Without you I'm nothing <\3

This story iz about me and my complicated life of Love<3 ,Drama✳and everything else......


1. My life 9/17

Wow... There is so much smoke in the air stupid fire well atleast I got 4 days of clean air and blue sky at the ocean but now I'm sick with a cold at home waching Wifeswap missing all the drama at school... Let me tell you what I mean by drama Last week I told my ex boyfriend ( the first guy I ever dated was in 4th grade then agin in 5th grade and agin in6th grade but so far this year we haven't dated yet :( ) that I still love him and that he was my first love first valintine and after that he told me that he had a gf ... And not just any girl my best friend ugh I can't belive she need told me!! I've even told her many many many many times that I still liked him and now that I know that there dateing she won't tell me anything she just lies to me it makes me feel like trash
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