I'm not like you

My name is Caroline and I'm not like anyone else, I dont really care about what people think about me. All that matters are that I want to be a singer. People may like me and everyone think I'm the popular girl but everybody are gettin on my nerves. I want to fly away from here.


2. Now you know me?

It was like time went in slow motion. People started to clap their hands, some even started to stand up. More joined in. Okey, this was crazy. "wow, you're must be kidding me? You're amazing!" Ourp said to me. "nicki Minaj better watch her back, this a new girl In town!" more noise started to wow:a me. I was in shock. "thank you thank you thank you!" finally some words get out of my moth. "you're insance! Think you got it. I think you got the x faktor!" september yelled at me. "omg, wooow!" I started to cry. I couldnt control my emotions. "YES! Of course you're in! We all want you. Run away and be happy my dear" I screamed and did as he told me. I ran until My mom catch me in her arms. My happy tears was streaming down My face. My mom huged me tightly and whispered how proud she was over me till my ear. the crew was trying to catch the moment but I was like a rabbit On happy pills. I couldn't stand still. "congrats Caroline! You truly can sing, that's was amazing!" the interviewe said to me. He was kinda cute, with his blonde hair and blue smiling eyes. He can't be over 25 I though to myself. "oh thank you! I don't know what I'm suppose to answer. In just so happy!" I said and started to jump around with my mum again. "I'm gonna leave you guys alone to celebrate and congrats again" he laught. "thank you again!" I said and huged my mum again while we walked away from the stage and those blue eyes.


| When the school started after the summer break again was nothing normale. The show has started on TV and the whole school had seen my performance. It was kinda awkward, I mean everyone was looking at me and wanted to be my friend. I was invited to all these parties. Even more fake friends was in my life now, seeking for the 'spotlight'. The 'spotlight' was me, Apparently. More and more people drafted to me and I was trying to hide from all there attention. Well, yes I loved that they liked my voice. But when they ask me favors and that kind of stuff then it's enough. They just want to be famous, popular. I already have my friends that I liked. I only had a week in school Until the live shows would start. And I had make it through all the way. But that had I only said to amanda and Elvira. To the rest of the group I said I would Go on a vaccation, as if someone belived me. The first week was like a movie, everyone tried to talk to me. But I sat on my Regular place in the cafeteria and talked with my group. In my group was Johanna, Amanda, Elvira, pandu, Alex, matty, becca and Chris. It was like I already was famous. I liked it, kinda. The whole week countied like this, go to class, talk to my firends, try to ignore all the stares and sitt on my table. Now it was finally Friday and time to meet up with the others, I have never meet them Before. I heard some of them were hot.

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