Just 1 more time

Eleanor and Harry have been the best of friends and 1 day Harry introduses her to Louis, but will Eleanor choose Louis or will she finally tell Harry she has always had feelings for him!! Read to find out!!!


5. What Happened??

Harrys POV:


"Doctor is she going to be ok??" "Well um Mr.Styles I dont know she was stabbed in the back and shot in the leg i dont know why she started bleeding to much later than normal though but right now Mr.Styles shes.... um in coma and we dont know when she will wake up or if she will make it but 1 thing is for sure, she wont b her normal self ever again." "Thanks Doc, can i go c her??" "Sure room 203, so just use that elevator go to the second floor and its the first door on your right." "Thank you!" 




Eleanors POV:



I hear Harrys voice talking to me. I try to open my eyes but i cant so i just listen to what hes saying. "Eleanor, im so sorry this is all my fault, if only i can tell you how i really feel about you, I Love You always have, always will. Please wake up!!" I hear him crying then i feel soft lips against mine. i wish i could kiss back but i cant no matter how hard i try!! "Eleanor i should have told you when you kissed me, i want to be with you, i never thought u were insterested in me so i instroduced you to Louis, im sorry ITS ALL MY FAULT UR HERE!!" Thats it im waking up. I Try.....nope....again......nope.......again......nope.......again.....YESIT WORKED "I love u to Harry!" "Eleanor ur awake DOCTORS SHES WAKE!!!" All of a sudden things start to go black again and i hear a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! and talking until i fall asleep.


The only thing i managge to say is "I choose Louis, please tell Harry......" then it goes dark, soon i hear voices, i hear the doctor telling Harry and Louis what i said, again all is black and all i can do is hear y must i be so dramatic!!



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