I may not be your princess

Raquel is a 16 year old girl who promise herself that she wouldn't get all wrapped up with one direction, but her two best friends tayler and cc never made that promise. They soon convince Raquel to join them in visiting London, everything changes when they go to a book signing that just happens to be a one direction signing. When Niall spots Raquel from a distance. Things are about to get crazy.


1. The first time

I remember sitting next to mom with the radio on that's when I hear it-"your insicure don't know what for" I quickly turn the volume down,I can see mom from the corner of my eye looking at me in confusion "whatchya do that for?" " that's like the 20th time I've heard it this week,it's getting old" I say in reply as soon as its over I turn the volume back up and start jamming out to Katy Perry. When we get home I quickly get into my pajamas and get into bed, then I catch myself "everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you" "ugh that stupid song!" I whisper to myself.
I wonder what they look like? I think to myself. The way the radio people describe them as a British-Irish boy band I picture them looking kinda like green day but with blonde hair and blue eyes. That though quickly disappears when I hear my phone buzz.
"hey i think im in love"-Tayler
I'm a little confused but I'm curious so I reply back
"with who?"
"One direction!!!"
"wait who?"
"you know the boys that sing that one song what makes you beautiful?!?"
My eyes get wide and I just think to myself "oh my god, let the crazy begin"
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