Jacobs love

In twilight Jacob never really got his ending , it was all about Bella and Edward so this is my version fo what happens to hom next .....


3. One of them

The pain was dreadful , I shrunk into a ball of pain , misery and shock . The pain was everlasting , or so I thought . I looked into her dark red eyes and saw what no one else could see , I could see the pain , the love and the fear of what she just done . I screamed or so I howled louder than any one would imagine , within seconds Edward and Bella were by my side .

Nessie was sent away and Carlisle arrived , the pain in my shoulder was overpowering me and I could control my actions then the light started going dimmer and soon everything was a blur .

I awoke to nothing , no pain or no smell . I say smell as normally whenever I was near the cullens , I could smell their stench , the vampire that any werewolf could stand but then it hit me I couldnt smell the vampire stench because I was one of them .

Jaocob Black the grandson of the chef werewolf , is a vampire

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