I'm not like you

My name is Caroline and I'm not like anyone else, I dont really care about what people think about me. All that matters are that I want to be a singer. People may like me and everyone think I'm the popular girl but everybody are gettin on my nerves. I want to fly away from here.


3. He's kinda cute

The same Friday afternoon I was in the car to the secret location there our new house was. Even not my mum knows where it are. The x faktor had sent me a private driver, I don't need that. I don't need people do things for me. But no, it was a must. When the car finally stopped I saw the house. I can't call it a house, it's more like a mansion. I Got my bags from the driver and started to walk against the door. The house was in the forest, or well not like in a big scary forest but a bit out of town. It was nice.

I opened the door without knocking thinking I was the first one to get here. But as soon as the door opens I hear a scream. Yes, a screaming bitch is just what I needed I thought to myself. A girl in my age maybe, throw herself into my arms. Okeeey. "I have wanted to meet you for like forever!" she smiled and looked at my with her brown eyes. "haha do I know you?" I asked. How would she know me. I mean, I have seen her at the boot camp, but I have never talked to her. I looked at her, she has long blonde straight hair. Her clothes looked really expansive. She had dark brown jeans With a stylish blouse and many jewelrys. "no you don't. I'm
Sarah. I heard you sing at boot camp and since then I always wanted to meet you. You're so good looking girl" she answerd me. "oh well thank you! Sorry I have never heard you sing, but I can't wait to" I said and tried to put a fake smile on. "that's okey, you will soon! Come I will show you Were we are going to sleep" she showed me the whole house. Apparently it was only we here and that was nice. I was to nervous to meet even more people right now.

More and more people started to show up. We talked and I was really trying to get to know everyone. We was 13 who was in the live shows. It was even a boyband, they called them self 'mix it up'. Lame name, like really? But they were hot. Especially David. He was 19 and had light brown hair. He looked like that actress who played Nate in gossip girl. I never leard his name. When he ask me how old I was he got surprised. He didn't think I was 16, I think that's good. Right? Anyway, we started to talk for like forever. I kinda liked him. "I'm sorry but I'm going to sleep" I said and started to feel really sleepy. "ya me to, it was really nice to meet you. See you tomorrow" he smiled at me. Omg, I'm melting here. "it was nice to meet you to" I answerd and went to my bed. Tomorrow we were going to start choosing song for the live Show how was In a week. And the productions had said that we had new mentors. We would meet them tomorrow. I wounder who would be my mentor.
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