I'm not like you

My name is Caroline and I'm not like anyone else, I dont really care about what people think about me. All that matters are that I want to be a singer. People may like me and everyone think I'm the popular girl but everybody are gettin on my nerves. I want to fly away from here.


1. The x faktor

"Well, um hi. I guess. My name is Caroline and I'm not like anyone else. Not even close. I live in Stockholm and I like to sing and to have clothers like a hipster. I came here today because I'm sick of my life style. I want to be someone and with that I mean that I want to be a singer. And I want to be huge!" I heard myself say that to the cameras how was filming me. This was crazy. I was the next one to sing to the judges on the x faktor. This would be the first time I would sing to someone. I have never done that before.

Everyone have told me that I'm so shy that I would never ever dare to say hi. Or that I would pee my pants. So nice are my friends. I only have tow true friends, Amanda and Elvira. People think I'm the popular girl with a lot of friends and a happy perfect social life and all that stuff. I guess I have that, but I'm not happy. I can't trust them, they all are searching for the 'spotlight' in the group. I don't want that, maybe that's why they like me.

"you're redy to go out!" one in the filming crew told me and snapped me out off my daydream. I nodded and started to walk. I was so nervous that I almost coulndt walk with my shaky legs. I guess that's normal. I have my favorite black boots on with black jeans and a withe shirt I have stopped inside my pants, and my dorky glasses who fits with my wavy brown hair. I don't need glasses but I think I look damn cool. I walk until I stood on the 'X' on the ground. "Hello, what's you're name?" one of the judges say to me. Her name was September, I know her name was odd but beautiful and she was my role model. "Caroline" I said and breathed deeply. "you're nervous? That's okey. What are you going to sing?" she continued. Oh my, i can't breath. "I will sing 'super bass' with Nicki Minaj" shit, why did I choose this song. It's too hard for me. Whatever it's now or never. "wow, you know that is a really difficult song right?" Ourp said, one of the other judges. "ya I know!" I answerd. "let's hear it!"

I heard the start tone and began to sing. I danced alonge the song and I was to scared to look at the judges. I looked over the Audience instead. When I was done all I heard was one, only one say "woooow" it was no sound in the whole room or whatever it was. Was I so bad.
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