4. WHAT THE....

Sarahs pov

I wake up with someones curls in my face and the smell of cologne i get scared and look up and see HARRY FRIGGIN STYLES in my bed "hello beautiful" he said "hi" i said and he said "happy birthday" he said "thanx" i said "r u my bf" and looked at me confused and said "uh duh" "ohk" was all i managed to get out then it clicked my wish came true. While i was in lala land It clicked cami and as if on cue I heard "ahhhhhhh" and i ran to her

Camis pov

I woke up to someone kissing me and i opened my eyes and louis tomlinson was kissing me and i pushed him off and screamed and then came sarah and she asked me to take a walk with her and i agreed and she said "I made a wish that me and you were dating our favorite one direction member and somehow our wishes came true" "OMN im dating louis friggin tomlinson"

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