Justin Biebers Best Friend

Alice Crossland is lucky enough to be a family friend of the Bieber family. She's known Justin all her life, and knows him like the back of her hand. So when he gets with Selena, why does she suddenly get a gut feeling that somethings wrong...


8. Big, BIG news

"Mom?" I say walking into the kitchen. She's making tea.

"Yes, sweetie"

"You and Dad wanted to talk to me and Rae...so, what?" 

"I've been offered a job in California" My Dad says, he sounds excited. I can tell he wants it. His bosses at the minute treat him like crap.

"You already have a job Dad. AW MY GOD. You expect me to leave now? I've only just joined high school, I've made all my friends. What am I supposed to do? Make more?!" Rae moans. She's never been the sociable type.

"Rae, stop complaining. Dad clearly wants this job, and we should be backing him all the way. This is a major opportunity for Dad, and for us Rae. We could make some amazing friends. Plus, you've always wanted to live in California, you love it. Remember our vacation there, you never wanted to come back! I'm with you, Dad. I'd love to go.

"Thanks, honey. What about Justin?" My Dad asks. Do I tell him? No. He doesn't need to know, he has enough on his plate at the minute.

"Don't worry Dad, we'd have to go our separate ways one day. And now's the right time. You can't miss this opportunity, we all know that.

"Yeah, Dad, Ali's right. You can't miss this. I'll make new friends, I don't know why I'm so selfish. Of course we should go." Rae chirps up.

"Sorted. We're moving!"

Those two words keep echoing....we're moving, we're moving. 

We're moving.

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