Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


14. Chapter 12: Help!


Chapter 12:


*emotional and fluffy alert!*


The dream I had had that night was horrible, I hated it.

I was standing in a street. I was watching someone on a motorcycle bike their was down a screen happily smiling.

I heard someone familiar crying, "Stop! You're going to fast! Stop!"

I felt something in my tummy jolt. I felt the need to stop time, for the biker to be same.

I opened my mouth to tell the person to stop. But all that came out was a high eerie scream that was loud then soft then quiet. Like the ones in horror movies.

She was going very very fast.

Then a car came fast in the direction that she was going. But she wasn't stoping. She wasn't moving any other way, only the One Direction the speeding car was going.(A/N:see what I did there?;)

It was a tense moment that all you could hear were faint screams and my high pitched scream.

Then, just as the motorcycle is about to smash in to the speeding car, I wake up.

When I fist woke up, I sat up instantly. I had sweat drops going down my back and between my boobs. I was breathing deeply and my heart was beating extremely fast.

My breathing was in puffs and coughs and my lungs were killing me. I tried to breath but I felt as if I was in a pool full of thick water. I clutched my lungs. I was gasping, not being able to get air inside me.

I wasn't able to get any air.

I felt shuffling beside me.

Harry faced me, rubbing his eyes. Hen he noticed my struggle and speeded towards the phone, dialing for the ambulance.

"Hi... Please speak in English? Hello, yes my emergency, my girlfriend isn't breathing! She woke up having difficulty breathing... We are at the Rose Hotel... Please come quickly! He love of my life has freaking lung cancer! " he shouted in panic, that woke up Didi Boo and Niall. "Come!"

Diana rushed frantically to get some close on, since she was in her PJs and so did Niall, but Harry stayed there beside my rubbing my back and telling my to stay put and stay awake.

I heard, in a distance the sirens from the ambulance and Didi and Niall walked out of the room to go tell Paul and the other boys the situation.

I gasping, talking my arms out and clawing the space I front of my as if I was trying to catch air.

I heard stoping and the four boys from the band I love and their famous security guard came to me, faces full of worry and sadness.

A few seconds later, the nurses rush to me and I was hooked to the uncomfortable plastic blue bed and they carried my to the elevator and rushing me in to the ambulance. Harry ran behind us and he ran in to the ambulance with me. I assumed that the rest of our party would follow behind.

The nurses them started doing small test and brought out a needle. I still was gasping for air. Feeling like them small air I could catch was limited addition.

They told me to stop moving and I tried. Harry grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"Its ok, I'm here... You'll be fine!" He said in his seductive accent.

I nodded as tears streamed down my face and my nose got clogged.

I turned away from the needle and face Harry's beautiful face.

I felt a large pinch rush upon my arm. I scream and cried and sobbed in pain. I felt dizzy and then every thing faded and it all went pitch black.

All I could hear was Harry screaming and panicking, "No! Please stay alive! I'm not ready for you to die! Please! I love you! Please! Stay with me! My sweet Wendy Fairy! Please!"


(A/N: Imagine I ended the story right there? Ha you guys would hunt me down!:)



I paced in front of the operation room, hoping everything went well. I bit my lip and itched my head. Frowning and think that if this situation would happen more often.

Oliv's parents were speaking quietly to each other on hospital chair not far from me. Oliv's little brother was sleeping and Diana was at the food court wih the rest of the boys and Paul.

Knowing society, there would be a lot of news and rumors and gossip tomorrow.

A nurse finally came out after what felt like a life time but was only 1 hour. Oliv's parents stop speaking and life's Ed patiently for the news of their ill daughter.

"She is fine" he said, but what he meant was she is alive. "I'm going to explain the rest briefly. She was possibly very stressed of and the cancer made it worst that her lungs got filled with this water stuff from stress that cause her trouble breathing. She, now, has a small device in her lung to make her breathing stronger. It seems that the pills that she had to take have no effect on her, so we are prescribing new and stronger pills, but she has to take them more often. "

I stared at the wall in shock. It was bad. Her health was weak.

Oliv's parents asked to speak the the nurse privately, leaving me and her sleeping brother who had woken up.

When he woke up, he first shifted his back uncomfortably. Then he noticed where he was, he grunted. Then he saw me staring at the small boy.

The boy had his hair all crazy since he had just woken up he has chocolate brown eyes and his brown hair as a bit curly. He reminded me of Oliv in a way. I walked up to him and sat beside him.

"Who are you?" He asked rubbing his eyes lazily.

"I'm Harry Styles...you?" I say smiling as the young boys widened at bit, maybe Oliv has told him about me.

"Oh!" He says wide awake now. " I'm Dave, I'm Olivia's younger brother...."

"And I'm her boyfriend!" I say brightly.

"She has a 'boyfriend'?" He said, air-quoting 'Boyfriend'.


"I don't believe it!"


"She is so weird..."

"Um, ok?"

"Especially if its a One Direction member, tone more specific, you!"

"Erm.... Why?"

"She, when she is in a good mood, she jumps around and sings like a maniac with me. We sing Stand Up so terribly, my mom video tapped us once... Don't even get me started when she was dedicating Every Breath You Take... She is so weird. Well, was..." I stared at him in shock, Oliv was actually a Directioner!

"What! Wait-why 'was'?" I asked wondering about the different personalities the girl had to yet preform for me.

"Ever since cancer, she has been more quiet, more nervous and kind. She barely talks to anyone. She usually is up in her room doing who know what. Some day we only say Hi and Bye to each other and that's it. It worries me..."

"Ah, maybe I can change that!" I say smiling. But inside I was frowning in determination to help her be her weird happy self again.

"Ya, well good luck bud," he said smiling. I like Dave, I find that we could really talk naturally.


Later that night, the nurses had led Oliv's family and into the private room that she was in. I asked her parents briefly if I could say, and I guess they were to tired to say no and said to keep her company as they went back to the hotel. I guess they were pretty tired. Paul and the boys and Diana had also left to the hotel, leaving Oliv and I alone.

When everyone left, I noticed how tired I really was so I crawled on the bed with poor Oliv who was sleeping peacefully. When I laid down beside her, I made sure not to hurt her or to touch any of the tunes and things she was connected to.

I as still in my PJ from earlier except I had long pants. But I was fine. I'd be better of I were naked.

But I didn't want to alarm any nurses or Oliv.

Slowly, i drifted of to sleep, dreaming about a meadow of purple and blue flowers with a soft wind lightly touching the flowers.


Then out of darkness I could see a stage light shinning down to a flower.

The flower had white petals and floated there in mid air.

The petals were falling in to a hole of pitch black nothingness.

There was whispers that I would hear but not understand.  

When I woke up, I found my self in a bed, snuggled against a someone.

I was a bit taken back and it surprised m to find a boy, no a man having his muscled warm arms wrapped around me, pulling me tightly towards him, squishing my face against his shirtless abs.

He shifted a bit and I moved uncomfortable. He stirred from his sleep, letting out a cat-like purr. He wakes up and watches me kindly as his emerald eyes make my insides melt. We stare at each other until I notice where I am I'm how I am and my situation.

I feel something on my chest but ignore it for now. I felt a cold tube rub against my left arm. The tube had water from a plastic bag, that is hanging from a metal pole.

I notice the tube is somehow inside my hand or connected to it. I felt small shivers reach my back. I feel sticky tape-like stickers against my ribs. I then notice the quiet soft weak beeping from a head monitor.

It was my heart beat.

I breath from my nose and notice there is a tube going In my nose giving me this air. I felt something stif in my lungs but some how I was able to breath normally.

I blink one or twice and figure out I'm at a hospital, again.

"Hallo," I say in a croaked rusty voice.

"Hey," says Harry in his perfect morning wake up voice giving me tingles. "How are you feeling?"

"My head hurts. My lungs burn. M nose hurts from the tubes. My feet are cold and my left hand hurts from the needle. My nose hurst also. But in irony, I'm beside the sexiest boy alive and a bunch of girl wish they were me. I'm weirdly not okay and ok... You?"

"I'm," he says chuckling, " I could be better. I almost had a Heart attack when the love of my life wasn't breathing. But she lives and so do I!"

"Aww, stop it!" I giggle, blushing. "So, what are we doing later?"

"You are staying here and getting healed quickly and I'm staying with you every step of the way."

"But, I don't wanna!" I moaned, pouting my lips.

"Have you been taking your medicine?" He asks.

"Huh?" I say a bit taken back by his sudden care to me, like a mother. But then again, he is a caring 19 hear old that tries to look like a bad boy but ends up looking like a cupcake.

"Well? Three times a day right?"

"Honestly, I thought it was once..." I say, because I actually had forgotten.

"No!" Harry cried, smacking his hand agains his head. "Oliv, Babe! It's three times! Now it going to be 6 times since you need more medication!" He cried and tears streamed down his face and his face was in pure panic.

"Why are you crying? Don't cry! Please!" I whispered grabbing his face with my free right arm and with my thumbs, dried his face and rubbed it the tears, that kept falling.

He, then brought me in to a tight hug and nuzzled his face to my warm neck and I felt his tears go on my skin. He was shook in sobs.

"I need you to take care of you self! I need you to take your medicine! I need you to pay attention to your health! Please! I need you! If you don't..." he then broke down beside me, " Stay healthy, you c-c-can d-d-die! And I n-need you! Please! I need you to stay alive!"

I stared at him and rubbed my right arm to his back comfortingly. I cooed him that it's ok and that he needs to stop crying because I might cry.

I started to cry because Harry Styles crying is the worst thing I could possibly experienced right now, and to top it of, he is crying for and because of me.

"It's ok, Cupcake!" I said sobbing softly, hat was my new nickname for him. "It's ok, shhh, the doctors will find a cure, u won't die on you!"


"I promise, to always be there for you... To not die on you."

"Swear to the Cookie Monster?"

"Y-yes! I swear!" I cry smiling a bit since he had used my sacred promise.

"Ok," he sniffled and pulled back staring at me with sad eyes. "Did you call me cupcake?"

"Erm..." What is he didn't like the nickname...

"Then, You'll be my Sugar."

"Ok!" I smile, blushing a weird shade of red. We stayed in that position for a while.

I was officially determined to stay alive and look for a damn cure.


The nurses came to check up on me saying that I needed to take the medication since my lungs and mostly the are red lung was extremely weak.

I was worried my cupcake would cry.

Harry now treated me like a delicate rare flower that was about to explode in a bazillion of small pieces and disappear like the wind.

The doctors said I had to stay in the hospital for a week, so I gave Diana and Niall, Harry and my tickets for motorcycling classes.

They had two hours ago and Harry sat here with me. I was laying on the uncomfortable bed. The nurse had put the bed in a sitting position since i was scared to bend the bed like the ones they do in cartoons and hurt myself.

Harry was watching TV and checking his phone now and then, and I was just relaxing and I was in my phone on my Directioner Twitter account.

There was no drama since none of them knew what had happened.

I was seeing a bunch of girl tweeting my real account that Harry had tweeted. I bunch I people asking me for a follow and happily none of hate.

I smiled, knowing that since I am a Directioner, it was hard to get a follow from their girlfriends-let alone get a follow from the boys. I knew the feeling. I know how it feels like to feel like the boys don't know of ones existence.

So I wrote on my on the real new account bio:

"Hello, thank you for following me,make me laugh I'll follow you! Love my Peter Pan. Try to follow back as min as possible since I know how it feels like. #Directioner. "

I sigh and followed possible 100 people, just for fun. I followed my favorite people from my Directoner twitter.

I got so many beautiful tweets making me blush.

"Harry?" I asked as he looked up from his phone.

"Hmm?" He said since it was 5 am and he was up really early and wasn't able to sleep.

"Do you have laptop with you?"


"Can I do a twitcam?" I ask shyly.

"Yeah! We can do one together!" He smiled cloning over and picking up a leather bag I hadn't noticed before. He sat on the bed beside me as I moved over to give him space.

We prepared the computer and the twitcam.

"Are we gonna say where we are?" I ask.

"Sure why not? It won't do us harm?" He looks at me innocently as I kiss his soft nose. He blushes like a teenage girl.

He tweets that he'll be starting a twitcam in 5mins because we are deciding what we are gonna do. Which we are answering questions.

I wanted to see every tweets, not leave anybody out, since I'm a nice person, but it's hard since they always change and because Harry has such a slow voice.

So we started our twitcam. We had about 168902 viewers. I wondered if it was a lot son e it was my fist twitcam.

"Hello!" Harry beamed at he camera smiling with me in the background waving.

"Hi!" I say in a dry voice. I see a tweet that say, where are you. "We are in the hospital." Then we see a lot of questions as in why?

"We are here because 'someone'," says Harry watching me. "Did not take her medication and now she had to have even more!"

"Oh, shush up..."

"Any questions?"

"How long have we been dating?"

"Not to long. "

"No, for all those perverted sick minded Directioners, no we haven't 'banged,'" I said air quoting 'banged.' We simply laughed.

"The new albums is great as love it! My personal favorite is... All of them. "

"No I haven't seem Harry's cats, yet. "

"Hello to Canada! Hello to France!"

"Hi to Dionne, Jane, 1DNoticeMe, IExist1D and LarryIsReal!"

"Yes she met the boys. "

"Yes, Harry is gorgeous. "

"No, she isn't a beard for Larry."

"Harry Berry, can we do a prank call?" I say laughing.

"Sure, Oli Pie!" He says causing me to giggle. "Let's call Niall!"

"Mkk, put him on speaker," I say as he dials Niall's phone number.

"Hey?" Says the Irish boy.

"Hullo..." I say pinching y nose to make me sound weird.

"Who is this?" Says Niall.

"It's ...." I look in panic at Harry and he looks at me in panic.

"It's.... McChicken World Wide!" Says Harry quickly, which is new.

"Um... Sorry I don't beg time for chicken..." Niall said sadly and I heard shouts in the background.

"Niall? Are you ok?" I ask in a normal voice now.

"Olivia?! Please can I speak to you in private? Please....?"

"Yeah, sure?" I say and point at the twitcam and Harry shuts it down with twitter exploding with drama behind us.

"What happened, mate?" Asked Harry.

"It's awful! I'm so so sorry! It's all my fault! Pleas forgive me!"Niall cried and I new at once he was crying.

"What happened?" I ask cautious my and scared.

"It's.... Didi... We were on our motorcycles and she went to fast, I screamed at her to stop, but she had no control! And ... And..."

"Calm down! It's not your fault!"

"But she unconscious and we are in the ambulance, and...*sniffles* I'm sorry! The dicer died... We are going to the hospital your at right now, so bye, I have to go. " and he hung up after crying.

I stared at the phone as Harry slid the phone on the table and watched me carefully.

"Harry..." I say, my voice was shaking rapidly, my heart beat was beeping quite fast. My eyes stung and u started to cry. "What i-if she-e is-s dead-d, what if-f?"

He wraps his arms around me, telling me sweeting in my ear, to comfort me. I sob quietly. B now it was Harry's turn to comfort me.

Boogers ran down down my face, so with my free arms, I cleaned my nose. But my breathing was hurting since there was less oxygen getting in my lungs and body.

I started chocking over the lack of oxygen. I started shaking as I couldn't breath. I unwrapped myself from Harry and fanatically waved my arms around to who home that I was having difficulty breathing.

He instantly got up from the bed and pressed the nurses button beside the hospital bed. He pressed it so hard and so many times, I think he broke it.

"Not again... Oliv, calm down! Crying makes you have problems breathing!" He cried at my holding my hands as I tried to breathed.

My head hurt and I started feeling light headed and dizzy. I could breath. It was a annoying stressing feeling. I groaned in frustration.

Then I blacked out with Harry in teary eyes and my heart beat beeping rapidly, again.

(A/N: and if I stop the chapter now?) 


I found myself in a purple room. I was wearing my Wendy costume from Disney. Then Tinker Bell appeared. I squinted my eyes to see her face more clearly. She was Eleanor!

She smiled, flying in front of me. She was leaving pixie dust around. She had a high ballerina bun on and a tight green dress, just like the fairy tale.

"Hi?" I said she Simply smiled at me and opened her mouth but all that came out was the sound for bells.

"What?" I asked. She smilies and laughed a laugh like small little girly bells, and with a white wand she held, she poked my nose and I woke up.


Harry was now wearing clothes, not just pants, on. He sat beside Niall, who was munching food like it was his last day to live. I wondered how he snuck in food.

"Guys..." I mumble, rubbing my eyes tiredly.

"Oliv! Thank goodness! Niall, now I'll go get food." Said Harry as he came to me, kissed my forehead and whispered, "I'll be back, don't stop breathing." Which makes me blush and nod.

"Hey," I say as Niall looks at me.

"Hi..." He says as he stuffs his face even more. "How are you?"

"Well... I'm ok... But I feel like rip on someone's head off since I'm starving and haven't had food all day! Give me food Niall! It's a command!" I said as my tummy growls.

"Um... Do I have to?"

"Yes. You do."

"Ok..." He grumbles and hands me a chocolate bar. Making me wrinkle my nose and hand it back.

"The candy... Those gummy bears," I said staring at the chocolate in disgust.

"Why? Have he mars bar!"

"Eww, chocolate it disgusting!"I said. I do not like chocolate, only Nutella. Niall gasps as he handed me the gummy bears. Just then the rest of the boys come in.

"What?!" Said Louis in surprise.

"Hmm?" I ask innocently.

"You don't like chocolate?!" Said Liam shaking his head.

"No, only Nutella!" I answer innocently, is there something bad?

"Your weird!" Says Louis as I give him a sassy face and blow him a raspberry.

"Guys, she perfect the way she is..." Said Harry sitting beside me, grabbing my hand and rubbing circles on my hands,as I blush.

"Oh, yeah, for you..." Said Niall as he ate.

"Where is Zayn?" I asked.

"He met a girl in the hallway... Her name was... Umm... Ash? No, Annie? Nah, it's I think Amber..."answered Louis like its nothing as he sat beside my toes.

"Amber?! She here?! What! Omg, what?" I said rapidly, freaking out a bit.

"Who?" Asked Liam.

"Amber Eden! My cousin and my best friend! Omg I have to go say hi!" I said fanatically, pushing my self from the bed softly and dangling my legs from the bed. Since I was pretty short I couldn't reach the bottom of the bed. "Cupcake, please be a dear and help me from the bed?"


"Shut up Louis... Harrry-y-y" I moan.

"What! But you can't, you not in shape to get up from the bed."

"Oh, Liam, yes I am!"

"Why don't we just ask a nurse?"

"Yes Louis!"

"Love, I don't think-"

"Puleese ?" I said purring at the end.

"Uh..." He said hesitating. Possibly the purr caught him off guard. He started to blush like a little kid making me giggle.

"Come on..." I moan. I really want to get up. "Lou, can you call the nurse?"

"Why me?!"

"Because you love me? And because you do not want me to get annoying. "

"Fine..." He said getting up and going outside and in to the hallway. Then a nurse walking in with Louis. She was blushing at him and when she walked in... I guess she wants expecting to walking In a room full of five hot guys.

"We were wondering if she could walk anytime soon?" Asked Harry watching her as she advanced to my document that has my health files. When she read to files, he face saddened and paled a bit.

"She can walk when where she feels like it or she can. " she said and placing the folder in its spot and walking out of the room.

"See! Help me please!"

"Alright..." Said Harry getting up and coming to me to help me. "Tell me if a thin hurts... It it's not ok, if it hurts.. Anything!"

"I'm ok! Don't worry just help." I said pulling out my arms to as Harry grabs me from under my armpits , making me laugh, and pulls me towards him.

Then, I am on my two feet, having a hard grip on Harry's neck. I feel that if I let to of him, I'll fa backwards in to a lit of darkness. I feel as if the gravitational pull in the room is so hard that I feel my legs buckle.

Harry has his arms around my waist lazily, just standing there like its no big deal. But it is.

"Harry... Don't let me go!" I whisper in his neck since that is where I reach him I have my face tucked in her warm neck. I feel the vibration if when he chuckles.

"Don't worry, I never will. But can you just loosen up... Just a bit? Please?" He said as I slowly let go. We slowly pull back until he is holding my hands a foot or two away from me.

"I feel like I'm a baby learning how to walk again..." I grumble.

"Love, get used to it... The doctor said this would happen a lot. "

"Hey, next step if to lift one leg up.." Said Louis as he watched us while Niall and Liam watched tv.

"Okay..." I say. I lift one leg up and feel as if my lungs are being ripped apart. "Ow... This is to much! I'm not ready!"

"But your doing so well! Come on! Continue. "

"But Louis...."

"But Olivia..."

"It maybe is to painful! We can't push her in to too much."

"Don't listen to Harry, he just is being all sugar and space to hear you purr again."


"But Harry.."

"Shut it..."

"Boys! Your both are hot, now stop fighting and help me!" I say as they stop arguing like teenage girls.

"Lift one let, then place it in front of the other. " So I do as I'm told.

"Now same with the other..."

"Now let go of Harry's hands..."

"Now walk by your self. " said Harry rubbing his sore hands since I had squeezed them.

"Ah! I did it!" I squeal.

"Yay!" They all say as I do my victory dance, which is the Macarena.

They all laugh.

Maybe life can go well...



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