Justin Biebers Best Friend

Alice Crossland is lucky enough to be a family friend of the Bieber family. She's known Justin all her life, and knows him like the back of her hand. So when he gets with Selena, why does she suddenly get a gut feeling that somethings wrong...


2. The Dreaded Meal.

"Come on Alice!" My sister Rae shouted up the stairs. Why should I 'come on'? I don't even want this meal. Well, I would. If she wasn't coming. Mum had bought me a new dress. A white maxi one that had diamonds all on the collar. To be honest, I didn't feel the need to dress up. We never usually did. I used to go in jeans and a nice top. So did Justin. But now we all had to make an effort for the Princess.

Of course when we got there she was dressed up, looked better than everyone put together. Paparazzi everywhere. This was ruining my birthday meal. It was meant to be low key and chilled out. Why were Mum and Dad making such an effort, using every freaking manner in the book and sitting like they're at a tea with president Obama.

"Oh my god, Alice!" Selena squealed, throwing her arms around me. Cringe. "I've heard SO much about you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She was acting like she'd known me the same amount of time Justin had. I'd tried to avoid speaking to her but what could I do now?

"Thanks." I replied, trying to keep the conversation short. She looked at Justin and pulled one of 'Those' smiles. He'd not bothered with me, hadn't even said happy birthday. Love you too.

All the questions that night were aimed at Justin and Selena and their new found, so called 'love'. I felt like I didn't even exist the whole night. Even Rae didn't speak to me, just spoke to Selena, chatted all night about clothes, Justin, boys, school, music, Justin, boys.

One word...


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