Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


15. Chapter 13: Shooting Star.


Chapter 13:

Shooting Star.


I was walking like a wobbly toddler learning how to walk for the first time. My legs felt like jello. I was trembling because of how exciting I was to walk.

I had my spandex on and luckily my purple bra so I wasn't naked. I just didn't have a shirt on, only the hospital gown. I had my fuzzy green monster socks. I was glad I had shaved my legs. Also I had my hair up in a bun that Louis had done.

Niall left for the food court. Louis was laugh at me as I walk and giggled of happiness. Liam was watching Fairy Odd Parents in French, which honestly was pretty weird. Zayn was still outside talking to Amber.

Harry was behind me to catch me if I fall. He was also pushing the things I was connected to so I could move more freely and more comfortably. He was clapping as I walked from the right side and walked to the foot of the bed then to the other side.

Once I went to the other side and back. I did a small happy dance which is shaking my hips, nodding my head and flapping my arms like a chicken.

Louis laughed at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Can I do the dance?" Harry asked me seriously.

"Yes... Why?"

"Because when you did it, it seemed so special, maybe you want it to be your own dance." Did he genuinely respect my dance and weird habits? What a gentleman!

"Go! Dance with me! I'm not a good dancer..."

"Ha! None of us," said Harry as he waved his hands around the room, pointing at the rest of the boys. " no one here his a good dancer, trust me. " he winked making my laugh but inside I was melting.

" Don't worry! We'll be terrible dancers together." I said as Harry did my dance which made him look , if possible, even more attractive.

" you look like a chicken!" I blurted out, not being able to resist it.

"Really?" He said blushing and stopped the dance and started acing like a chicken. "This is the chicken, love" he said as I blush and laughed it off.

"You're so weird..." I mumbled as I wobbling my way to him.

"And you love that?" He asked, raising an eye brow as he let go of the things I was connected for and wrapped his arms around me.

"Of course I do!" I giggled and gave him a small peck on the lips.

"Omiegoodness! Holy Unicorns! " gasped Louis. "You guys!" He faked cried, "are so adorable! Honesty you make me wanna puke out rainbows and butterflies! Ah!" He said in a girly tone making me laugh as I rigged my face in Harry's was chest.

"Lou!" Liam said shaking his head, "let the couple be. " he smiled.

Then there was a knock on he door.

"Come in!" I mumbled as I pulled away from Harry and dragged him as he dragged the metal pole that had the bag of water that was going in me. We wobbled and walked to the door to see who it was.

Zayn came with Amber.

"Amber!" I smiled as I have her a warm hug.

"Wow! Hey!" She smiled.

"How you doin'?" I said with a accent making her chuckle.

"Good? Great! And you?"

"Um... I could be better, as you can see. But with the boys, I'm fine. Although I was hoping you brought me an Ice Capp. But nooooo!" She rolled her eyes.

"Still the same..." She smiled and sat on the bed beside Louis. "Hi," she said as she brought oh her hand. "I'm Amber, big fan..." She smiled as Louis shook hands with her and winked at her as they had small chat.

She got to know the boys with out m help, I was glad. When the boys were getting to know her, I turned to Zayn, who was sitting on a chair watching the group. I walked to him quietly and smiled.

" Got the hots for her, eh?" I smiled.

"Um..." He answered.

"It ok, she and you would make sic a lovely couple, don't worry, I'll asked her if she likes you. "

"But she might not..."

"Don't even... No! I won't accept that! You, Zayn Malik, feel insecure the she might not like you? Are you C-R-A-Z-Y ? "


"Don't worry... " I smiled.

Then Niall walked in eating a celery.

"Guys, Didi is waking up, we can go visit." He smiled and jumped his signature jump in excitement.

"Let's to then!" I cheer excitedly to see what has happened to my poor friend.

"Wait, Oliv, I need to get the thingies! " Harry said as he got the things for me to move freely. As he did, he did it extra slowly, making me jump in excitement.

"Come on!" I grumble as Louis pokes my cheek and Harry grabs my hand and with his other hand he carries the metal pole.

"She is in room 417, eermm... Right here!" Niall said as he guided us to Didi.

We knocked on the door and heard a fair come in but not Didi's voice.

I walked in first with Harry and found Claudia, Didi's mom there with Andre and she was holding Didi hand. Didi had a confused look on her face as Andre and Claudia looked very worried.

"Oh, hello honey." Said Andre as Claudia nodded and slowly looked up to me.

"Oh! Honey! Are you ok?" Asked Claudia motioning Harry and I towards her, followed by Niall and Amber.

"Yeah, well, long story short-I use a device now in my bad lung to give me more support to breath, t rift now it not important, how is Didi Boo?"

"She-" started Claudia but Didi cut her.

"Who are they? Mom, what happened to her?" She asked pretty confused.

"Don't you remember?" I asked cautiously.

"No, Olivia, what happened to you?"

"Olivianne, she, she got really badly hurt and lost memory. " said Claudia as Niall ran off with Liam, Zayn and Louis chasing him and I broke down in to sobs and tears ran down my face.


Who are these people?

Why is is Olivianne crying?

Why does she look older?

Why is she in a hospital gown like me?

Why is she connected to something, like I am but she had more things?

Why is a handsome man hugging her?

Why is there a random girl about our age here?

All these questions flooded my mind and it was going me a big head ache, maybe a migraine. The pain was to much to contain in side of me, making me moan and the side of my head, trying to sooth the pain.

"Didi Boo?" Oliv asked frightened as she slowly walked up beside me with the boy pulling her metal pole thing and the girl slowly following behind, worried.

"Olivia? You look so... Different? How old are we?"

"Um, 16... What is your last memory?"

"Hmm... We were in Lunch chatting about 8th grade lunch and then the bell rang and... Poof! I can't remember the rest."

It was a weird feeling.

I frowned and tapped my head with my free hand, in a thinkingly way, trying to remember.

"Oh my," she said watching me as her tears cleaned up. What was wrong with her?

"What happened to you?" I asked and my mom nodded to Olivianne.

"Well, after 8th grade graduation, I got a breathing attack thing and I've been having lost of those. In November, I got an X-Ray and blood test and I found out I have lung cancer. I have 10 last wishes before I died and one of them was to come to Europe, which is why you are here... And we met a band call One Direction and you are or... Well were dating the blonde boy that ran off.  

"Also, this is Harry, another band member and my boyfriend and this is Amber, you guys met after 8th grade. Please tell me something makes sense to you!"

"Olivia," I said sadly, "you are a crazy person and none of this is real! This is a nightmare! What actually happened?" I asked.

I refuse to believe my best friend had cancer.


"What? But it the truth!" I pleaded

"Please go, I don't need lies. " she said looking away. Did she actually not remember?

"Honey, please can you go? She needs to rest and get her life in balance." Said Didi's mom and Amber, my Cupcake and I walked out quietly with Diana asking her mom about her dog.


When we got to my hospital room, Niall was on my bed sniffling and sobbing softly. The sight made my eyes sting and my throat hurt, a lot.

I sat on the bed beside Niall, giving him a warm hug as he dug his wet face to my neck and Harry put away the stuff I was connected to back in their place.

On a small rolling desk beside the bed was a glass of water and a small purple pill beside it on a napkin. I imagined I never saw it and ignored it, right now I was being a friend for someone who need care and sympathy and compassion.

"Oliv, will she recover?"Niall sobbed.

"I'm not sure, hopefully she will. Just give her time." I answered.

"'K. " he mumble, but I had the urge to say that if you truest have feeling for her, you need to let her go, if she comes back to you, she is forever yours.

If she doesn't, she was never yours.

But that would be cruel to say.

He then rose, and left to the hotel with Liam following behind him.

"Hey, Olivia, Zayn and I," said Amber, "are going for a walk... Be back later!" I raised an eye brow, knowing that by her actions, she obviously had a crush on him, but honestly, they would make an adorable cute couple. So I nodded and let her go.

They left and Liam and Louis left to a radio station interview which Harry and I were going to listen to later.  


Once they left, Harry stood beside the bed as I comfortably laid down and made myself comfortable, but it was pretty hard.

Harry motioned to he medication, and I rolled my eyes as I groaned like a annoyed hippo, (that is, if hippos groaned,) and he handed me the pill that was the size of the nail from my pinky.

I gulped as I eyes to pill and then opened my mouth, took the pill from Harry and placed it on my tongue. Then with water I swallow he medication down, feeling that odd hard swollen like feeling go down my throat.

"What you gonna do?" I asked.

"Um... What do you wan' do?" He said sitting beside me as we snuggles on the twin bed.

"This is relaxing..." I mumble peacefully.

"Good, that's healthy..."

"Oh, shush and stop thinking about that. I need to keep my mind on other things..."

"Then tell me a story!"

"Really?" I asked as I raised an eye brow.

"Well, " he said as-a-matter-of-a-fact way, kinda like a teacher. "You see, my sweet sweet Wendy Bird of a fairy... In the Peter Pan movie and book, Wendy tells stories to Peter Pan and.... That's how they meet and become friends... So, if I'm Peter Pan, logically, you are supposed to tell me a good story!"

"Ok, it won't make sense though..." I smiled and started the story. "Once upon a time... In a forest far far away.... Live a bunny and a bear. The bear's name was Toto and the bunny was Charmin Ultra Soft.

"One day, they were walking in the forest when suddenly, they both had to go to the washroom and do poo! So, since bunnies do poop in small little balls, he pooped on he ground naturally. He then hopped towards the bear who was struggling to go to the washroom.

"No he was not constipated, but you see, Toto needed to go use a washroom (unlike the bunny) and there was no washroom near the forest. So he was confused and flustered to find a way. he really needed some toilet paper. But Charmin came and the bear got an idea!

"'Charmin?' The bear asked softly. 'Yes?' Answered the bunny. 'Do you mind getting poop stuck in you fur?' Asked the bear. The bunny shook his head naively, not knowing where this was leading to.

"Then," I started to giggle, " the bear took the bunny and... Whipped the white bunny's fur to the brown bears bum!" I burst out laughing like a child. Harry laugh his loud yet cute laugh and we shook in laughed.

"Wow!" Harry gasped as he tried to catch his breath from laughter.

" I tell it to Dave to make him laugh... Never gets old!" I smile.

"Another story!" He whined. I rolled my eyes.

"Mmkk..." I said clearing my throat and smiling. "The missing carrot. " I started.

"Once upon a time, there was a bear and a bunny. The bear was a large dark brown grizzly bear with a small wet nose. He had huge pitch black eyes. He had ferocious pearl white teeth that could scare off people. He had a big belly that hung from his large strong torso. The bear's name was Sugar.

"The bunny was different. He had beautiful white fur, that was perfect for the cold weather. He had a puny little nose, that wrinkled now and then. He had big round eyes that had large sea blue pupils and cute little whiskers. He had long lovely white eyes, that folded adorably and small little bushy tail that reminded one or cotton candy. He looked like the adorable white bunnies in kid shows. The bunny's name was Louis.

"Sugar and Louis were walking in a forest. It was a. Windy mid-October day. But the bunny and Sugar were toasty warm in the fur coats, that protected them. They wondered if their fur would be strong enough for the cold weather.

"The forest was now different then it was a couple of months ago. It was different shades of red, brown and orange. There were leafs falling off the trees and landing swiftly on the ground. There were also leafs being windswept and dancing with the wind. The wind also seemed to be singing and making strange noises that echoed through out the forest. It was a beautiful day to be out and walk around and enjoy the weather.

"Louis was chewing a carrot as he held in another paw a plastic bag full of carrots. He was in a great mood since carrots were his favorite snack. He had small chunks of carrots around his mouth and whiskers. He was wrinkling his nose as he ate happily.

"Sugar ate a big vanilla cupcake. He gobble the food like there was no tomorrow. He go icing all over his face, but he licked it off. He had cupcake crumbs all over him and all over his fur.

"Then suddenly, Louis felt a swish and a large wind blow on him and he looked at his carrots and saw that one of the carrots were missing!

"Louis looked desperately around the forest to find the carrot that had been missing. Sugar helped him look for his carrots, but they were no where to be found. They asked the Pig family if they had seen the bunny's missing carrot. But the Pig family had no see it. The bear asked the Animal Police, but the police could not find the carrot.

"Then Louis had an idea. He went to the forest thief, a jaguar. Her stormed in to the house to ask for his missing treasured carrot. Inside the house small house, were treasures, money, gold, silver, jewels, jewelry and riches. But none of those treasures were Louis' carrot.

"Who goes there?" Asked a silky voice and in the house appeared at slim fast jaguar.

"It is I, Louis the bunny." Answers Louis, trying to sound confident.

"Why are you in my house?" Asked the jaguar.

"To find my missing carrot." Louis said playing with some of his fur nervously.

"I haven't seen a carrot." She mumble and then smiling and pointing towards the door. "Out of my house before I roast you!" She said a bit to harshly and he hoped out of the house.

"Louis sat down beside a tree far from the jaguars home. His sad eyes watered but he blinked so he didn't cry. He at the rest of his carrots from the back. But his tummy was unsatisfied and restless. He groan and clutched his stomach.

"Then, Sugar reappeared after diapering momentarily. He walked toward the sad bunny happily, with something behind him. He held out what he hide behind his back to sad bunny who was now curious and confused, until he saw what his friend held out. The bear handed Louis what he had and Louis gapped at him, stunned by Sugar's gift.

"It was the biggest carrot the bunny had ever seen!" I said getting to the end. "Forgetting his loss, Louis began to jump around happily and thank the bear plenty of times. The bear simply smiled happily. Sugar was happy for his friend and was glad he was the one who brought back happiness to Louis.

"After Louis happy dance, he decided to go home with Sugar to prepare a snack for them. They walked together to the bunny's hole with Louis to belong his new carrot happily. But the lost carrot was never found. The End!"

"Uh? " Harry said looking at me a bit speechless.

"Don't judge, I wrote it when I was in 8th grade ok? It's old and weird. "

"What was you mark for it?"

"I don't really remember... I thing 75%. My teacher didn't really give good grades..."


"What time is it?"

"It's 5pm..." He said as there was a knock on the door and I saw Dave, standing there smiling with his hair wild like Carl from Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction. (A/N: don't no what that is, so much you need to learn. Need to YouTube it and be educated in entertainment.)

"Hey, buddy!" I said smiling at him and he sat in from of me on my legs. "Get off, you fa-" I started to say but I stopped myself, knowing that Harry Freaking Styles was there beside me.

"A what now?" He said taking advantage of the situation as I blushing and look to the door away from both boys.

"What was she going to call you?" Hath asked, clueless of my brother's evilness.

"She was gonna call me a fart!" He gasped sadly making a sad face and faking a sob.

"No..." I protested, turning to big other the boys in a full set conversation.

"Olivia! Don't call him that!" My parents said as they can in the room randomly.

"But-"I whined.

"Dave, please get off your sister." My dad said. Harry stood up with Dave. He walked to my parents and Dave stood beside me holding my arm, more like clutching it and we both stared at the scene in awe and there was a tense air in the room.

"Hello, um we haven't officially met, so I'm going to introduce myself. " Harry said smiling holding out his hand to my mom as she shook it. Then to my dad and the shook hands. But my dad kinda glared at him with serious tense thinking eyes.

"Hello," my mom said.

"I'm Harry Styles," He said nervously and cautiously. But the sound of that made me feel warm inside. "And I'm 19, I think you both know my job." My parents nodded. "And I think it's safe to say that I'm dating your daughter, Olivianne." When I heard that, I grabbed Dave's hand and held it so tight that it would leave a mark.

This was on of those moments in time.

The moment when directioners say they are dead with emotions, feels and 'adfkjlsj' , I felt it. It was so strong. It made me wanna jump around. It made my heart melt and flutter around like a butterfly. It gave me the best feeling ever.

What he said was something I've been wanting him to say since I became a Directioner.

"Oh," my mom said snapping me out if my emotional wonderland of a dream. "I'm Mary, her mom. "

"Mrs. " he said nodding but she shook her head, telling him to call her Mary instead.

"And I'm her dad. Bob. " my dad said eyeing him.

"Sir. " Harry as my dad nodded approvingly.

"Dad!" I said. "Please, stop you'll scare him off!"

"That's the plan..." He muttered.

"No, it will never be!" I said annoyed at my dad's protective dad attitude.

Dave walked to Harry and pulled him over to the chair beside me and he sat there as he scooted the chair next to me. My dad sat on the chair and pulled it near him, y mom took a chair and placed it right beside Harry. Dave sat on Harry's lap since there was no more chairs.

When Harry sat beside me, he seemed to relax a bit, but then when he noticed where my parents were, he tensed up a bit.

Then they got talking and talking, getting to know each other.


After a few minutes. A nurse came with another pill and so red jello and water. I sigh and swallowed the pill and ate or slurped my jello.

Dave eyes the food hungrily.

"Mom, can we go to the cafeteria and get Dave food?" I asked.

"Can you walk there?" My mom asked and I nodded getting up from the bed that was now painful since it had made my butt form on the bed and I was very uncomfortable.

"Harry, I would like you to stay here with me. " my dad said sternly as he helped me up from the bed and help me get disconnected.

"Ok," Harry said softly but you would be stupid to not hear worry in his voice and see how nervously he was.

"Dad, don't kill him. " I warned my dad and missed Harry on the cheek before I left, leaving my dad dumbfound and Harry blushing.


In the cafeteria, Dave had a croissant and I got some green tea. My mom brought a chocolate cookie for Harry and coffee for my dad. My mom also bought coffee for herself.

I sat on a plastic chair in the middle of the cafeteria with Dave as my mom went to get the food since it was one that you had to order.

I heard soft mumbled and murmurers. Most of hem in French but I understood.

"Is that the girl?"

"Isn't she Harry Styles girlfriend?"

"Wait, why is she here?"

"I feel bad for her. "

"So young. "

"If she is here, does that mean that Harry is here?"


"I want to go say hi..."

"Then go."

"Come with me?"




Then I heard footsteps and found to girl I front of me. Big younger. One wearing stripes and one wearing a checkers shirt.

"Hello?" I said.

"H-hi!" Said the one with stripped shirt girl with a French accent.

"Hey.." Said he other one.

"I'm Lily " said the striped shirt.

"I'm Merel. " said the checkers shirt.

"And I'm Olivianne!" I smiled at the warmly, motioning them to pull to chair so they could sit and we could chat.

"Um, we don't wanna disturb you..." Said Lily. Dave watched them quietly.

"Don't worry!" I smiled. "I'm not busy."

"Ok.." They said sitting down beside me.

"Do you speak French?" Asked Merel. I nodded and the rest of the conversation was in French for I go to a French school and where I lived it was natural to know French.

"How are you girls? Honestly?"

"Good?" They answered.

"Please, be honest! I don't bite!" I said laughing a bit.

"I'm really surprised your so welcoming and kind." Said Lily.

"I'm mentally freaking out since you are 'the' Olivianne!" Answered Merel.

"Ha!" I laughed. " I'm a Directioner too, so don't hold back, fangirl with me!"

"Really?" Said Merel with a hint of hope.

"Yeah!" I said. Lily nodded and took a deep breath.

"Well, OMG! I am talking to Harry Hotness Styles' girlfriend and she missed him and she is so lucky and she is so nice and ah!" Said Lily and breathing deeply.

"Wow," I smiled. "And you, Merel?"

"I'm mentally hyperventilating since you said my name! Omg! Oh, look, I'm hyperventilating! Omg bug fan, big fan!" She answered and I checked as she stopped waving her hands in the air.

"How old are you girls?" I asked.

"We are 15!" Said Lily more relaxed.

"Ah, I'm 16." I said.

"Why are you here?" Asked Merel.

"Uh... I had a breathing or asthma attack and I wasn't breathing. Harry called the hospital and they brought me here. They put a small machine thingy, or a device in my bad lung so I could breath better and a bit stronger. "

"Has it worked?" Asked Lily, the girl looked pretty concerned about me health.

"I don't know, I got it last night or this morning."

"Ah,"said Merel.

"Are you a Larry shipper?" Asked Lily.

"Yes... But I don't send hate to Eleanor or anything. I ship the friendship and how close they are. I would and have never sent hate to anyone."

"Is Harry here?"

"Yes... But he is busy. My dad is having a word with him. Father boyfriend talk. "


"I really like you girls, so I'm going to the you both my private account! DM me, since i always follow back, saying how I know you and where I know you. Call me a fairy and Boom! I'll know it's you!" I said. " Also, my mom is coming since we have to go back to my room. So I suggest we take a quick picture and I tell Harry your twitter thingies and we live with our lives. Ok?"

They nodded and they did as I told them as I saw a pen on a table and wrote my twitter name on their arms and they wrote theirs on my arm. Dave took a picture with his DS I XL and they left hugging me.

Them my mom stood I front of Dave and I.

"How where they?" She asked.

"Some fans who are now my friends. Come on, lets go before Dad kills Harry. "


When we got near my hospital room, I heard shouts and gasped. I looked at my mom in horror.

I walked faster since my mom was dragging the things I was connected to. Dave ran ahead to see what was the commotion. Once we got there, we heard loud laughter and chuckles. I sigh and put my hand on my heart in relief.

Maybe they are on good terms...

As we walked in they were having a friendly chat and laugh now and then like normal acquaintances. Hopefully things will go well.


My parents left around 9pm and somehow they let Harry stay with me. I was so happy that they got along so well. Actually, when I was going to England, I could stay at his house and I could go to his mum's house.

My secret plan was for Anne(Harry's mom) to embarrass him, because I know they when my parents and his meet, my mom will embarrass me. My mom is a chatty I-am-going-to-embarrass-my-children-anyway-possible.

When the next nurse came, I asked her is she could bring a small bed or couch for Harry. She came back with a Rollin chair, blushing when Harry smiled. But I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of hat smile.

He noticed my jealousy because before the nurse left, he asked if she could help him move the bed closer to mine. She did.

"Is this your sister?" She asked softly in that high annoying girly kiss up voice. I roped my eyes at her stupidity, obviously I have nothing alike Harry. He is beautiful, I'm normal. Although we share the fact that we have both a mass of chocolate curls on the top if our heads, but mine are, of course longer and wavier.

"Ha!" Harry chuckled softly shaking his head. "No, she my girlfriend. "

"Oh!" Said the nurse, blushing and as she left she said, "I'm sorry!"

I sigh had he jumped on his bed and then on mine as we snuggled and he turned his laptop and we listen to the boys interview.

*Before The Interview*


Before we left for the interview and before I led got my hotel room, I saw Didi's mom pacing around as if she was looking for someone or waiting for someone. She spotted me and motioned me to come to her, so I did.

"Hi," she said. "I'm sorry, but Diana would like to talk to you..." She said as she brought me to Diana's room and left me alone with a sad Didi.

She didn't look like her self. She seemed strange, she acted differently.

"Um, " she started, "Apparently I'm daring you... But I don't remember... I think it's best we go our separate ways..." I felt tears steamed down my face as I nodded and she looked away hitting her lip.

"It was nice knowing you..." I said and left...

For one thing I was sure of, I would never see Diana again.

*Back to present time*


In the interview, there was no doubt Niall was torn. He was so sad and when the interviewer asked who was dating... Only Zayn said himself and it was Amber.

Of course I'm glad for them...

Later I found out Didi was going for rehabilitation since she had gone mad from loosing her mind...

When I found out I cried, but Harry rubbed my back softly and comforted me.

She was going to an asylum... Like where the crazy people go...

I could hear screams from her room that made me shudder and shiver. Had she really gone mad?

Worst of all, I would never see her again since she was going to Romania for the rehabilitation thing.


This new nurse came and gave me more medication. It was pretty annoying.

Then last night Harry asked me how I felt.

"I don't know... I'm worried... Scarred. My best friend is going to a rehabilitation center! But I'll be fine..." I said but instead I thought I'm not that fine.

His eyes saddened at bit as we laid on my bed and watched Peter Pan on YouTube. "Don't worry, one day ill get pixie dust from Tinker Bell and we will fly away to Neverland. "

" look!" I gasped as we turned both of our heads towards the large window outside and awed at the stars above us.

The stars twinkled in delight and glee. They whines and the full moon shone up high above majestically, reflecting the sun's light.

I got up with Harry behind me, we stood I front of the window. He wrapped his arms around my waist, laying loosely on top of my belly as he stood behind me, resting his chin on my right shoulder.

I felt his warm breath on my neck, tickling me and making me giggle.

"Look!" I said impatiently to the sky, pointing at the stars. I pointed at two stars that caught my attention. "A shooting star!" I gasped as I rested my hands on his and gabbed them tightly in excitement.

"Quick! Make a wish!" He said and I nodded.

I closed my eyes tightly, crossed my fingers, wrinkled my nose like a bunny and made a wish.

'I wish that Harry and I will live together happily, lovely, in love healthy life and have a fairy tale life until we die of old age!'

Harry closed his eyes and made a soft cat like face as he wished making me giggle.

"Done?" He asked she the star left us and we just stood there, admiring the sky.

"Yeah. "

"Gonna tell me what your wish is?"

"I would, but it might not come true, now would it?"


"Would you tell me yours?"

"Touché." I felt him smirk against my shoulder.

"Harry, look!" I gasped again.


"Neverland!" I smiled and pointed at two stars next to each other.

"How do you know?"

"It says it in the book and movie; second star to the right and strait on 'til morning!"

"Ha, well, that where I live. We might live there one day!"

"Yes! Omg! Harry, it's actually Neverland! Harry that's where we met... Eh?" He chuckled.

"Yes it is, my sweet fairy. " we watched the night for a while until I sigh.

"I wish I had Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly away with you to Neverland. We'd be forever young. "

"Yeah... Come on, lets to to bed and see each tiger in our dreams. " I nodded as. We headed to bed.

"'Night love," I said.

"Good night precious..." He said in Gollum's voice (the creepy dude from the hobbit and lord of the rings) making me laugh.

The we went to bed.



Hello, my lovely readers!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated but, if you haven't heard, I just had a family lost and I was sad, also my Aunt came so I was spending time with her.

More than 700 reads! I'm so glad and proud of myself!

I saw the Blair Witch Project... Scary at first and I was thinking of going he with the door opened for how sacred I was, HAHA I'm weird ok?

Also, I've been having a strange addiction to the chicken Carlos from Hop and I have been laughing at him like crazy, ok? I fell of my chair about 5 times because of how funny it is!

Love Ed Sheeran..:) also Directioners: Little Things comes out October 29th!!! And Take Me Home the 13th of November! Woo hoo! Already pre-ordered!

Please comment(although I know no body will, I'll still ask)

Please vote( even though I have no idea why the vote thing Is there....)

Fan me-I fan back!

PS: Do You think I should put this up for the Watty Awards?

PSS: to be honest, I've been doubting the story and bunking, Hey! What if I quit the story?

PSSS: I used to have another account call Sailormoon10 :)

Twitter: @JuliMarshmallow

Tumblr :http://julimarshmallow.tumblr.com/


Anyways, until I update....




Juli Marshmallow



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