Just 1 more time

Eleanor and Harry have been the best of friends and 1 day Harry introduses her to Louis, but will Eleanor choose Louis or will she finally tell Harry she has always had feelings for him!! Read to find out!!!


4. X Factor

Harrys POV

I walk into the studio and see the boys. I dont see Eleanor though, i guess Louis toldher, thank goodness i dont know what i would say to her. I walk over to them "Wheres El??" "She didnt want to come, something about a friendship being over but she wasnt sure about it!" man Louis can b so harsh but its ok im used to it "Did i hurther that much Louis??" "Pretty much, she was crying all night she finally went to sleep right before we left!" "Oh My i feel terible!!!!!!!!!" "You should ok i hate to say this but i think she actually liked u but was having a dream she was kissing u, and it turned out she was actually kissing you!" "Well we better get  ready!"


-Later after preformance-



Louis POV

After we sang i called Eleanor and she answered crying her eyes out!! "Eleanor whats wrong, r u ok??" "Louis come now and bring Harry with u no matter what he says!!!!!" "Ok be right there!!" I looked all around for Harry and i finally found him in the lou "Harry Eleanor needs us i called her and she said she needed us!!" "Wel im not going!!" "It sounded serious ok man lets go!!" i grabbed him before he could answer.


When we get there the police are there talking to her. when she sees Harry she ran up to him and have him a big hug "I missed u i missed u i missed u promise me u wont ever leave, i need u so much!!!" "Eleanor im sorry i wont ever!!" there were cuts n her face arms and legs. "What happened El??" "Louis a person broke in and stole all my money clothes and almost got me but i fought him off as best as i could!!" she then fell and her leg began to bleed like crazy!! Along with her stomach!! The doctor came over and pushed me and Harry out of the way, i heard screaming and when i looked at Harry and he was crying trying to get to her but it didnt work poor guy......

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