Back to that Day

Kira is a average 15 year old girl having fun, shopping, flirting like any other girl but one day something happened that wasn't her fault something that will change her life forever. For the fairly accused competition.


2. Missing Him

Kira close my eyes and try to shut of all the thoughts of him Ryan. She opened  her  eyes and looked around, everywhere she look she see his face. Ryan is everywhere looking sad and hurt because of me, Kira had hurt him he's Kira. She look at my phone one voice mail it read. Kira clicked answer and smiled sadly it was Ryan.

"Umm Kira, it's me Ryan and I wanted to see if your ok I am very worried about you please tell me if anything happened please call me I want to hear your voice". She clicked stop and cried oh Ryan if only you knew what I am going through I can't tell him I have pregnant with his friend's son. Kira clicked on Ryan and called he answered on the first ring.

Ryan: Hey Kira are you ok

Kira: I'm ok

Ryan: Is there anything you need to tell me

Kira: nothing

Ryan: I hint something in your voice Kira please tell me

Kira: there's nothing I need to tell I'm fine

Ryan: Kira please talk to me your hurting me 

Kira: I'm so sorry Ryan I never meant to hurt you I wish it never happened I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart, you deserve someone better than me I'm sorry.


I clicked switched off my phone and threw it on the bed and slumped my head on my pillow and started crying tears fell on my pillow. I screamed and took the picture of me and Ryan at the prom and hugged it tightly. I kissed the picture and wiped the tears from my face. I'm sorry Ryan I'm so sorry.




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