Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


16. Chapter 14: Because you stole me heart.


Chapter 14:

'Cause stole my heart.

*Fluff alert*


When I woke up, the sunshine shone in the room, making me squint my eyes, trying to adapt and get used to this light. My skin looks so pretty in the sun, it seemed healthy. I wondered if it was.

I was tangled between Harry's warm comfortable arms and the mattress from the bed. He has a tight grasp on me as if I was going to disappear.

I was happy and if time stopped... I'd be fine with that.

Then I felt my belly stir and make a killing whose sound. I wrinkled my nose as my tummy moan in hunger. I wanted to scream to my belly, shut the cheese cakes up!

I was really hungry now, by Harry was sleeping, he looked like a cat... A small pussy cat. It was a cute scene that I would have died for to see.

I was hungry enough to think, what if I bite my fingers of and ate them? Or what if I start bitting Harry and eat his arm... Would I get arrested for eating my boyfriend? Gosh, I hope not.

What if I give him a love bite? What happens if I bite him so hard, that blood would come out... Would I count as I vampire?

I bite my lip to hold back laughter... Me, a vampire? I blushed at my silly stupid thoughts...

But what if I bite him?

Then I heard moaning and noticed Harry was sleep talking, so I listened to him.

"I don't... Louis's bum is smaller... Don't be sad... Look.... Pixie dust.... Run.... Off.... To Neverland..." He mumble and made faces. I laughed and snorted at his weird dream.

"Cupcake, wakey wakey, time to get up!" I said softly poking his cheek. He smiled as I poked his dimples.


"No... Harry come on... I'm super hungry. "

"But-" I kissed him softly. "Fine..." He said as I chuckled.

"Harry can I bite you?" I asked as my hunger took over me.

"W-what?"he asked.

"I'm hungry and your meat right? So can I bite you?"I asked innocently. Hopefully he could see I was joking.

"So you're a tiger?" He asked in a slow voice that masked if he was playing along with my joke or if he was being serious.

"Yuppers..." I smiled evilly. He did a roar or more like a meow.

"Sure thing, Babe," he said making me blush and as leaned forward and bite his neck softly. He laughed and blushed a bit.

"Shoot, that's gonna leave a mark..." I said pulling back as I saw the love bite on his neck. It actually looked kinda nice.

"My first love bite from you..." He smiled and I smiled, blushing.

"Let's just hope fans won't drop on the ground." I mumbled as we sat up. "Do we just go to the cafeteria or does, like, a nurse come in?"

"I think a nurse comes in..." He said and like on cue, the nurse walked in with two trays of food. Harry had pancaked and French toast, or well since we are in France technically it's just toast. He had scrambled eggs and apple juice. It actually looked delicious.

I had a slice of whole wheat bread, purple jello. I had some gooey thing, like a soup that was a beige color that looked unhealthy. Also, luckily I had strawberries and water and my medication.

"Do you need anything else?" She asked us as she eyed Harry. Of course all the nurses come in just to check him out, but I don't blame him not the nurses, no one can resist the sexy beast.

"May I please have a green tea?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure..." She said looking away from Harry.

"Cupcake, do you want anything?" I asked Harry.

"I'll just have a cappuccino, 2% milk please." He asked at the nurse, not noticing how she looked at him. I felt jealousy bubble up me.

Once she left I have the spot she stood in a death glare and mentally melted her.

"Oliv, " Harry groan but I still kept my stare. "Stop it." I rolled my eyes and looked at his annoyed face.

"Sorry..." I mumbled at the nurse came back with tea and coffee. "Excuse me?" I asked softly as she looked at me. "Do you know know when I can leave the, um, hospital?"

"Well," she said as she reached to the foot of my, Harry and I's, bed and pulled out a file and took out a chart thingy."by the looks of this chart, you'll be out on Monday." She said and left.

"Monday..." I echoed. Today is Sunday, my last day at this boring hospital.

"Excited?" He asked, I nodded. I had the hugest urge to check out my file, but it took most of my will power to not look now. "Eat." He ordered me as we ate. I took m medication, making faces and getting Harry to laugh.

"This is disgusting!" I gasp as I eat the oat meal. I like I with lots of honey but this doesn't have any.

"You can have some of mine," he said smiling like a baby cat. Why does he have to be so so sweet?

"Harry... Really?" I asked naively.

"Yes." He smiled. How dare people call this boy a manwhore! Those people needed to re-think their reasons to live and re-think their life. Review what their meaning of living is.

"Harry, you're way to sweet for my or your or anyone's healthy, you know?" I asked smiling.

"Sure..." He said rolling his eyes as we ate the food. "Gotta go pee!" He said jumping of the bed and running out of the washroom to go pee.

This is my chance! I kneeled forward and reached for the file. I opened it as if it held the secret to life's success. I opened it slowly, a bit afraid of what I would find.

Inside it read:


Age: 16

Illness: Cancer - lung~Terminal

Years left: 4 

I stopped reading. I read this and my eyes watered, 4 years? Only that many years? I shook my head, it was no time to cry! I was on vacation, I must enjoy my trip, not feel self pity. I don't need sorrow and woe.

Plus, Harry is in a good mood, he is happy we met. I mustn't brake that happiness. I can't let him be sad. Our relationship and emotions and hearts might fall from so much commotion.

I'll save my tears and cries for home.  


Harry came back and he smiled. I had put everything back to place and made sure i didn't look sad. I raised an eye brow then the other since I had always been one of my secret super powers.

"They let me use the dvd thing and watch some Disney movies!" He smiled as my eyes widened as he put on movie and we watched them.


We watched a bunch if Disney movies, I sang along to most if them. I also laughed at the stupid and pointless things. I treat Disney differently than others.

The day passed so painfully boring until I had an x-ray, which I did not get the results. Harry Saw them take the x-rays and he told me he didn't know what they meant.

I had a blood test had I fainted and Harry got pretty worried. But I told him to not worry because this would happen more often.

I had to tell myself, this is going to happen a lot.


My parents came to visit. Dave brought his DSI XL and asked Harry to help him beat levels. It was so cute to watch.

While both boys were busy, my parents told me they approved of Harry. When my dad said it, in his voice and eyes and facial expressions, I could see his was hard for my dad. I told him that I'm not getting married and I'm still his little princess.

My mom didn't care she was just glad I was happy. But she said that we could no anything... That I shouldn't be doing. I had a feeling she meant something... But with my mom, one can never me sure.

My mom also said that Antonia and Welly and Grace are coming on Wednesday to the One Direction concert. I squeal and jumped up and down and wiggle my legs in excitement.

Welly was more of Liam's type; fun but serious; mature but silly, she is the mother of our group.

She was small, petite. She had hazel brown hair with small blonde streaks in it. She had those perfect faces that you can't help but be jealous of. She is that beautiful person that is the best person ever that's always there for you.

Grace, she is my crazy buddy. Together red can we can be pretty wild. She was great because she was so fun and wild. She is that wild person who will enjoy her life. She always went around the world to places.

But, of course she had been to Africa, since that's her origin. She had the cutest dimples that made me laugh. She is tall and mysterious and very pretty.

Antonia is the small gangster mouse. She is pale white with black hair, like Snow White but her hair was longer. She was the type of girl who would swear as much as I do.

She would talk like a gangster and possibly act like it. But she looks like a mouse. She had a petite body and a mouse like face with a fragile face. She had tiny little fingers.

She honestly looks looks like mouse that talks like a gangster so I call her my gangster mouse.

That night I notice how I didn't have my phone and got a mini heart attack. I possibly had a bunch of notifications.

"Mum, can I go shopping with Amber and he boys to pros after my release?" I asked and she nodded, handing me a purse with sweat pants, money, my cell phone, (I sigh in relief when I got it) a pack of gum, my Toms (since I was in hospital slippers, they had offered me to have crocs, but I declined the offer because I shall not wear crocs!) and a black tight t-shirt (possibly my moms since she couldn't get my clothes) I wrinkled my nose in the tight shirt since I don't like to wear tight shirt or sweater...

It made me feel like I was showing the fat I desperately hid.

I thanked her but didn't change because I was afraid I might move or do something bad. I decided to forget my small fear of my body if I were to ask a nurse to help me get dressed tomorrow.


Once my parents and Dave left, I asked Harry what he was dreaming about this morning since it troubled me so much.

"You, umm, you and Louis, were having a butt comparing competition and I had to decide the best butt... Basically it was a hard choice so I was in trial with myself.

"You cried because I wouldn't decide so I said Louis bum was small and he was sad and you laughed evilly. Then we were in the sky, flying and I said 'look, pixie dust!' And you smiled and... Basically we ended up running of to Neverland together. "

"I'm going to say that's made sense, ok?" I said laughing and he smiled and blush, "don't worry Harry I once had a dream my little brother was turkey and I ate him. We are the random couple." He smiled.

"Ha, yes! Our minds are wild!" We laughed softly as my shoulders shook in laughter.

"Do you think I can convince Zayn and Louis to do a fashion show?" I asked out of the blue.

"We'd have to ask." He said chuckling as I laughed a bit and yawned. "Isn't your meds supposed to make you all drowsy?"

"Yes," I said as I tilted my head sideways my head. "But they have never worked, I usually have to take a stronger dose because plain pain killers don't do an effect. This one that I'm taking, I think my mom asked to get it stronger."

"Are you gonna act like your on laughing gas? Or drunk?" His eyes shined with mischief.

"No, Harry I will not act like a crazy drunk woman. Don't worry! I won't be walking around and limping. Possibly only yawning a lot and blinking much more."

"Oh," he said looking a bit sad.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because Dave told me your a wild person, with nothing provoking you... So I couldn't help but wonder how you would be like drunk." He said.

" Your just like Grace..." I mumbled as he eyed me.

"Who?" He asked.

"One of my many best friends, she is coming to the concert along with Welly and Antonia on Wednesday."

"Ah, " he said.

"They are great people, wild girls who would do anything to see me drunk since I'm apparently naturally hyper. " I shrugged and raised my shoulders and let them fall.

"Ha, I'd do anything to see you hyper!" He smiled.

"Are you sure? I'm usually way to hyper active, naturally..." I said trailing off. Then I yawned and so did he.

"K, love, I need to go to bed, Louis is taking us shopping, and dare I say, he might as well be worst than my mom for shopping. " I said as we layer down on my bed comfortably.

"Ok, good night, babe," he said as he fell asleep with me in his arms blushing.

Wouldn't you after being called babe?


I was a ghost.

A invisible being. No one knew I was there. But I could see everything.  


I was in this building. Sitting on a black plastic chair. In a beige room. The room had a sad air to it. I watch some people come in the beige room. They brought a box, it seemed to contain something. There was a poster put up saying, "Rest In Peace"

I was in a funeral room watching. The funeral. I watched to room full up with sad long faces. Their faces were familiar but I didn't recognize any of them.

The room was dark and sad.

The then came someone. A boy.

He gazed at the box and broke down in sobs. Then came what seemed to be the boy's mother and she tried comforting him, but he pushed away sobbing and shaking in pain.

Who was dead?

I got up and stood beside the poor tall boy who looked like a post kicked puppy that had been hurt deeply.

I wanted to reach to him. To tell him, that its ok. The person had to die. Everyone died at some point.

By I did not have the heart to do so.

Then a man in a suit opened the top a the box, showing the face of the body.

I recognize the boy and the body in the box.

It was Harry.

But not the happy Harry I know. The Harry that was lost, broken down. Sad. Hopeless. Faithless. Dark. Full or sad dark emotions.  


The body in the box was me.

Then I woke up.  



Monday morning finally came.

I woke up at 6am, ready to leave this horrible place. Again, I found myself wrapped in Harry's arm, our limbs tangled comfortably. I woke up before him. So I watched the most gorgeous boy ever sleep. I feel extremely lucky.

I smiled at how lucky I am. But something was hugging the back of my head, the fact that my health is weak and that I'm dying earlier than planned.

But I pushed the thought away, no need to be depressed.

I closed my eyes and tried to continue my dream, what happened to the body? Why was I in a box. Why was there a funeral.

What is a crazy dream, or the future?

I pushed that thought away and relaxed and thought about waking up Harry. I felt a soft tug in my hair and looked to see Harry playing with my hair.

"I love your hair, love" he said with his morning voice that have me big Harry feels. It was deep and perfect. And his oh, so attractive accent.

How can people not love him?

"I love yours!" I said as I reached up softly like a scared file about to touch the light of life. I leaned in and I touched his glorious hair. "Ah, your hair... " I mumbled and hummed a soft tune, Stand Up, and I twirled my fingers in his hair and he did the same. "I'm just wondering, the magical qualities your hair has... Hmm?" I said dreamily as he chuckled. "I'm a Directioner, don't blame me!"

"I won't, if you let me fangirl over your lovely hair. It's perfect!" He said as he played with my hair in pure interest.

"Ha, not really... But thank you!" I said.

"I call dibs on this curl at the bottom of you hair," he said pointing at the ringlet at the bottom of my hair, I shook my head because my friends had already call that. He looked at me confused.

"When my friends and I were younger," I stated. "Welly called dibs and said that that curl, it's belonged to her. Antonia had my bangs and Gracie had my right side of my hair. But you can had the small baby curls around my head." they were curls at the back and under my hair called baby curls. He nodded gladly and played with he baby curls as his belly moaned. The nurse came and she told me we were leaving in a few minutes, that she just had to get me dressed.

"But the boy has to leave," she said as Harry blush and walked out saying he was getting up tea. "Alright, get up, do as I say. We are going to pull out the stuff your connected to. " I nodded as she told me to relax and pulled out the tube that gave me water. I let out a loud bone shattering scream as she winced and disconnected me from a bunch of other tubes.

"What about the stickers on my best for my heart?" I asked as she rolled her eyes and said I had to do it held later. Then she told me to stand up. We headed to the shower rooms and walked in the woman's shower room.

Inside where old ladies and pregnant people changing and getting dress. All of them naked. I mentally wrinkled my nose in disgust and blushed and looked away and walked in a shower with a nurse.

She pulled off the hospital gown and showed me how the shower works and she closed the curtains as I undress in a weakly way, and put my stuff in a corner and took a shower.

I sigh and washed my hair and my boy happily, how I missed taking showers. I told the nurse, who waited for me I front of the curtains that I was done. She handed me a towel and I dried my self and asked for a towel for my hair and she handed me it. I wrapped my medium now clean hair in the small white towel and walled y body in the large white towel.

I grabbed my stuff and walked out. She told me to follow her. We set In this room, possibly the supply room. Handed me a orange brush and a small coconut smelling thing for my armpits. She handed me a pair a white pantie underwear. I nodded and thanked her as she walked me back to my room.

Harry was there munching one a chocolate chip cookie and sipped softly his green tea as there was another cup with mine. He notice us and blush since I was still in a towel that when about 5 inches up my knees. I felt my cheek heat up also as the nurse coughed and pointed to the door way. He walked out muttering sorry and he closed the door behind me.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Asked the nurse as she help my get my underwear on as my chest hurt.

"Yes..." I said as I watched her twice fall a bit in disappointment.

"Is he The Harry Styles?" She asked softly.

"Yes.." I said, "um, is it normal that this hurts much?" I asked as she hesitated and nodded, a bit taken back by my question. Why did she hesitate? I ignored the question.

I got dressed, put on the thing for my armpits (a\n: forget the word ok?:$) and I thanked her and she left, saying hat the doctor was coming in a few minutes. Harry came back without his cookie and his tea half done. I grabbed my tea and sat on the bed, waited for the doctor.

"You smell like coconut. " he commented as we drank our tea in silence.

"It the thing for my armpits," I said. "Harry, when so you think Lou-" but I was cut of by the entering of 5 other human being. The boys and Amber, ready for shopping.

There went my shopping-less life.

"Hey Amber," I said and she nodded, taking a seat one of the chairs as Louis sat on my bed, Niall and Liam on Harry's bed and Zayn with Ber, who seemed to be close to Zayn. I raise an eye brow to her. She blushed and looked away.

"Hello, chocolate hater!" Said Louis and Niall and Harry sat beside me with one of his arms wrapped around my face and the other for his tea.

"Hello... Tickle hater," I said at Louis and looked at Niall and wondered what he could hate..." Oh, and not enough food hater!" I said as Niall gasped and Louis rolled his eyes dramatically.

"What are we waiting for?" Asked amber as she played with strands of her pretty hair.

My hair!

I took my hair out of my white towel, noticing I looked ridiculous, I brush my hair. It looked almost black. It was strait since it was wet but my baby curls were curling up. I brush my hair so my bangs a more to my left side. Once I was done, Harry reached of for the brush and re-brushed my hair how I put it but done by himself.

"We're waiting for a doctor. " Harry said as I giggle.

"What have they said?" Asked Liam in a father-like way.

"That I need more medication... I also have a device in my lung to make it stronger." I said. Niall's face saddened as Amber's had a confused face. Liam looked like a kicked puppy. Zayn looked like a sad Greek god. Louis' face was sad and his lips trembled.

But it was Harry's face that traumatized me the most. It was dark and sad. It was horrible since it was pure saddens and it pained me to see him like that.

Why was he so sad?

I reached out to touch his face in comfort. But he just looked away.

"Anyway, no need to be sad!" I said as I tried to cheer up the group. "For me? Smile?" They all nodded as a thought popped up my head. "Louis... Can you do me a favor when we go shopping?"

"Yes?" He said but he was a bit nervous. Good.

"Can we go get clothes and... Just for me.... You try on girl clothes?" I said as Harry and Niall burst of in laughter and Zayn chuckled as Liam slapped his own hair softly and Amber giggled and Louis blushed. I laughed a bit softly.

"You serious?" He asked. I nodded, hitting my lip to not laughed like a maniac. "Um... Fine...." He said rolling his eyes as the whole group laughed and fist-pump and high-fived and muttered "Yes!"

"Thank you!" I said as I high-fived Harry. "I'll buy you poutine when you come to Canada. " I said knowing poutine is a precious food. But Amber looked at my with shining eyes as the British boys looked at me confused.

"What is poutine?" Asked Niall. I could have sworn I was about to faint.

"Niall! Out of all of you," I gasped," you have no idea what the glorious poutine is?" They all shook their heads," it's a glorious food which is basically, fries, gravy and cheese. It's really good! I'm going to give you lots when we go to Canada!" They all sheered as Amber and I laughed.


The doctor came in a hour saying that I could leave, but I couldn't go on any swings, playgrounds, amusement parks, jumping, running.

Anything that really moves me.

I couldn't drink from a straw or do anything that athletic for 2 weeks. He said it might cause my sugary damage. That it might re-open the stitches, which are to be taken out in a month.

He also gave me medication, a huge thing with a lot of pill. M face paled as I stuffed it down my purse.

We left to a breakfast and we ate a lot! Well, mostly Niall and I did.

Once we were done, they boys and Ber were chatting as they waited for the check to come. I watched them talked so merrily. They are as perfect and dealing as the Directioners say. They were tall and beautiful.

Once, a girl from my bus at school told me that she thinks that people that are to become famous sigh a contract that says 'I will become sexy and gorgeous after puberty.' And that boom! After puberty they become gods or magical gorgeous things on legs.

I bite my lip and smiled a bite because when the girl told me I laughed a lot. Amber saw my small smile and smiled to me. I hope that Harry layer doesn't ask why I smiled because he saw me after Amber and looked at me and raised an eyebrow. When he did that I bite my lip because he was so so attractive when raise an eyebrow.

I looked away as he chatted away and I pulled out my phone. Luckily, the restaurant had wifi, so I went and checked my emails.

It had about 300 email, which I deleted, about new followers on my official account, not my Directioner account.

I checked, on twitter, my mentions. It was all shot how I was how Harry was and how pretty we are together and really nice stuff. I love fans.

I went on my secret account. Merel had followed me, so I tweeted her hi. We chatted and laughed, she is a great person. I told her to not give out my secret account since its so strange and she agreed.

On my fake account, twitter was all about how I was on the hospital and how Harry was with me. I saw on a One Direction Update account that we had been spotted in the restaurant. There was a picture of me in my sweat pants in Harry's purple Jack Wills sweater and the boys and Amber.

The check came as I put my phone back in my purse and the check was really long. But the boys payed it before Amber and I could argue.

Then we went shopping. I prayed to anything that I would have patience.  



"But Louis, I look weird in tight clothes!" I grumbled. "Gross, that's is not my style!"

"Oh, shut up!" Louis said rolling his eyes. We were in the 20th store and I had already gotten a whole new closet full of clothes, curtesy of Harry. I was nagging a lot and so was Louis. I think that why Zayn left with Amber and Niall left with Liam. We had also been mobbed by fans.

"But I want a baggy shirt!" I argued as Louis rolled his eyes and brought me a floral dress and shoved me in the change room, saying hat he was going to the men's sections.

Then as I was fixing the dress that was on me, there was a knock, I asked who it was and it was Harry who gasped when he saw me. "I know, I look, weird..." I said as he shook his head.

"You look beautiful" he said as I blushing and have him a peck on the lips. He leaned in more for a longer kiss. We had been in a snog for a while until I heard a Louis clear his throat behind me as he took a photo.

"Hey!" I said, "What about you wearing girl clothes?"

"Um...." He said... "I like candy?" He said dumbly to try and distract me. But I shove a pink skirt and a hot pink tank top in his as and told him to go change. He did, groaning.

He finally came out after struggles. One look at him, I took about 30 pictures. I watched him step it of the change room and I burst in to laugher, along with Harry. We laugh and obnoxious loud laughed and started to cry from how hilarious he looked.

"Lou," I said gasping for air. " I don't think I'll ever look at you the same..." He chuckled and went to change. Then we were done shopping.


Louis dropped Harry and I off at my hotel with both of our hands full shopping bags. We entered my hotel room as I fixed everything up and noticed that any trace of Diana was gone... For good.

I sigh as I told Harry I was exhausted and he agreed and we went to bed on each others arm.


On Tuesday, after having this painfully boring recovery with Harry. I was natural and healthy again. Of course I hoped it would last long.

I stayed in my hotel room With Harry, preparing for my friends. I ignored that fact that Didi's stuff was gone. She was gone from Paris and Canada and my life.

When I took a shower, I noticed I still had the stickers from the heart monitor, so I decided to ripe them off.

Worst decision ever.

It felt like I ripped layers and layers of skin. As I ripped the last, and the painfullest one, I let out a long howl and a shriek, as tears fell down my face.

When came of of the washroom, still in tears from the damn stickers that were on my skin and stuck there as if they had been glue with a hot glue gun, Harry noticed my terse and rushed to me. I explained everything and he comforted me.

He honestly is to good for me.

We watched the Notebook and I stared to cry. Then Harry cried. We cried together for a long time. Then went went to bed.


On Wednesday, I found a purple rose on the spot where Harry laid. I panicked a bit, wondering where my cupcakes had gone. Then I saw a not that read:

' Dear Olivianne,

Sorry that I wasn't there for your awaken. But duty calls. I had to leave to practice for the concert, where I'll be seeing you. Ask your parents for the tickets...

See you soon,


Harry Styles <3

PS: I love you.'

I sigh as I dragged myself off the bed and prepared myself for today.

I ordered rooms service and got breakfast. I chatted with my parents as they said that the girls would be coming in about 6 hours and I hard to prepare myself.

I took a nice shower. I cleaned up and got ready, curled my eye lashes, put perfume on. I wore the floral dress that I had gotten. It was a pink, orange, yellow and purple like dress. I wore my black Toms with it since I didn't have lots of shoes.

Then I was on twitter, tweeting on my official stuff like, fun time shopping yesterday or to Harry that I miss him. I got a bunch of retweets and favorites. It made my heart warm up.

I then posted the picture of Louis in girl clothes, making me laugh, all by myself, in a hotel room.


I then heard knocks on the doors. I opened the door cautiously, to find my lovely girls!

I smiled and we batted and laughed and enjoyed each others presence, until they asked about my boyfriend.

"So..." Said Antonia, giving me a face.

"Uh?" I said.

"Tell us... Who is your boyfriend?" Grace asked. I rolled my eyes at her straight out question.

"It's, um..." I said as I looked around the room to distract the girls or me.

"Aw," grumbled Welly. "T-E-L-L us!"

"It's... a sexy guy... He has lovely eyes and hair. And face. And body. And.... Everything. "

"His name?" Asked Antonia impatiently.

"H...Harry..." I said.

"Harry who?" Asked grace as she knelt in beside me, resting her elbow on my lap making me laugh.

"S-st... Stop! I'll tell you, stop tickling me!" I gasped and they stopped. "Styles..."

The gasp, squealed and most of all, Fangirled.

We sang, freaked out... Everything.


At the concert, the music was loud, especially from the front row. But I was in the 10 row. I didn't bring anything poster wise... So I wondered how the boys would notice me.

Amber, Welly, Antonia and Grace were with me. Fans around my friends and I noticed me and chatted with us. Gladly, I chatted with them. Them the show started and of course, I practically lost my hearing.

I then say Harry and got shivers all over me. He is so... Perfect.

He waved at all of us and the boys sang. It was loud enough that I could feel the beating of the music in my heart and vibrate with my skin.

It was amazing.


On their last song, Harry started to say something.

"Hello!" Fans scream their hearts out. "I'd like to sing a song.... For someone special. Someone I love. It's a snug that makes you all warm inside. This ones is for you, my sweet fairy. " the crowed cheered and screamed as the spotlight moved around the concert and finally, stopped on me.

I blush a deep shade of red as they sang Stand Up.

Niall winked at Antonia. Liam smiled brightly at Welly and Grace, she was just her wild self.

From the moment I met you everything changed
I knew I had to get you whatever the pain
I had to take you and make you mine

I would walk through the desert I would walk down the aisle
I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile
Whatever it takes is fine

Oh oh oooh oh so put your hands up
Oh oh oooh oh coz it's a stand up
And I won't be leaving 'til I've finished stealing every piece of your heart
Every piece of your heart

I know your hearts been broken but don't you give up
I'll be there yeah I know it to fix you with love
It hurts me to think that you've ever cried

Oh oh oooh oh so put your hands up
Oh oh oooh oh coz it's a stand up
And I won't be leaving 'til I've finished stealing every piece of your heart
Every piece of your heart

Oh oh oooh oh so put your hands up
Oh oh oooh oh coz it's a stand up
And I won't be leaving 'til I've finished stealing every piece of your heart

And now we'll steal us a car
And we will drive to the stars
I will give you the moon
It's the least I can do
If you give me the chance

Oh oh oooh oh so put your hands up
Oh oh oooh oh coz it's a stand up
I'm a thief
I'm a thief
You can call me a thief
I'm a thief
I'm a thief
But since you know your part
I'm a thief
I'm a thief
I'm only here
I'm a thief
I'm a thief
Because you stole my heart

(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
So put your hands up
(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
Coz it's a stand up
And I won't be leaving 'til I've finished stealing every piece of your heart
(I'm only here)
Coz you stole my heart

(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
Call me a thief
(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
Coz you know your part
(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
I'm only here
(Oh oh oooh oh) I'm a thief I'm a thief
Because you stole my heart

When Harry sang, "'because you stole me heart,'" it seem like he sand it just for me.

If time stopped now... I'd fine with that.

I felt like nothing had could happen, but that Isn't possible.

After the show, I met up eight he boys, and as they came to us, I got a itch and a heat in my throat. I began cough.

Coughing so hard... That I coughed up blood.





Halo, my lovely reader!

It's been a really long time since I've updated, I know. But schools hard and theory in piano is tough and I have to 'socialize...'

I had to write on a sticky note about what to tell you guys in this authors note... So here we go!

1; over 900 reads... Omg!!! I'm so happy honestly I'm dancing and celebrating how far the story has come to! Do you thing that I could get 1000 reads by the next chapter?

2; extremely sorry for the wait. I'm really really sorry!!

3; I'm thinking of getting the story published... Do any of my lovely readers think I can get it published?

4; posted the story now in the Watty Awards... Even though I'm not 100% sure how that stuff works...

5; Honestly, I feel like I've lost readers... Either from Dionne and Emily and Merel... I love them... They are so perfect!

6; I went to Stratford where Justin B was born and sad on the same steps as he did and took a few pictures! I'm not a fan but still i was where some famous boy was!

7; I saw the Notebook Em cried and saw The Devil Inside and got freaked out.

8; there is about 14 or 15 chapters left...

9; yes there will be a sequel. And I've told my best friends the future of the story... They hit me with a bag because this story is a tragedy... So if you don't tragedy.... Stop reading!

9: swayed will be call Pixie Dust To Help Me Remember. Any thoughts on what that could mean?

10; all the boys are taken, so please don't ask if you can date one of them... They are taken!

Comment? Please?


Add to the reading list?


Like it?

Should I discontinue it?

Tell people about it?



Juli Marshmallow:)

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