Jacobs love

In twilight Jacob never really got his ending , it was all about Bella and Edward so this is my version fo what happens to hom next .....


1. Nessie

" I love her , I love my little Nessie . I cant live without her , I imprinted on her , there is no going back now ."

" I dont care Jake , she is 7 years old ! "

" Dad , she is growing so fast , in a few months she will be 9 in a year she will be the same age as me , just let me life my life how I want to live it . Now shut up she is coming "

My life flew before my Eyes as the daughter of Bella swan and Edward Cullen , the vampire I used to hate , came down the staires , she looked so beautiful in her silky white dress her mousy brown hair done up in a neat plait !



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