Justin Biebers Best Friend

Alice Crossland is lucky enough to be a family friend of the Bieber family. She's known Justin all her life, and knows him like the back of her hand. So when he gets with Selena, why does she suddenly get a gut feeling that somethings wrong...


21. Martin's Pizza Palace

"Hey!" Kyle yells. I'm walking down the stairs trying to be cool. I don't know why, but I feel like I have to impress him, or something like that.

"Hey" I smile.

"So...you ready to go?" Kyle asks. I nod. "G'bye Mrs Crossland!"

"Bye Mom, love you." I shut the door. We walk to Kyle's car. He just got a brand new Mini. I loved Kyle, but he was pretty spoilt! I throw my bags in the back and buckle up. 

"Looking forward to it? I am. I already know exactly know what I'm ordering." Kyle pulls his biggest smile.

"Dork!" I yell, laughing.

After a while, singing to songs on the radio, we pull into Martins Pizza Palace. The parking lot is full of teens making out, eating pizza, smoking and drinking. As you get further into high school, this kinda stuff depends on you're popularity, if your popular...you'll probably be drinking and smoking with some dude from the year above. If you're not as popular, you might, you might not. 

"Lame, lets go inside, huh?" Kyle asks. We do. We get seated and order our food. 

"So, tell me. Who's this lucky lady you always tell me about?" I ask, taking a sip of my milkshake.

"Oh shut up, I can't say."

"TELL ME!" I yell a little too loudly that most of the people here look over. "Oops," I whisper.

Kyle laughs, "She doesn't like me, so lets hush. Yeah?"

"I'll tell if you tell."

"After 3...."

"1..2..3" We say in unison. "You..." We both say. I realise what I've just done. I've just told Kyle that I like him. Oh poo. Wait...he said it back. Kyle likes me?!

"What? You like me?!" Kyle says.

"Yeah, and you like me..." We both laugh. Then it goes silent. Our eyes are locked. We're both leaning in. Is this really about to happen? And then we lock lips. Thats that. This is happening. We're kissing, in Martins Pizza Palace. In front of everyone here.

And time's standing still.

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