The Life Of Tammy!

So I was starting to write my 10th book on Movellas and thought, my readers have no idea who I am. All they know is that I love fantasy writing. Well if you want to know about me then this is the perfect book. Filled with random yet funney stuff that I think of, you'll think I live in a mental hospital...(I don't really, I am very sane!).


1. Chapter 1:My Friends

Right now, whilst playing Dragon City on Facebook, I am planning my second chapter of my latest book (The Rebellion Of The Machines), I notice how hard it is to write about a world I don't live in. So I randomly think about writing an autobiography. It can't be too hard. Here the baisics of what you should know about me:

My Best Friends-

Milli: My best ever friend, she is a vegetarian and I am a carnivore! Musical, funny and intelligent, Milli is my bestest friend! She will be mentioned alot of times.

Rayna: The Mexican loving person that, like Milli, plays the guitar and has VERY long nails. She makes amazing pasta!

Netsai: Very quiet. Best friends with Rayna. Also plays the guitar. Hopefully will join the Judo club with me.

Sophie: Anime mad! Very artistic and really forgetful.

Emily: A friend from primary school and someone who won't stop talking about her horses.

Sadie: Like me Sadie loves Fashion, make up and boys(jokes).

Kyla: You have to glue her mouth shut to stop her talking and you can still hear her voice in your head.

Really I could go on with the mad amount of people who are insane enougth to be my friend but I am slowly falling to sleep infront of my laptop screen. The main thing to remember is Milli is my pervey minded vegetarian friend. We do alot of crazy random stuff together. Best ever friend.

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