A Dream Come True

This story is about a girl and her best friend, they get to meet their biggest idols: One Direction. It's a dream come true! But before Kala (One of the main characters) gets a chance to enjoy life, something from her past comes back to get her....


3. Sleeping over

Kala's POV:

OMG!!! I can't believe Niall Horan just asked me, a completely ordinary person, to come to his loft tonight!!!
"YESSSSS!! A thousand times yes!" I say.
"Well then lets get going!" He said. We get into their car and head to their lofts. About 45 minutes later we arrive at what I think to be their lofts.
"OMG! Are these yours?" I asked astounded.
"Ya! You look surprised!" Niall said.
"Well, I sort of am! Oh and by the way where will I be sleeping?" I asked.
"Well, if you want to you can sleep in my guest bedroom." He said.
"Yeah, that would be fine, but where is April going to sleep?" I ask.
"OH! She can stay at my loft!!!" Louis practiclly screams.
"Oh, okay!" April says.
"Okay then everything is setteled. We will see you in the morning at Harry's place." Niall says. I espectially love how Niall said 'we'.
"Goodnight!" I say and give April a quick hug.
"Night." She says into my ear. We depart and Niall and I head to his place. When we get there, he opens the door and lets me in first and follows me in. While setting his stuff on the counter I can just barely hear him humming his solo and the chorous to One Thing!
"Wow! You sound even better off stage than on it!" I say just below a whisper.
"What was that?" He asks me.
"Nothing." I say quickly and looking down at the floor.
"Okay then, so do you want anything to eat 'cause I am starving?!" Niall said.
"Sure!" I said laughing. He went into the kitchen.

READ!!! Soon I will not be able to update on WEDNSDAY!!!! Sorry!!



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