Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


13. Chapter 11: Talk Of The Town.


Chapter 11:

Talk Of The Town.

*Harry's Pov*

After I introduced them to Oliv, they were so welcoming to her. They said that we could meet again on Monday since tomorrow, Saturday we had a interview.

She had left with her parents, who left our band and both girl alone together in Disney... I think her mother was bit annoyed with Oliv... I wondered why....

Before the girls left, i had bought Oliv some Disney merchandise and she practically fangirled in front of me, but i laughed and she giggled, wearing a Mickey mouse hat that I had bought her. 


Louis asked her if she wanted to go shopping with him, I felt a hint of jealousy. But to my relief, Oliv hates shopping so she said, as long as the other boys come along and I have a Starbucks in my hands. Then Louis' eyes widened and they got talking since they both LOVE Starbucks and they became really close friends.

Liam smiled politely and asked her if she like Toy Story and she said, "how can you not?" Which is how he approved of her.

Zayn had a more funny way to become friends with her. He asked if she knew any good hair products to show him, since she had lovely hair. She laughed and said, "Baby Shampoo is what I've been using for a while now." And they laughed and talked about hair stuff. It's was weird to watch.

Niall already knew her so he asked is she could go eating with him and if they could have a food slumber party with their own buffet. She smiled and said yes plenty of times and Niall did his signature Irish Jig and did a fist pump.

Didi became friends with all of us, but they haven't told the others that they are dating, only Oliv and I.

When she left, I kissed her on the cheek and said I would text her tomorrow since I was really tired. She said ok and left with Diana and l sigh sadly, already missing her.

"You got it bad..." Said Louis, pushing me gently as we got in our van towards the hotel.

"I like her..." Zayn mumbled playing with his hair.

"So do I..." Said Liam as Niall nodded along.

I smiled, "I'm glad..."

"She is quite beautiful. Lucky, mate," mumbled Louis checking his phone for Eleanor's texts.

"Not really, she is... We aren't lucky, ya know...Anyways..." I didn't not feel like crying. The sad truth about at some point I have to say good bye...


Today, we had our interview... And this is how it went.

We got in to the building and there was a tall thin woman in Jeans and a white whir that said the website and stuff.

We got in a cozy room, full of beanbags and balloons and random stuff to play with. They interviewer's name was Macy and she had that tally annoying look in her voice and attitude.

I was texting Oliv, about what we dreamed about and I had dreamed about us swimming with our Peter Pan costumes on, which I had kept, and we were swimming in a pool of strawberries and eating them. Weird... Paul then snatched our phones and I groaned.

Then the interview started with Macy and her speaking in English with a horrible French accent.

"Bonjour, today we are presenting One Direction!" She squealed and I saw outside there was a crowd, a large one.  


The crowd went wild and I think someone died from how hard they screamed.

"Lou, someone died." I whispered to him, so quite that knot he could hear. He chucked quietly and nodded.

"So, you are you boys loving Paris?"

"We are lovin' it!" Said Niall, while laughed and shook his head.

"Of course you do!" Smiled Zayn, slapping Niall on the back playfully.

"We are having fun!" Said Louis smiling.

"So, how is the new tour going?"

"Great!" Liam said fiddling with a string that was sticking out if his black shirt.

"Which on is your favorite song?"

"I like them all." I said smiling.

"And now what the fans want to know, Harry, you were seen with a girl, and you guys seemed friendly to each other?"

"Umm... Well... Basically... Erm" I said trying to use my trick for her to drop the subject. She felt the awkwardness and changed the subject to our celebrity crushes. I didn't answer that question.

"Who, out of all you are dating? And who are you dating?" She asked abruptly. Louis raised his hand, saying Eleanor and smiling. Liam didn't raise his hand looking away to a balloon, lost in thought.

I had known Liam and Danielle's relationship was slowly falling but, I didn't think it would end so sudden.

The Niall raised his hand and said, " Diana Notebook, a competitive swimmer going to the Olympics." The crowd went wild. Then Louis nudged my shoulder and I nodded, raising my hand.

"I'm dating..." I said staring at my jeans. The crowd did what usual fans do. Scream and faint and fangirl.

"Mind telling us a bi about her, then we will ask Niall?"she said giddily.

"Erm.. Her name is Olivianne S and.... She is in school, she wants to become a doctor and... She is sixteen... And umm... I really hope she doesn't get and hate... We were on a date and some girl was rude to her, and it was a lot to handle, so please fans, she is my princess, no hate... we wouldn't be able to handle it and... to top it off...She, she has lung cancer..." I said as my eyes started to sting, my throat thickened and I felt it squealed."Excuse me." I ran out of the room and stormed to the washroom.

As I walked out, I heard Macy say, "is there any thing the doctors can do?"

And I heard Louis answer in a shaky voice, before getting up to chase me, "No, she is terminal. " and there was a bunch of gasps.

I didn't pay attention to the crowd or anything really, my bison blurred and I stormed in the washroom, crying and shaking.

I screamed and slid my back on to on of the walls, falling in my fatal position.

Drowning in my own pity.

* 3rd person's Pov*

Olivianne had been listing to the radio, when she heard him stop off. Her eyes stung, knowing she needed to get to the building and comfort the cupcake of a boy.

The crowd outside was going mad, the news that only Zayn and Liam were single was a lot, and to top it off Niall and Harry were dating.

Twitter and Tumblr was going mad, it was a riot and the security was worried. This was a lot to take in for the Directioners.

Twitter was checking every little thing that was happening.

@RandomOneDirectionFan : a car just drove in the building!

@1D_uodates : there is a girl in the car

@1D_Stalkers : Is the girl in the car Harry or Niall's girlfriend?


When Olivianne was drove to the larking lot from the building where the band of Sexy Boys (One Direction) and there was a security guy there.

"Who are you?" Asked the security guard, as he came towards her and she rolled the car windows down.

"I'm Olivianne."

"And I'm Beyonce!" He laughed turning away.

"No seriously!" She said in plea.

"Ha! No!"

"Get Niall! When he sees me, he will know its me! Or even Paul!" Oliv said dramatically, know she needed to get to Harry before he broke down, knowing he could be emotional.

"Fine." He grunted and mumble a few things like," the things I do for these fans and for the boys..."

Then Paul came with Niall in the parking lot. When Niall saw her, he ran and brought her towards the building, with out any second thought.

"Who is she?" Asked Paul.

"You don't remember me?" Said Oliv taking deep breaths since they were running.

"Your that terminal kid? Right?" Paul said questionaly, struggling to keep up with the Niall and Oliv.

"And Harry's girlfriend." She said smiling.

"Well, welcome to the family, I'm guessing you already know me?" He smiled.

"Well, actually, I was hoping I could get an autograph from you..." She said as they stopped in front of the boys washroom and see Louis in a serious face, pacing in front of the door. When he saw Oliv he smiled in relief and pointed to the boys washroom.

"He won't come out, so I decided to give him space." Louis said shaking his head, bitting his lip, looking quite handsome.

"So I got inside?" Oliv asked and Louis nodded opening the washroom door.

*Harry's Pov*

I washed my face from the snot and salty warm tears that had fallen down me.

What if the fans didn't like Oliv? What is they sent so much hate?

I smacked my cheeks knowing I needed to stop crying. I dried my face and stared at myself in the mirror and saw that my des were red and the color of my face was drowned.

I shoke my head, how can Oliv love me?

But my selfish side told me how can she not?

Like every normal guy I have a selfish side, obviously I'm not perfect.

I heard the door opened and I expected and assumed it was it was Louis, trying to comfort me.

"Go away!" I said turning away from the door do my back was to the door. " Please! Leave me alone!" The door closed and I heard small cautious steps come near me. "Go away Louis! I don't need you right now!"

"But you need me." Said a soft kind voice. The voice of my princess.

"Oliv!" I said, rushing to her and giving her a nice warm hug. Tears ran down my face like as is they were racing, with out my permission. I dug my face in her neck and wrapped my warm around her waist.

She hugged me back cooing me and saying stuff like, "it's ok, I'm here for you." Then I pulled back at her face, she had no signs of tears.

"Did you cry?" I asked, out pure curiosity. Her eyes saddened and she looked away, then looked at me and bit her lip, looking quite dashing.

"Umm... I... No. I don't want to have self pity, especially since the doctors gave me a book about depression... Which I do not hope to fall in! Umm... I haven't cried- which is a big surprise since I'm a cry baby. It complicated..."

"Ok..." I say smiling. It was complicated to understand but I have to be understanding, she has it more then 10 times worst than me. I guess this is her way to cope.

"It's ok... So how did you sleep?" She asked, wanting to get away from the main point she was here.

"Alone, with out you..." I mumbled snuggling y head in get soft neck and heard her faint unsteady heart beat. My heart saddened since she was weak and unhealthy.

"Maybe I can have a sleep over and we can talk about girly stuff and..." She giggled and continued to talk about childish things, making me wonder is she was serious or not. I just kept my head in her neck, stopped crying and felt the vibration from her voice go in and out of her throat.

"We are the talk of the town, you know?" I said pulling away and smiling at her and she smilies cheekily and nuzzled her nose in my neck, because she was shorter than me, it was easy for her. When her nose touched my skin, it sent tingles and shivers down my back, the good one though. I laugh because it also kinda tickled.

"Stop it!" I giggle like a teenage girl and feel my cheeks burn.

"So... You are ticklish... Hmmm?" She says and pulls away and let's her nose touch mine, teasing me for a kiss.

"Kiss me already..." I said and she smiled.

"Ok." She says and with that she kisses me softly, and it makes me feel like e are in our own little world full of happiness.

But then she pulled away, blushing.

"Don't you have an interview to go to?"

My eyes widened, realizing to major things, I had run out of a room where I had had my interview and and that we had been in the washroom, together...


I wondered if my friends would have a sick mind.

"Common, you can wait outside with Paul while waiting for it to be done!" I say brightly and her face lights up, which its just adorable. We walk out of the washroom and Louis is waiting for us.

"Omg! I can ask him for his autograph and get a picture and ..." she rambled as louis walked ahead, leaving us to follow him in the hall way. "ah! Sorry, had a mini-fangirl moment." She said smiling and blushing.

"It's ok." I say, possibly making it sound annoyed, because her eyes saddened a bit, she chewed on her lip and looking away.

Oh, no!

I had been to harsh and I made her sad.

When we arrived in front of the room, where that interview was taking place. I turned to face her with my back at the glass see through door. I had planned how to make her happy.

"Omg! Omg!" I say in a girly voice, letting my inner fangirl out and raise my hands up fanatically as if I was hyperventilating. "You're going to meet Paul! Eeeiiieee!" I say jumping, as she catches on the joke she smiled and grabs my hands and we jump up and down happily, squealing like little girls.

Them someone cleared their throats behind me.

"Um, Harry? Get in here for the interview." Said Liam as the boys stood behind him watching our little show.

"You go that on tape right?" Asked Oliv at the camera guy. He nodded nervously and she smiled mischievously.

"Oh... Sh*t..." I mumble smacking my hand on my head, all of that was video tapped.

Niall laughed at the same time as Oliv, then they clutched their stomachs from laughed and Louis smiled and Zayn chuckled.

Liam shook his head and grabbed me and pulled me inside, shutting the doors, leaving Oliv smiling and waving at me as I waved back.


After the interview I brought her to eat at a fancy dinner with the boys and Diana and we ate happily. She checked her twitter followers and she already had hit 3k in one day.

That night, she came over for a sleep over with Diana and the boys and the girls played games, random stuff. It was quite funny and fun.

The that night there was a thunderstorm that had petrified Oliv so she came to snuggle with me as I protected her form the storm. She shivers and snuggle closer.

"Hey, tomorrow, we are gonna go on a motorcycle then I'm going to meet your parents right?" I asked her to make sure our plans were defined. She had told me about them earlier, but I wanted to make sure m

"Yeah! But y parents and my little brother are weird and stuff..." She whispered and rested her head on my chest, I had worn only PJ shorts and my boxers and that it. She had worn sweat pants and a baggy PJ shirt. We were comfortable and inner she felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

But I think I am luckier than her.




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