Jacobs love

In twilight Jacob never really got his ending , it was all about Bella and Edward so this is my version fo what happens to hom next .....


2. Bite

As Nessie and I walked into the forest , I could see her skin glowing throught the sun , it was the middle of november so even though the sun was shining , there was still a chill in the air . Of course , I couldnt feel it with me being a werewolf and everything , but you could still sence its there. We found a peaceful spot in the forest with only grass and flowers , the spot where Edward and Bella would go before she was born. We lay there motionless and speechless for about half a minute then Nessie broke the silence

" Do you know what I hate about my family ? Even though I am seven years old , they treat me like a baby because I was only born 2 months ago ; I do need my own privacy still , I am a girl ; I am able to shower myself and make my own breakfast . They make me feel like I cant do anything right !! "

Then the idea struck me but I didnt know what to say , should I try is it worth it ? Will she get mad or go along with it ? She is only 7 , but not for long !

" Why dont you move in with me ? We could be a real couple then , I could persuade your mum some how and your dad listens to everything she says , What do you say Nessie ?? "

" Are you mental ?! I'm only 7 , I cant move out to life with you yet there is no way dad will let me , he doesnt even like me being out with you ! "

" Fine then , dont bother , I was thinking about us and you dont even try " I turnt around , I was so angry , she didnt want to try . Then I could feel my self changing , I rose higher and higher , I couldnt beleive this was happening . I looked into her red eyes and before I called say nessie , she has bitten me !!

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