Justin Biebers Best Friend

Alice Crossland is lucky enough to be a family friend of the Bieber family. She's known Justin all her life, and knows him like the back of her hand. So when he gets with Selena, why does she suddenly get a gut feeling that somethings wrong...


33. MONTH 8

I'm in the emergency room at the hospital. It wasn't gossip. My baby's umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck, and her breathing rate is at her lowest. So the doctors have to get her out as soon as they can. The midwife explained that my baby will be alive and she'll be safe and healthy, but I wont get to see her straight away. But I'm happy with that, aslong as my baby's safe and well.

27th December, 6:23
Kennedy Bieber-Crossland, my beautiful baby girl was born. Justin managed to get home from his concert quick enough to see her arrival.


"Me and Justin are happy to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl Kennedy Bieber-Crossland at 6:23 today. We thank u all for ur support but would appreciate it if u respected our privacy at this amazing time. A x"


'Our beautiful baby girl Kennedy Bieber-Crossland was born at 6:23 today. Both me and Justin are ecstatic about her arrival and we thank you all for your love and support but would appreciate it if you gave us a few days/weeks to be alone with our baby girl. Thank you all X'

The amount of love and support we received was amazing, even Justin's fans who hadn't liked me at first were ecstatic at her birth. Although they all believed they were Justin's girlfriend, they knew that the reality was that i'd just had his baby..and he was so proud to be a Dad.

Even my own Dad, who'd disowned me asked for a hold of Kennedy. At first, id said I didn't want him to have anything to do with her, but he seemed genuinely proud to have had his eldest daughter give birth. So I let him hold her, I don't want my baby to grow up without loving grand-parents.

But I didn't have to worry about Kennedy getting love, because she was already the best loved baby in the USA and UK!
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