7. dinner

dinner with harry you went to olive garden and u see louis and cami and walk up and cami sees a ring on ur finger which wasnt there before and

cami: sarah will u come to the car with me i left my phone in their

louis : i'll go get it

cami: no i will thnxs for askin though

sarah: O.K

sarah and cami walk out

louis and harrys convo

harry: hey louis i have a qeustion

louis: yes ask on

harry: will u be my best man? plz

louis: yes but hold on u proposed

harry: Yes

louis awwwww harry why didnt u tell me

harry cuse idk

end of louis and harrys convo

sarah and camis convo outside

Cami: omg omg is that a engagment ring?!?!?!?!?!

Sarah:omg omg YES we are engaged 

cami: now when were u goin to tell me

Sarah: well we did just now get here so i was goin to tell u in a little bit i swere

cami : ok

back inside

the waiter brings out a basket of bread sticks

cami takes one and it has something silver on it

sarah: um cami look very closely at tht one


sarah: JUST DO IT!!

cami : Cant i just eat it


cami:o................. OMG!!!!!

Louis:cami, Babe will you marry me?


Louis: YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!


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