Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


12. Chapter 10: Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ Part 2

 Chapter 10~part 2


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Chapter 10:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow. 

~Part 2~

* Olivianne's Pov*

I remembered Harry saying that he was so so sorry that he hadn't bought me anything and that he would give me one of my 16 presents from my birthday in the following days. 

I felt a rush of happiness from all my presents that I would be getting. 

I remember we had decided that this weekend we'd drive around Paris in a motorcycle. I smiled excitedly. 

When he kissed my cheeks, I could simply burt in to fireworks of cry of joy. But I saved my emotions for later. 

When I walked in the hotel, the lady there was watching me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes and walking in the elevator and up to my floor. 

When I knocked on my family's door and waited for them to open, it was 9pm. 

"Olivianne!" Said my mom motioning my to come in to did. "Where have you been? What have you done? Why the good mood? Happy birthday! Gah! What have you done with your face and everything?! Make up? Clothes?" I think I should have called...

"Sweetie, please be nice..." Mumble my dad sitting on the bed watching Family Guy. Dave was on his iPod possibly playing angry birds. 

I sigh and thought about telling my parents about Harry or not.

"Mom, can I be honest? Please don't cut me... I, uh met a guy, yesterday... He's perfect and everything... Erm you will meet him tomorrow..." I trailed of staring at the bed as my moms eyes narrowed, studying me and sigh. 

"Olivianne... You can't just go on dates with stranger, what if he raped you or drugged you? Did he hurt you?"

"No mom, he didn't, and honestly I don think he would ever."

"And why is that?"

"Because the new and the world would be all over him and his career would demolish? And would be dead?"

"What ever his job is, that would happen... Wait-how old is he?" I could hear panic rise from her voice and panic and a pounding reach the back of my head. 

"Mom he is... 19 years old... But his name is..."

"Olivianne!" She cried as if it was a crime.

"Mom, get yourself together, we are dating ok. Be happy. I possibly might never date, because of my horrible condition... Much less the fact it Harry Styles..." I mumble the last bit as I watched her emotions change. First she gasped, then her eye saddened and then widened as she touched her heart. Now she was hugging my and say I'm so so sorry. Saying that my health wasn't my fault and that she should have listen to my cries when somatic would hurt. She started to cry saying it was her fault and that she felt so guilty. 

I sigh my head and shook it. 

"Mom!" I said sternly, making her stop."Did you even hear? Gah! Stop crying! Your always calling me a cry baby! Do you even know WHO I am dating?" I said as she straitening her back, remembering she was a mom who needed to be strict to her daughter. 

"Sorry, it just..." She sigh. "Honey, who are you dating?"

"Mom, I met Harry Styles, yes the Harry from the band full of my husbands, anyway, I met him, and we talked and well, today he took me on a Birthday date and... Yah...." I said hoping she would approve. 

She pressed her lips together, making them white. "ok...I guess, I do have to give you freedom... But it's actually him?" She said as her eyes seemed to bob out of their sockets. 

"Mom, I don't want to speak about my love life right now..." I said hoping she would tell me what she got me for my birthday presents. 

"Well, as it is your birthday, here are your presents!" She said opening a closet and taking out 1 big bag-like boxe with rainbow tissue sticking out. Then there was a small box wrapped in a navy blue color with a small white bow in the top. 

The first box contain: money, a card with sparkles, a one direction white sweater that I've been wanting for one year and tickets for Disney in Paris.

"Omg..." I said as my eyes watered from glee and I squealed and tackled my mom with a bug them my dad then Dave, which was an awkward hug. "ThankYouILoveYouGuysOmgGah!" I jumped up and down and could feel joy burst in me. 

"When are we going?" I asked. 


"But we are meeting One Direction tomorrow." I said, knowing that we'd go with them but still, I wanted to make sure. 

"Well, they are coming with u-" I cut her in a scream and lath and jumped up and down happily.

"Mom! You can meet my Boyfriend.. Harry... And Louis and Liam and and Niall and and Zayn!" I said quickly and happily. 

They all smiled but I could see Dave was extremely excited also, possibly because he was a mini boy Directioner.

The small box contained: a necklace with Diamonds and matching earrings and a bracelet. 

I took the bracelet and studied it closely. It had a sing that I had seen on one of my many friends Danielle, who was my therapist. She was young and pretty and so so nice to me. She had seizures like Grace. 

The bracelet she wore was a but different, hers was for seizures that she got randomly and when people were around, they would see the bracelet and rush her to the hospital. It's like a bracelet that says: I have something that's life threatening, take my to the hospital if something happens. 

My bracelet was silver with a sign that was hard to describe, it had this snake likes thing wrapped around a knife. Possible represented the hospital of medical stuff. 

It has some writing on the back, but I didn't pay attention to it. I asked my mom to wrapped it along my right wrist, along with some other bracelets I have.

My mom said my cousin and Sarina were visiting! I wasn't thrilled for my cousin since she always came with me and Diana everywhere since we ere really close. 

Bu Sarina Haggarty! She was now a famous singer making a new album. We were really close, best friends when we were young. But in 9th grade she got a record deal since she is singer. She would go to the market on weekends, and busk and she would get like 70$ each times. She was saving up to go to El Salvatore in the future. 

One day at the market, Didi Boo and I were with her and she was singing somewhere over that rainbow with me, her voice was great, but mine was scratchy and quiet.

I used to have a good voice but I stopped singing since I didn't think I was good enough. There was Adele listening got us and she gave Sarina a record deal. 

I haven't seen her in possibly an year, since she was in New York. But we texts each other and tweeted each other now and then. 

I was excited to see her, after a long time. 

Then we just talked and my mom questioned me about Harry. 


*Harry's Pov*

When I got to my Hotel, who wasn't that far away for Oliv, I ran to my room, that was shared with Niall, he wasn't there yet. 

I had the hopes to share a hotel room with Louis, but he said it was for the best, making my heart drop. 

Liam was with Danielle and Zayn was possibly looking at his hair. I think Louis was at Starbucks, but I forced myself to not care, which was pretty hard. 

I knocked on Zayn's door, which he shared rooms with Louis. 

After 3 knocks he came with a grunt, saying that he was coming. He smiled when he saw me and let me in. 

"Finally! Where have you been?" He said as i sat on Louis' bed, smelling his comforting smell. He sat on his own bed. 

A few months ago he had broken up with Perrie, well she broke up with him 2 months ago and as mug as he didn't show to many sad emotions in public, as a band, we know he is hurt. She broke up with him since the hate got to her and she couldn't take it. He didn't show that it hurt a lot in public, to not worry the fans, but he was hurt. He cried a lot, which worried that band. 

But he was recovering his sad lost. 

"I've been... Around.." I said smiling because of Oliv. She was one of the best things that happened to me. She was just... Your typical romantic perfect girlfriend. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled widely, not caring it was weird. Oliv was dating me. 

"Hey!" Zayn said throwing a pillow at me face, brining me back from La La Land. 

"Ow! Oh, sorry..." I smiled weakly. 

"Who is it?" He said impatiently. 


"The new girl? Hmm? Who is it?" He said excitedly. 

"Erm... I'll tell you tomorrow, you will meet her." I said not giving out to many hints. He smiled widely. 

"Ah! What is her name! Is she nice? Pretty? Wait... How old is she?!" He said the last part in outrage. 

"She is the girl from my dreams, I actually found her! She is extremely pretty. Brown hair with a bit of red. Chocolate brown eyes... Hot pink lips... Perfect teeth..." I said dreamily gazing at the brown colorless wall. 

"How old?!" 

"She is... Sixt-"

"Oh. My. God. You are dating a sixty year old woman! Zomigosh! Harry! That's-"

"Sixteen! One-six!" I said frantically waving my arm in the air to get his attention. 

"Oh... She is.. Quiet young..." He said with a small voice shrinking in the mattress of the bed. 

"Yeah... But that isn't what worries me... It more that fact that umm... I don't want to talk about it..." I said trailing off. 

"Harry! Come on what is it?"

"She... Is dying... She has lung cancer and is terminal..." I said with a sad quivering voice as my eyes stung and watered. 

"Oh, Harry!" Zayn cried with sympathy and rushed to my side, hugging me and comforting me. 

"It's just... To much! She... Why..." I sobbed louder on his shoulder and my snot got all over his shirt. "I'm sorry about your shirt-" 

"It's ok Harry, if you need any thing or any help, just come to me or and of the boys, seriously."

"-I'm sorry for you hair-" I stopped sobbing since he shoot up standing and his hands quickly fiddled with his hair. He smiled lazily with a hint of embarrassment. 

"Excuse me, for like a minute!" He said rushing in to the washroom to fix his hair, knowing he would take longer. "Oh! Hey Louis!" He said on the way, making me clean up my tear quickly and straitening my self, to look pleasing. 

" Hey," said Louis standing beside me, crossing his arms and his eyes narrowed. I simply nodded, drying up my tears and get up from his bed and sitting on Zayn's. "Why did you do that?" He asked, sitting beside me, making me bounce softly. 

"Because," I said sitting on his bed now, trying to get away from him. "You said... A few months ago... You wanted space." He sat beside me and I moved inches away from him. 

"Stop!" He said, frowning. 

"No, you stop!" I spat closing my eyes shut. "You wanted space, I'm giving you it!" As much as it hurts me... I wanted to add. 

"But I never said stop being my best friend!" He said in a whiny, mixed with plea. 

"But... I have you space... You were unhappy with me... And our friendship."

"I just needed time to think! Now, tell me what is wrong!" 

"What do you mean what is wrong?"

"You were crying..." 


"Yes... Tell me!"

"But... It's to painful an-"


"This girl I like... Well I think I love her... You will meet her... Trust me.. But it's just... She so nice and..."

"How old is she?" He asked sadly. 

"Sixteen.." I said. 

"Quite young?" He chuckled at bit, but I I nodded sadly."Then what's wrong?"

"She had lung-g-g can-n-ncer.... S-sh-she is-s t-ter-r-m-mi-min-nal..." I said as my voice trembled and I clutched my pants, blinking hard to not cry. 

"I'm so sorry... I didn't know... What you were going through... And how have you been dealing with this?"

"It's... Hard, you know? Because I genuinely want to have a future with her..." 

"I'm here for you, ok?" 

"Yeah... I know..."

" is she going to chemotherapy?" He asked innocently. My eyes started to sting and my throat started to hurt. Next thing I knew, warm salty tears streamed down my face. (A/N: see what I did there?)

"She is terminal... Didn't you lisent?." I said, with a numb voice. 

"Oh, I didn't understand because you were stuttering..." He said looking down at my hunched up curled figure. He rubbed my arm and gave me a warm perfect hug. One that I missed for a long time. One that I hadn't felt in a while. "It will be ok... I'm sure there is something we can do... I promise to help you find a cure... Besides, maybe this could be the one and only..."

I sigh nodding knowing that she is the one and only... 

*Olivianne's Pov*

When I go in my room, Diana wasn't there yet. Maybe she was with Niall. 

I decided to text my friends back at home. 

I clicked on Antonia screen, showing her In piggy tails, making an adorable face. I smiled. Her name on the screen was Dora. 

Me: Hey! How are you?

Dora: omg! Where have you been? How have you been! Ah!

Me: I'm good, you?

Dora: I'm great!:)

Me: What is my name on your screen?

Dora: Cowgirl. 

Me, or cow girl: why?

Dora: remember when, in 6th grade the teacher asked what he cow said and you did a cat noise, meyow. Anyways, I remember you mostly for that lol:D

Me: omg... Put it to: Princesses Oliv, the glorious generous lady. 

Dora: I'd rather not. 

Me: please!

Dora: what mine?

Me: Dora... Haha

Dora: omg... Ok lol:P 

Me: guess what?

Dora: you turned in to an alien?

Me:... No? 

Dora: then?

Me: I met a guy... Well Peter Pan!

Dora: What? Omg who?

Me: you'd be shocked... 

Dora: Urgh!! Tell me who!

Me: I g2g Byee kisses ily!

Dora: bye:P

I sigh and decided to send a funny picture of One Direction to Noelle, (Welly.)

Me: *sends picture of Louis sassing a photographer*

Welly: omg haha lol!

Me: how are you?

Welly: bored, missing you... Hate Menty so much...

Me: what did she do?

Welly: she called me fat... She told me I was ugly... Then I slapped her and told her that at least I had a brain. 

Me: omg... That... B...

Welly: then she's like, at least my best friends will live longer. I started to cry and Antonia pulled out a big chunk of her hair. Then Grace said, well she did her Gracie-swearing and Antonia poured her orange juice all over her. It was pretty funny:$

Me: omg! I'm so sorry that happened... Ur girls ok?

Welly: we got detention..

Me: could have been worse;)

Welly: Yeah;) so how r u?

Me: met a guy... You will see tomorrow on twitter...

Welly: ok?

Me; g2g to bed, ttyl love you girls. Kisses!<3

Welly: bye! Love you too:)

Then I exited out the conversation and decided to put my PJs on. 

I wore a big red shirt that had a chicken on the cover. It had been my scoffer jersey when I was 5 but I never fit me, still doesn't. And I put on some comfortable yoga pants. 

I stood staring at the bed for a bit. 

The realized what was happening to my life. 

My eyes widened and I squealed like a teenager. 

All I could think was, Holy... Omgomgomgomgomgomg Harry Freaking Styles knows my existence, we are dating, he likes me! Me! 

I jumped around, screaming singing from the top of my lungs, "Harry Flowering Styles likes me! He likes me! All 'em Directioners be jelly of me! All you dream crushers go to hell! Haha! He likes me! I can see him shirtless! Ah! We are dating! D-A-T-I-N-G! I am so freaking weird! Haha but he likes me! All 'em Haters go to hell, and poop on y'all mean dream crushers! "

That's when Diana came in. When I was shaking my butt and facing the mirror signing in a terrible voice with a brush as a microphone. 

She laughed and joined me sining along with me but for Niall. 

"Ha!" Giggled Didi Boo, " All those people, who said we would never meet One Direction, that we dish have a chance to date them....'em stupid people, they can... To to hell! Ha.. Ha... Because I'm dating Niall arresting Sexy Horan! Ha..." She was hyper... It took me a few seconds to connect the dots...

"Boo... Did... Well... Where you eat?"

"At a restaurant..."

"Did you have... Pizza?" I ask consciously and she nods a slightly small nod. "Oh My GOSH! Diana Notebook! You Know you can't have pizza after 10 pm! Diana do you know at what time you will go to bed?" I say furiously as she rolls her eyes and goes to put her PJs on. 

She can not have pizza after 10 since she gets extremely excited and hyper and starts talking gibberish. It's like she was drunk... But with pizza. I shook my head know this would be a weird long night. 

We decided to make a new twitter accounts, not want Harry and Niall to find our actual personal accounts, because I could be dead. I had some may things 'bout them, like you typical Directioner account. I texted him my twitter and did a new account. He and Niall followed me gladly.

I couldn't believe that I had gotten a follow from then, not just 1/5 but 2/5 ... I could have fainted. 

Harry and I texted, it was fun to talk to him since he had something interesting to say. Then he told be he had to go to bed since tomorrow he was going to be up early and that he would wake me up early. So we went to bed, missing each others warmth. 

But before I went to bed, Didi and I talked.. We went on her laptop and put on Gangman Style and she danced along and I watched, laughing and video tapped it all. 

She explained her love like with Niall, which was pretty cute and sweet. 

We then watched a movie and went to bed. 


Around 5 am Harry texted me, telling me to wake up, but this was not with my body schedule, so I ignored it since I was way to sleepy to care. 

What seemed like a minutes, needed up being 3 hours later, I heard a door open and I heard whispers and I heard Diana, in the bed next to me stir slowly. 

I could hear her mumble and small whispers. But I was so sleepy that my eyes stayed shut and my mind fell back asleep to the blank dream I was having. 

A few minutes later, I woke up with something moving my bed. 

"Bug off Didi Boo... I'm sleeping..." I mumble quietly. I heard small quiet muffled laughter. I felt someone roll beside me on my bed, facing me. However, I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to wake up. 

"Olivia... You woke me up..." She mumble far from me.

Who was beside me?

My eyes fluttered open to find Harry smiling at me. He had a grin that spread from each side of his face. 

"Oh, hey." I mumble sleepless falling back asleep. After about 5 seconds, I realized what happened and shot up sitting up from the bed with my hair messed up and I probably looked pale and tired. I took a ponytail that was on the night table and pulled my hair in a bun, before paying attention to the room. 

I looked beside me and Harry wasn't there, I sigh and looked around to the room, that was now a pale yellow with a orange hue color. On Didi's bed, was Didi, Niall and Liam chatting. Zayn was watching TV and Louis was on his phone. They didn't notice me since the tv was in and each one was in their world. 

Then I remember why they were here and what was happening. 

My mouth shaped in a bug 'O' and I touched my lips. Bu where was Harry?

I looked around my bed and saw Harry betting up from the ground. 

"Ouff..." He said sitting on the bed waking his head as stared at his beautiful figure in awe. 

"Sorry..." I said, knowing that my awake surprised Harry and the movement of when I got up, pushed him on the ground. 

"Hey," he said smiling.

"Hi!" I say beaming at him. "Do they know?" I said whispering. 

"They know I'm dating but they don't know it you and I'm planing to tell them, today. I want then to love you for you like I do." He whispered smiling and blushing. I move in to kiss his cheeks, making sure that no one it seeing. He blushed a deep shade of red as I pull back and I smile. 

Then we are just sitting there smiling at each other. 

He wore dark blue skinny jeans, showing off his neat slim legs, that honestly are better than mine. He also wore a slim white shit with a smiley facing the the right corner. and a neat dark brown leather jacket. He looked quite fine. I could feel a smile crawl up my lips. 

"I have to get changed..." I mumble getting up and reading for my baggy gray sweater that had a small lion's face in the left boob and said Safari. 

I walked toward my bag that had all my close and I Opened it staring at the close, picking what to wear. I could feel and hear someone beside me, so I looked behind me and there was the one and only Louis Tomlinson, smirking and kneeling against the wall, arms crossed. 

He wore conformable back trousers that showed of his perfect butt. He had a a mauve like purple button up shirt that showed his beautiful biceps. He also had a gray jacket on him and some gray Toms. My heart skipped a beat from excitement. He stood in front of me with his windswept hair...

"Do you want help with you close?" Asked Louis kindly with a hint of sass, as if I didn't know how to dress myself. 

I mentally rolled my eyes and smile and nodded. 

"Well, show me you ideas and I'll judge them, k" he said and I nodded. 

"I'm Olivianne, by the way..." I said and he smiled. 

"Obviously! And you know who I am? Right?"

"Yes..." Then I started showing him difference styles. 

"No.. Ew" he'd say making funny faces, " What? That still is in style? Oh my god... That that dreadful thing away...Isn't that to big on you? Coming show me something tight, that grasps you petite figure with fine curves..." He smiled winking at me making me blush. 

I heard a huff and see it comes from Harry who is staring at his from his phone, over heard our conversation. Was he jealous? Then he stole on his phone and then stared at the screen until my phone ring with the ring tone of The Circle Of Life from the Lion King (The first song they play in the beginning.)

It was a text message from Harry. 

"Who is it?" Zayn asked looking up from the TV, getting the attention from all six people in the room.

"Um... My boyfriend..." I say stupidly and shyly and went to on the text message Didi and Niall smirk at me. Harry had made me put his name as The Sexy Mass of Curls(SMOC)

SMOC: Hii, cupcake:)x

Me: Omg... Hello:D

SMOC: Please Stop flirting with Louis.x

Me: what? I'm not! Jealous?

SMOC: I'm not jealous..

Me: admit it!

SMOC: I'm just... It's hard to see you with him and him making you blush....

Me: fine:) which outfit?

SMOC: the one with leggings and the lift turquoise shirt with a belt around you waist to 'show off your petite figure and fine curves'

Me: haha ok

Then I pulled out the outfit and Louis smiled and nodded, in approval. He also brought his thumbs up and waved his hand around to show people my outfit. But to my relief, no one looked except Harry and he smiled showing his poke-able dimples. But I resisted the urge to poke his cheeks, but honestly it was very hard. 

"Ok.. Well," I said grabbing my suitcase and shoving all the close I had took out and zipping it up the case and walked toward the washroom. "I'm gonna take a shower and get changed..." 

"Ok..." Said Louis walking over the tv and watched a random show with Zayn. Harry smiled and put his head toward the cellphone. 

SMOC: Do you mind if we have out private conversations on here? Just for now:)x

Me: ok... But soon we have to tell them! Gonna take a shower..:)

He looked up and nodded at me as I locked the washroom door and I quickly stripped, tied t hair in my signature bun and put a shower cap on and washed of quickly.

I put warm water and felt it trickle down my spine and give me shivers. My toes were cold and when the warm water splashed then, my toes burned from the strange sensation. 

I rubbed soap all over my body, and noticed my stomach was flatter than before, a smile crawled upon my face. I also noticed that my legs were starting to have a gap between them. I was loosing weight. I smiled and did a small twirl like a ballerina and made a small chicken dance, my signature victory happy dance. 

When I stopped out of the steaming shower, I dried myself quickly as the towel slowly got wet and moist. The window was all fogged, so I drew on is: Somewhere over the rainbow, I'll havePixie dust to help my fly away and heal... 

I put smiley faces and decorated the window. And nodding in approval and made sure I was all dry. Then I put on my underwear and put on my deodorant that smelled like strawberry smoothie. I put on a a bra and then the shirt since, to my luck, the shirt wasn't see threw. Then I put in my leggings, struggling a bit since I was short and I had to roll up the ends of the leggings. 

I stood inform of the mirror and made sure you couldn't see me underwear line, since I really hated that. I made sure I look ok and I pulled otter pony tail, letting my hair fall happily again my shoulders and back. 

The make up I hard last night had washed off, so I quickly put on cover up to cover up a pimple I had named Kevin after the pigeon that Louis had. I curled my eye lashes and sprayed perfume on me and wore white diamond earring and fixed my hair before smiling and nodding at the mirror in approval. 

I unlocked the door and hoped for the best. 


When we got to Disney, we went to meet the cast, since One Direction had rented the whole park for all seven of us. 

Then, there was a Peter Pan costume on one of the racks. I stared at the costume and turned to Didi in awe and smiled. She chuckled and was in a conversation with the Eric, the prince from Ariel with Niall, she was convincing then to switch clothes, which she ended up doing. 

I looked around and Louis was eyeing the sleeping beauty costume. Zayn was going to wear Aladdin and Liam was eyeing the prince from Cinderella, I smiled and looked for Harry as everyone was in there own world. 

Then some large hands covered my eyes. 

"Guys who?" Said a deep British accent.

"Hmm... I wonder.... Is it Niall?"







"Hmm... Paul?"

"Are you kiddin' me..."

"Hmm... Is it a tall, handsome sexy mass of curls? Going by the name Harry Styles?"


"Also the same boy who will dress up as Peter Pan for his," I said but this time whispering," girlfriend?" Harry chuckled and removed his hands, showing me that he was already in the costume.

He pulled me toward a room, the fairy room and he brought me the Wendy costume. I told him to turn around and he did as I changed quickly. 

I looked at my self in the reflection, wear a light blue dress and my leggings under. I smiled in approval and told him he could turn around. 

We simply strafed at each other with the costumes on. 

Harry wore the green outfit from my dreams. He had the hat, pants, shirt... Even the small belt. 

He watched me, possibly eyeing the costume and we felt tear struggle to stay in our eyes. 

I let my inner fangirl break through and tackled him with a hug. 

"Oh... Harry! It's just like the dream!" I smiled and felt small tears burst out of my eyes in glee and bliss and happiness. 

"I know!" He said squealing in return, making my giggle. 

We stayed hugging each other for five minutes until we say Niall and Didi Boo at the door way, coughing and and clearing their throats, breaking the moment apart and prying us off. 


During breakfast, Niall and I ate a lot happily, since we were really hungry. The whole table was in a good mood, like if this was what life is. 

Then we went to the theme park.


At the end of the day, the boy and Diana and I had become, what I hope, is friends. 

Then we wen on our last ride, the Ferris wheel. I had convinced Harry to come with me, since he had skipped the other rides. He agreed and we sat together only us two. 

Didi and Niall were on another ride and Liam and Zayn were at the bottom. 

"Harry..." I mumbled snuggled close to him and he wrapped his arm around my waist. 

"Hmm?" He answered turning his year to outside, to watch the view. We could see the Eiffel Tower and admired it. 

"Can you sing for me? Please?"

"High in the air? Where I have my biggest fear, my girlfriend is asking me to sing... Ok, what song?" He smiled at me and I but my lip, picking a song.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow." 

He smiled and sang for me. Making my heart melt and all my emotions go berserk. I closed my eyes and listing to his peaceful song and hummed along the lovely tune. 

When he was done singing, I touched his face and whispered, "Somewhere over the rainbow, I'm going to be healed and I'm going to live...longer... And I want to be with you... I really want to find a cure... It's my dream..." And he smiled and nodded with me. We started to cry a bit and hugged each other. 

"Promise you will never leave me?" I say shyly and rest me head on his strong chest, closing my eyes and listen to his steady heart bead and steady breathing. 

I envy how he can breath oh, so peaceful. 


"And we will fight for a cure... Right? Together?" I say taking out my pinky. 

"Promise..." We pinky swear. 

"Swear to the Cookie Monster?"

"Ha! Yes!"

I sit up strait and he does to. We kneel in and he soft perfect lips touched mine. 

After a while, I finically felt his soft lips on mine. For the first time I kissed my Peter Pan, physically. All the new emotions rushed across my body and I smiled in the soft bliss kiss. 

If time stopped right now...I'd be fine with that. 

When we pulled back he touched my lips and smiled.  "Yuo know... I love you..."Said Harry, funbleling with his finger and looked at me smiling like a innocent lost puppy. "And I love you..." I say poking his adorable dimples and kiss his lips again, feeling an awesome rush of emotion. "Why are you so perfect?" He asked in anguish. Making me snort. 

"I'm not..."I say as he chuckled and the ride was done and we were back on the ground. 


When we were about to leave the park and go to the hotel, Liam smirked at Harry and Zayn watched me. Louis crossed his arm in front of Harry and I and Diana and Niall were chatting quietly a head of us. 

"What?" Asked Harry innocently. 

"Harry! Explain to us?" Said Liam fanatically. 

"Why did you kiss her?" Said Zayn watching our faces. 

"What about the other girl?" Said Louis worried about my reaction. 

"Guys.." Murmured Harry. 

"What other girl?" I said, lost. 

"I told them yesterday about a girl I was falling hard for and... Then they say us kiss and they think I'm cheating in her."

"And?" I ask, not quiet understanding. 

"And, well... The boys don't understand..."

"Understand what?" Liam asks, getting annoyed. 

"That she is the girl! That she is the girl I love!" Says Harry annoyed and I smiled at him, we both were blushing. 

"Oh." They all say, shaking their heads. 

"How come you never told us?" Asked Zayn. 

"I want you guys to accept her for her... Bit because you guys have to since we are dating..." 

"Well, I do.." Says Louis smiling at me. He other boys nod in agreement. I sigh in relief. 

"Well, boys meet, Oliv... My girlfriend."



Hey guys! Sorry about the long dreadful wait!


-School is being a booby... So much work:$ I swear I get homework practically each day! I'm lucky I'm smart and finish homework early. 

-I had a cold and a migraine and I sneeze a lot and I have a runny nose so... Yeah it's disturbing my writing... I feel tired all the time and I feel like pure poop ok? It's not funny. 

-I've been having many troubles with... Stuff. 

-One Direction fangirling ok?

-I got 4 hours worth of Disney songs!:D -ANd The wifi at my huse has been horrible!

Any way, those are the main reading that I'm not updating that much. Please understand and be patient with me:)


Do you think Olivianne will be able to fix quarry and Louis fallen friendship for hate?


Will the couple find a cure?


Juli Marshmallow (can anybody guess how old I am? Just wondering:)

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