Justin Biebers Best Friend

Alice Crossland is lucky enough to be a family friend of the Bieber family. She's known Justin all her life, and knows him like the back of her hand. So when he gets with Selena, why does she suddenly get a gut feeling that somethings wrong...


12. California

Finally, the flight was over. And we were in California! The new house was amazing. Huge. It was like one of the houses off a movie...

"Honey, you haven't rung Justin yet" My Mom says, unpacking some of my stuff. My bedroom was amazing too. Simple but beautiful. I hadn't painted it or anything, just put all my belongings where they were in my old room, so all the walls were just a crisp white. I had a balcony too, and an en suite! I was in heaven. 

"Oh yeah, ill just go onto the beach." That was another good thing about the house. It was on the beach. I ran out onto my balcony and jumped down onto the beach. That's seriously how close to the beach our house was. I dialed Justins number and waited for him to pick up.

"Hey gorgeous! Hows California? I asked my Mom, she said we can come over at the end of this month. Which guess what? Is only 2 weeks away. I can't wait to see you. I miss you." He didn't give me a chance to answer any of the questions, but he was coming over in 2 weeks. So I could answer the questions then.

"Hey, oh my god Justin, that's amazing! I can't believe i'll be with you in 2 weeks!" 

"I know, I've been missing you so much. And guess what?"

"What?" I'm getting excited.

"The house we've got is on the street yours is on. I can't believe how lucky we've been. We've paid extra just so I could be with you!" He laughed. I could imagine him winking. That's what he'd usually do when we were together.

"Oh Justin, you didn't have to do that. Being in the same place would've been fine. But I'm glad anyway" I smiled.

"Well, I'd better get off. I'm in the studio, recording. And my songs about you, I wrote it last night. I love you, Ali. Text me tonight, yeah?"

"Yeah, I love you Justin." I put down the phone. He really was a cutie. A song for me? 


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