A Dream Come True

This story is about a girl and her best friend, they get to meet their biggest idols: One Direction. It's a dream come true! But before Kala (One of the main characters) gets a chance to enjoy life, something from her past comes back to get her....


2. Talking To Niall

Niall's POV:

I was getting really tired of meeting all of these people. I havn't found one girl that is at all attractive. While thinking this I see the most lovely girl walk in the room. She must be a fan because she has a t-shirt on that has our faces on it.

"Hello, love!" Louis says.

"H H HI!" says her friend.

"Hi!" She says with no fright at all.

"What's your name, love!" Louis askes her friend,

"A A April!" She says obviously excited.

"Whats your name?" I ask her.

"Kayla." She says not looking at me. I lift her chin up.

"Wow, you have beautiful eyes!" I exclaim.

Kala's POV:

OMG Niall just said that I have beautiful eyes! Don't do anything stupid I tell myself.

"Th Thanks!" I say shyly.

"A little nervous?" He asks me.

"Just a bit, considering I am meeting my biggest idols, you know besides Cher Lloyd!" I say.

"Well good to know!" He says.

" Yea!" I say out of breath.

"Well how would you like to come to my loft tonight?" He asked. I look at April and she nodds vigerously.


This is my first Movellas book so please comment on it if you like it, then please tell me!!!!!

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