Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


10. Chapter 10: Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ Part 1


Chapter 10: Somewhere over the rainbow... A/N:  EXTREMELY important news for all readers to know.  Hey hey, my lovely Readers! This chapter will be in parts, so this is part 1... Since I needed to update soon and the chapter was going to contain so much so I decided to make it 2 short parts so the update is faster, than 1 long late update:) When I post part 2, I will glue them together... and make then 1 chapter... So anyway read!!!~~~>>>> •• IMPORTANT! Dear readers, this story is now poster on Wattpad AND Movellas. So comment on both and stuff. I have an idea, so the top, at the begging of the chapter will be an A/N written specifically for my Wattpad Readers and the bottom one will be for Movellas. But if you want you can read both, what ever pleases you! This might be the pointless part of the a/n: but 10 is my lucky number, meaning hat this chapter hopefully will be lucky or special, the name of the chapter and the song itself is extremely special to me and I love that song, so dearly much:)  But important for both Readers: I Will Be changing the name of the story sometime and the cover! But I will tell you guys the name I changed it to some time soon. Before I do it, ba-doing! I'm thinking of something to do with Peter Pan, right for the irony;) like Neverland where Peter Pan live in the movie and book. I don't really know, help?! Wattpad Link to read 10 Wishes: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1861624-10-wishes-one-direction-fan-fic Movellas link to read 10 Wishes http://www.movellas.com/book/read/201209172244027808 •• Now for my Wattpad Readers! More than 450 reads! Wow:) I'm so proud! Thank you so much for reading;) so I'm going to take a moment to be grateful:)   * * Moment of being grateful is done lol:) This chapter is dedicated to all my Readers and all those that enjoy this story:) Also sorry for the late update but I'll try to make this chapter longer than the others:) Speaking about long chapters, somehow... My chapters keep becoming longer and longer... The last halter was even longer than the others!!! Weird?!? And to conclude, this is officially the longest book or story I have written :) "Fluffy Alert!!!* Vote/Fan/ Add To your reading list! Comment ok?! Please! I need to know if I'm seriously good or I suck:$  And I read what I wrote, and I feel like I'm don't write that... PS: Mewsage me ideas or write me ideas... Even tweet me @JuliMarshmallow please! That's where I spen my time so if I don't update I'm tweeting of reading wattpad stuff  ! Anyway, going to stop wasting you precious reading time so.... Enjoy! Juli Marshmallows:) _*_*_*_*_*_  Chapter 10: Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  Part 1   *Olivianne's Pov* After staying at the park for what seemed like 2 hours but it was only one, it was about 5pm and we were again strolling in the park talking gibberish.  "So..." Harry said with his slow suductiong accent. " what do, or did you want to become? That is... When your older." "Well, Uhh... I wanted to become and anesthesiologist." I mumbled and he tools my hand and squishing and making me feel all warm inside.   "What's that?" he asked with a confused and questioningly.  "It's in  medicine , that is, a  specification . Meaning that its a specific study..." he still looked clueless and then smirked.  "I'm dating a nerd." he said smiling. Dating?  "I'm not a nerd... I'm just smart but too lazy to think..." he chuckled.  "So what is it?" he said imaptiently, making him look like my little brother wanting to play on his electronics.  "Ah... Well it's when you go in surgery and well the person get you to fall asleep and put anesthesia. Yeah, that's it." I smiled.  "Oh, wow how did you find it?" Why was interested in me? " I was going to be a surgeon, but then I saw breaking dawn part 1 and it was like, gory and stuff so I did some research and ya, I found the job and liked it and it been my plan." I smiled fiddling with our intwined hands.  "Wow, that a interesting decision." he smiled. He thought for a minute and notice he was in deep thought so i watched his watching his expressions.  He would frown, with his thick brown eyebrows coming together and going closer to his eyes. He was bitting his lip, slowly making me melt. His eyes were serious and they were narrowing. He wasn't there, he was focusing as if he was elsewhere. We had even stopped walking.   "Have you...  Basically , have you... Erm, ever had dream about me? Since you like call me Peter Pan and... Yeah?" he asked nevously. I raised one of my eyebrows. Then I let my eyebrows fall into a frown and I sigh looking up to him like a puppy. "Well... When I was in 8th grade, after graduation, I had an asthma attack, right?" he nodded. "And I blacked up and had this dream, I wasn't breathing and I was like, I don't know how to explain, uhh, i was in this room, when a strange boy showed up, he said he was Peter Pan and he touched my belly and I could breath... And each time I would have an asthma attack, the dream would happen..." he nodded waiting for more, but his eyes showed he wanted to ask a question. So I decided to continued. " and the dream became weirder, we would simply talk and enjoy each other's presence... And then Peter Pan said I would meet him in Paris, during Christmas time, so I completely forgot about that and well at the Eiffel tower, meet and it was you." I smiled happily with pure glee and bliss.  "I'm glad I met you, then, because I also had dreams about saving a girl called Wendy Fairy, and well it's you Oliv!" and I blushed. I gave him a right hug, hopin we never leave eachother, ever.  "Please don't leave me..." I wishper as I dug my face in his warm chest.  "Never... What are we, babe?" he said as his accent made my feel all tingly inside and I felt like I would faint, but all I did was blush and tilt my head to the left.  "What do you mean? Date wise or friendship wise?" I asked innocently hoping that he wouldn't say we are simply friends. "Both..." "What do you want then?" I looked at him demanding.  "So we're like dating and close friends?" he asked nervously. I stared at him in awe and I felt like jumping all the way to the sun and floating. A rush of bliss like emotions burst in to me. "Harry Edward Styles, girls-no Directioners have dreamed about this! I've dreamed about meeting you! This is a dream! So I'd be very much delighted to be dating you! Yes yes yes yes!" I beamed and I could feel our selves glowing with glee.  He warped his hands around my waist and spun me around. And for the first time, I didn't care if I were heavy or not, I was enjoying myself.  I was laughing and smiling and so was he.  This is the best birthday ever.  He finally set me on the ground and it was 6pm so we decided to go to a fast food restaurant and flyer a small hamburger and go to a café and talk.  As we sat in the taxi going to a food plaza, I focused on his outfit.  He had a white shirt with a red line on the bottom, as of it underlined the bottom. He also had black jeans that were a bit lower ridden, I think later I will tell him to pull up his pants.  He wore casual classy clothes, but I didn't care, he was happy, so was I.  ** When we got to the plaza, i took a quick glance to the majestic building. It was tall, long and mostly wade with glass. It was very beautiful, I awed at it.  To ruin the moment, there was a fan that ran up to us.  She was taller than me, 5'9, she wore tight jeans and really high heal leather brown boots, making her like 6'3. She sighs this V-neck tank top with a leather jacket slowly slipping of her shoulders. The shirt showed her bra off and showed her humongous boobs. She seemed tacky and slutty. She had beach blonde hair and she wore 16 pounds of make up, at least. She seemed to be around 20 years old.  I did not like her. At.   All.  " bonjour!" she said brightly and did the duck face, which really got in my nerves.  "I'm Gizel! Can I have a autograph and picture!" she said with her tacky high pitched French accent voice.   "Oui!" Harry answered brightly, smiling his attractive self. Maybe he did it for the fans, but honestly, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealously hit my heart. She smirked and pushed me aside, making me stubble a bit from my clumsy feet.   He didn't notice so he smiled, she held the camera, she smiled and clung her body to his and honestly it was a pure disgusting turn off.  Purely unattractive.  I rolled my eyes as they talk a bit and he noticed that I was bored, so he excused his self saying he was on a special date. She obviously never has been rejected, oh well.  "Wait!" she wailed in a annoying tacky voice. "What do you mean a date? Are dating the ugly, what ever it is? 'It' is obiously to young, dumb, ugly for you!" that stung me. Really hard.  I could feel my eyes burn. "As a matter of a fact, I'm am dating this lovely beautiful girl, who has a heart. And she isn't fake, unlike you!" Harry spat on her as he spoke, yes he was rude but she... I could feel warm that he defended me, but still why would she say that? "Tweet me when you get bored from her, or you grow a brain." she said handing us a paper with her twitter account and she walked away casually, towards the plaza.  I stared at the space she used to be in.  "Stop it Olivianne!" Harry said shaking my shoulders making me jump. "You won't melt the space she was in with your imaginary laser beaming eyes, ok?"   Then I remembered, he's older than me, I'm a young immature girl, how can he like or even think to love me? I rolled me eyes and walked in to the food plaza stoping my feet angrily, ignoring the faint shouts from Harry.  As I went toward the woman's washroom, I saw Gizel smirking and leaning agains a wall.  "Wan-" she started but I interrupted her.  "Oh, go F*ck your self already!" I spat at her stupid shocked then smirking face and stomped my way to the washroom and slamming the door behind me.  * *Harry's Pov* After scream her name out and waving my arms in the air, trying to get her to come back, I sigh and made a distracted noise.  Of course, her attitude will be that way and her reaction will be like that! She is a teenager actually! She is you get than me.  Younger... That felt weird knowing I was dating a you get person. But then again, we act the same, mature-wise. I don't think that's good or she is very mature.  I decided to run after her, bumping in to Gizel.  She was about to react but then she saw who it was and smirked.  "Oh, hello..." she smiled mischievously and fix hair already done hair.  "What do you want?" I said stopping on front of her and crossing my arms.  "Well, you 'Date'" said said doing air quotes,  "Ran of to the washroom saying 'Oh, go f*ck yourself already" so," she shoot me a evil smile.  I shook my head knowing that Olivianne meant it for Gizel. I rolled my eyes and ran toward the washroom.  Not paying attention hat it was the Women's washroom. *Olivianne's Pov* I sat on the the toilet seat with a paper on the toilet seat and I sat fully dress, thinking.  Maybe I was too young for Harry, maybe I'm way to ugly. Since in Harry's nature it is to date models, not young dying girls.  I shook my head forcing me to not cry.  Don't cry, I told my self, blinking hard.  I shook my head again.  I could feel a fever starting up.  Plus, why would Harry like a fat ugly girl like me? Why? My eyes burned and my eyes swelled up and I could feel my throat ready to explode. I could feel my heart bursting. I really did not want to cry. I could feel the fever reaching my back and between my boobs.  I was breathing deeply.  "Don't cry!" I whispered to my self. Squeaking my eyes to not cry. "Big girls don't cry! Don't. Stop it! It's you birthday! Don't! You'll ruin it. Don't... Cry..." I whispered hugging myself as warm salty liquid steamed slowly down my face. Shoot.  The tear burned my skin, heating and and making me feel small sizzles and fuzzes there.  I touched my cheek and stated at the door, feeling a wet feeling on my hands.  I sigh sadly but my sigh was shaky.  I felt this knife dig a hole in my weak heart and my stupid lungs.  My nose got plugged, making me groan. I do hate getting my nose plugged.  My lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, but my emotions and thoughts ignored it.  * I after a long hard thought, I decided that if Harry didn't want me, I had to accept my unfortunate luck and be happy if he finds someone better, it's obviously for the best.  I kept whispering, "Don't cry..." Until I heard squeals and a old lady scream.  "Ah! Sort D'ici" a high shriek boomed across the washroom. (Translation: Ah! Get it of here!)   I heard a bunch of loud click-tick-boom-clocks from high heels and make bash zipping and make up things closing and purses shuffling.  What as happening? I felt something burst out of my throat and I couldn't help but let out a small whimper mixed with a sob.  "Olivianne?" I heard Harry say walking slowly around the stalls, trying to find me.  So he had scared off the ladies from the washroom and walked in to find me... He walked closer and closer towards the stall I was in.  Then I heard him stop in front of my stall, tapped his feet and sigh a loud sigh.  "Olivianne, are you here?" he let out a soft shake and whimper.  "Please answer... I'm sorry about the fans... But that means nothing to me... You'll have to get housed to it... I'm sorry this happened on our first real date and on you birthday. I really wish it was easier, but haters are going to hate. Now I'm thinking that as I pore my heart out, there might a a random person in this stall, think what the hell I'm doing here. I'm sorry ok?" he sigh and sniffled, was he crying also.   I sniffed and took a deep breath and got up, with me legs shaking and wobbling and I told my self to straitened up, mentally.  I unlock the stiff nob from the door and opened it to see Harry, Crying, like when he did the video and he cried because of hate.  I felt warm tears to down my face again from the sigh.  I looked at his emerald bloodshot eyes.  I walked passed him and went to was my hands since I was in the washroom, so did he. We walked out silently and I walked outside to get fresh air. Luckily there were no fans.  He stopped in front of me. He cupped my face with his large hands and I could feel my cheek burn. His hands felt warm and perfect against my teary face, that was now dry and had dry tears were now dried up and felt really weird on my skin, making it slightly itch.  I stood there and wrapped my hands around his warm neck.  "You know how sorry I am? How painful it is to see you cry?" he said with his voice cracking up and squealing as his eyes watered. "I'm so so sorry. It's just, I really like you, a lot. It weird. " he said smiling a bit. I was taken back from the sudden conclusions. Obviously in the washroom, when I was in deep thought, I had never comes got this conclusion.  Now I was dumbfound and trying hard to know what to say.  "Um... I don't know what to say..." I said stupidly.   "What are you thinking about? Right now, that is..." "Right now, I'm thinking about the plain fact the Harry Styles likes me and had dreams about and that we are dating... I'm dumbfound that you actually would stay with me and you like me. I'm surprised that you defended me. I'm worried that this will happen again and it will be worst. And to top it off, I'm amazed that you don't mind the fact that I'm younger than you. By that, meaning I'm still immature, childlike and a rebel. How can you possibly like me? Thes are my pure thought right..." I rambled quickly, fielding with strands of his hair in the back of his head.  He chuckled brightly, smiling.  "How can I not? Yes you are younger, which can be weird...  But still! I love how you are rebellious and immature. Actually I think we have the same mature level. which is bad, I'm my case... But still... I hope his works out." he said brightly kissing my cheek softly, making me fuzzy inside and making my cheek bubbly and sizzle.  I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder and my stomach had a pinch of pain and let our a small groan the a long loud dinosaur like roar.  "Some one is hungry!" he said playing my hair, messing it up making me shoot up and start to dramatically fix my hair and waving my hands around and swatting his hands away.  "No! I worked hard keeping it nice and neat! Shoo!" I wailed dramatically. He rolled his eyes.  "Just like Malik, hmm?" he winked and I blushed, and unhooked my self from him and gently gave him a friendly push on the shoulders and held my hand out.  "Come on Styles, I'm starving and I want Starbucks!"he chuckled and took my hands, tangle long his long fingers with my baby ones and we waltz towards a Starbucks in the food court.  I ordered a Strawberry and Crème with cinnamon, extra whipped cream and vanilla.  Harry ordered a small espresso with sprinkles of chocolate.  We talked, laughed and spoke of our child hood memories.(A/N: this Childhood Memories will come back)  It was as if I had y own interview with him, but this time he said anything and management wasn't there to stop us. I found out his secrets.  Then I found out the sad part... " So, when do you think I will be able to meet the rest of the boys? You know since I'm a Directioner..." I said batting my eyes sweetly.  "Don't do that! It's so... Hmm... Tempting? Are we meeting tomorrow at Disney world?" "What?!" I sat up, straitening my back as my eues widened and perked my ears in surprise.  "Wait... You didn't know? Shit!" he said covering his mouth in shock.  "Omg..." inner peace, calm down, I told my self. "I'm having a hard core mental fangirl..." I breathed in deeply, hoping that it wasn't to noticeable how excited I was. He smiled and nodded.   "It's ok..." he said.  "Wait-I'm going to meet Liam Payne, Zayn Malik... And I have meet Niall Horan... And I'm going to meet Louis Freaking Tomlinson!" I said flapping my arms, try to calm down.  "Yes..." he said unsure and a tad nervous..." Erm... Well you see Louis and I , we are having..." "What? What happened?" I asked innocently.  "We are in a like, fight... We are having some difficulties... Because of Larry Stylinson, we can't realkybe best friends but acquaintances... " he said sadly staring at the tables.  Clearly this was affecting him a lot more that what Directioners used to think. I had a pound of guilt since I love Larry Stylinson and how close the boys are. But I have never sent a hate of done any bad, I simply live their close affection and love there perfect friendship, or so I thought perfect...  I felt horrible, I guess it's empathy and sympathy... "Oh Harry!" I said reaching to rub my hand agains his shoulder, trying to comfort him. "It's ok... Don't worry, things will brighten up." I tried smiling but failed miserably and he sigh.  I made it my personal plan to get Louis and Harry back together and have a strong friendship, without interfering each others' relationships and lives.  * After my date, Harry kissed my cheek and told me that tomorrow he wanted to act like we had just met to know if the boys would accept me, with out know I was dating him. I agreed and he said he would talk to Niall to tell him.  _^_^_^_ End of Part 1... A\N:  * Movellas news not for my wattpad Readers* Hi! Thank you for all the comments! Please continue commenting:)  Updates are kinda slow... Sorry but now the both websites, are right on track..meaning updates are wekly:) unless it's in parts... Juli Marshmallow:)
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