The story of me,Emily Rontage.

I am the richest girl in my college and everybody wants to be my best friend because I am 20th in line to the throne.
This is also a good thing because I have a lot of attention from all of the boys including Marc Johnson who is the sports captain.....
He is so hot and I am glad that he has noticed me but I have heard that he likes girls who play hard to I shall play hard to get......last week my dad bought me a eggshell blue Ferrari and I drove myself to school in it today and I got a lot of attention from Marc.
Today I was on MSN to my friend Hunny May who hates her name but she is still the most popular girl in school because of it(Long story)
So here is our conversation.
The-Hunny-bee: Hey chica how are you?
Emz:Ok thanks
The-Hunny-Bee: Thats good, you will be even better once you find out Marc is going to add you on MSN!!
Emz: WHAT?!?! How did he get my MSN address??I really want to know Hunz!!
The-Hunny-Bee: By the magic of the mystical Hunny Bun!!
Emz: Thank you Hunny!


2. Marc

Recently this hottie joined out school and he is called Marc and he is sporty,sexy and funny,eveything a girl could ever want! So today I walked through the hallways and he looked at me,then he winked and then he walked off.I felt my heart go BABANG BABANG!!I was so happy and overjoyed that I walked into Jess. "Whoah girl,you are in lurve!!"She exclaimed with a suprise.I did not know what to say so I just stood there and stared at her.Then the school bell rang telling me to get to class.She then said "I will get it out of you later!!" And she walked off...

Later on in class a note was being passed around and when it came to me I looked at it to see who it was for...wait,it says my name...I open it with caution as if I was handling a grenade.It said:

To the girl I love,

meet me by the secret back gate after school

See you there...



My heart skipped a invitation to be alone with Marc.....YES YES YES!!!!

Last period seemed to last forever and I could not wait for it to be over...

I rush to the secret back gate.He is there as I expected he would be.

Nothing much happens.He invites me to see a movie on Saturday.I accept.

We go on many dates after that,all of them were perfect....

Now this is heaven and I feel that there is no need to continue this diary...



How has time gone so quickly?

Now me and Marc are married and high school seems like a long lost memory that blew away with the wind....


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