6. Unexpected

harry and sarah are alone in harrys room

harry: sarah may i ask you something??

sarah:yes anything

harry:do you love me??

sarah: YES harry why wouldnt I theres nothin not to love!! why did you ask??

Harry: because if u said no i wouldnt be asking u the qeustion i am fixing to ask

sarah: oh well ask on

harry: Sarah! Will U Marry Me??

sarah runs up and hugs him and kisses his neck and whispers in his ear 

sarah:I love you and i always will and this may answer your qeustion

sarah gives him a sweet but crazy kiss and says

sarah: did that answer ur qeustion

Harry: ummmmm...... yes , yes it did want to go out to eat with me and celebrate!!

sarah: umm how bout yes!!



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