmare where she is dead in a funeral box with Harry sobbing wand crying. She was confused. Lonely. Missing Harry.

Louis worried because in her Sleep she cried Harry's name. She moved a lot in her sleep. She would sleep on the left side of the queen bed in the hotel and end up on the ground on the right side of the bed.

Her parents didn't know what to do. They watched her randomly brake down in to tears on the ground. But they knew, that this happen in the future when he times up.

Louis nursed her, or tried to. But three days from the concert (today), she was leaving to go to her European tour for a month. Louis was sad that they could only text each other for contact.

He wondered if Harry knew. But Liam had told him that no. They were a pack for the couple. Of course, Harry had to helpers since he was older and more destructive.

Antonia had been on dates with Niall, going to cute restaurants and so on. They were t official since Niall felt guilty that when he dated Antonia, everything with Diana would be lost.

Yes, he still had feelings. She was his firs big crush. She had torn his heart. He did believe that it was his fault that the accident happened. But no one knew this is how he felt. He hid it well. But Antonia could see so whiten was bugging him.

Zayn and Amber were official and had shared their first kiss on the Eiffel Tower, under the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight that a painter that was painting the scenery asked if he could paint the couple. They let him paint them.

Liam and Welly had connected quite well, nursing Harry, something they enjoyed doing. Harry had told then they'd make a lovely couple. So Liam and Welly decided to try and be a couple, which turned out pretty well.

Harry had asked for beer because I helped him forget and have no pain. Liam was confused, since Harry is an adult, he has the right to drink. He was deciding whether or not to give Harry alcohol.

Welly knew what to do. Since her dad had been an alcoholic, there was a company who made, in beer hotels, a strong cranberry juice that was almost like alcohol. That what she gave him those three day. He drank it, stupidly thinking it was beer. He fell for her trap.

That morning Olivianne woke up pretty early to get ready for the trip. Louis help her pick out outfits, but he was pretty picky. She decided to call Welly, since Antonia, Amber, Welly and her were going together to the trip.

Grace had flown back to Canada since her father got really sick and she wanted to be there for him. The girls sent Grace's father their condolences since the doctor said he didn't have long before he roasted away.

Welly answered that she would meet the. At the hotel with Liam. They didn't mention Harry because she has been pretty delicate to that subject.

Once Harry had found it that she was leaving, he was torn. He stayed still like a rock. He closed his eyes. He was unmoving. He was in shock.

She was speaking after the out burst with out a good bye?

Hell no.

The only way Liam and Welly knew he was alive was because he was breathing. Welly had to leave so Liam said he would be back to get Harry and fix him. Welly left with Liam to the airport. Leaving a frozen Harry on the bed.

Little did they know he had a plan.


I was at the airport, waiting for Welly and Liam. Antonia was laughing with Niall. I smiled at them politely. I looked away to see Amber and Zayn in the airport store, getting a small globe with the Eiffel Tower. They were so cute.

My parents and Dave had left us to alone so I'd grow up (like that's possible) and they were on their own European tour.

Louis was at the washroom. He was talking to Eleanor on the phone. They were having a serious chat about something.

I looked away and looked at the paintings posted everywhere. My face saddened. Harry wasn't here to say good bye.

I felt huge pinches on my heart. I put my hand on my heart and hummed softly a lullaby my mom sang to me when I felt bad. Also I had seen the lullaby on The Big Bang Theory.  


Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Little Ball Of Fur

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

Pur, Pur, Pur.  

I felt hands wrap the selfs around my eyes, covering my sight.

"Guess who?" Said Welly. I had my hopes it was Harry. But my heart fell.

"Hey Welly belly!" I said since it was her nickname.

"Hi!" Said Liam.

"Hey," I said.

"How are you feeling?" They asked together fat the same time.

"Don't even. You know how I feel." I said harshly. They had taken Harry away. *

"It's for the best." Said Welly waking her shoulders. I rolled my eyes. No, it wasn't.

I heard my gates being called and we went towards our departure spot.

I saw Amber kiss Zayn good-bye and Antonia hug Niall bye. Louis came and bear hugged me. His eyes watered, but i said I'd be back soon. Liam then hugged me and said to take care. Zayn and I talked about how my hair would be terrible in the different weathers. We hugged good bye.

I looked at the door and looked for someone longingly, before I left.

But Harry wasn't there.

(A/N: if I stopped the story or the chapter now...)

"Wait!" Screamed a deep seductive voice. I turned around slowly, stunned. What!

"Harry!" I screamed as I ran to him but stopped in the middle. We stared at each other. Just gaping.

He was pale. Thin. Bloodshot eyes. Purple lips. Green hue in his beautiful face. His eyes weren't sparkling like usual. His eyes read sadness, pain and loss. He looked it and horrible. He looked almost torn.

Did I look like that?

He was wearing one of scarfs. I wondered how he got the scarf. He wore his signature Jack Wills sweater that I had worn before the concert. I think it smelled like me.

He had a big bouquet full of purple roses, white tulips and red roses. He had a Peter Pan balloon. He had a plastic bag with stuff in it. He had rainbow paint marks all over him, as if he's been painting.

"Oh, Harry!" I said as I reach to his as he gave me a warm hug and spun me around as if I was as light as a feather. He dug his face in my neck and I felt warm tears of his tough my skin. I was also crying. I dug my face in his neck as we mumble apologises and how wrong we were and a bunch if kind huge to way other.

Liam cleared his throat behind us saying I had to go on the plane soon. That I had about 15 minutes left until the plane left. I looked at Harry worried.

"Sweetie, I gotta go. My plane leaves soon." I said softly as we pulled away. Then he got down on one knee, cleaning his tears as we snorted and cleared our noses from the tears.

"Olivianne, before you leave," he said one one knee romantically. It earned a bunch of pictures from the press and Aws and how cutes from strangers. " I'm so sorry I hurt you. Your right. I have to accept that, well you know, you're gonna be sick and there isn't anything we can do. I am still gonna look for a cure.

"Because I love you and I'm never gonna let you die just lie that. I'm gonna fight for a damn cure and save you. And I know your gonna leave but please text me and call me and remember I'm always here for you and that I love you.

"I will find the cure, I promise because I'm not gonna let the love of my life, my prince. My Peter Pan to your Neverland. And this, is my promise ring. Hopefully, in the future, it will be replaced with a marriage ring. " he said blushing as he took out a box with the ring inside of it. "So, will you be mine? Forever and ever? Until the last rosé from the bouquet dies?"

"Um, Harry, what do you think? Of course I will!" I said and his eyes sparkled and the life and joy came back to his lovely face. l leaned in to give him a kiss. The annoying woman said that I needed to go to my plane. I put the ring on, which fitted perfectly. I grabbed the bouquet. " Love, I gotta go. I'll text you and call you! Also, why are you covered in paint?" I said.

"You see outside," he said smirking and we kissed as we cried softly.

I gave him one last hug and but his neck softly, in the same spot. "So you don't forget me." I said and he chuckled and gave me a love bite with the same meaning.

One Direction and my group of friends hugged and we walked away sadly from the boys we love. Last thing I told Harry was that I love him. He told me he loved me.

I heard whispers and people point at us, but we didn't care.

I carried my bouquet as we sat in the first class. The flight attendants glared at me. But one of them asked for my autograph since she was a Directioner. I smiled and hugged her and she blush and squealed. I told her it was perfectly normal, because I'd be like that.

As we rose off Paris, I chewed gum. Welly grabbed my hand since she was a bit scared of planes. I chuckled.

I looked down at where my love was and I could see him outside waving.

I saw in a blank space of the parking lot it said:

I love you Olivianne, Peter Pan

Harry actually did that! All for me. I touched my heart and cried.

"Why are you crying?" Asked Welly.

"My boyfriend gave me feels." I simply said and longed to the window where she gasp and awed.

I played with the ring Harry had given me. It was silver and inside it had carved : Peter Pan and Princess Forever and Ever. 

I sniffed the bouquet and came across a flower that didn't smell. I was a plastic flower. One that would never die. Nice move Styles...One that would never dieI sighed and closed my eyes, slowly falling asleep.

I wondered, what if my plane crash down?


*Remember when he runs away emotionally* *Remember how they take Harry away* 

^^ those things will help you for the sequel ok?^^


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Also, have as another doctors appointment Thursday (I had one last Tuesday. Yeah, I need physiotherapy.

I've been really busy and I thought about putting the story on hold but then I'm not that cruel.

Should there be a plane crash or not... Well if I do that, my best friend Noelle will whack me with her lunch box...

Anyway, YouTube Rock Me (catchy song) They Don't Know about Us (I'm gonna learn it on the piano) and Kiss You (gosh, such a good song)

Also, the sequel, wow I have everything ready.

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