Just 1 more time

Eleanor and Harry have been the best of friends and 1 day Harry introduses her to Louis, but will Eleanor choose Louis or will she finally tell Harry she has always had feelings for him!! Read to find out!!!



Eleanors POV:


I hear crying, Harry crying i hated seing, well hearing him cry, its so painful to hear my best friend cry. Soon i hear voices familiar voices, the voice of my ex to be exact. Why is his stupid ass here???? I am deathly afraid of him after what happened to me 2 years ago with him. I would rather not say what happened thought, wait what do i hear??


I hear screaming and fighting........OH NO!!



"He loves me we had a fight a year ago but she loves me now Harry let me see her, stripes let me go!!!!" Thank goodness i told Harry he raped me, wait did i say......i mean think that out loud. All of a sudden i feel lips against mine, not Harrys and not Louis, Ryans my ex i want to move but i cant no matter how hard i cant, i hear some other voices the doctors voices!! "What happened Ryan, now son you better not lie!" "OK dad i just walked in and they started beating me up!" "OK 1 thats a lie and 2 what do you expect, you raped her a year ago, she told me!!" "I did no such thing!! Dad i swear they are lying!" "Security get these 2 out of here!!" "Wait no you cant no Eleanor I love you!!" Oh. My. Gosh. Louis just told me he loved me, i get sapped out of my thought when i feel lips on mine, Ryans lips!!!



I finally open my eyes and push him off of me, the best i can. "HELP!!!!" i screamed. 2 seconds later the security guys, Harry, and Louis come in! "WHAT HAPPENED EL!!" "He.....he.......he......he.....raped me again!" I say in a whisper to where nobody but Harry could hear. "YOU FUCKING BATARD, RAPPING A NICE GIRL IN COMA, I JUST DONT KNOW WHEN TO STOP. YOU NEED TO SEE THEATSHES NOT INTO YOU AFTER YOU RAPPED HER A YEAR AGO!!" I cant help but cry my eyes out. i watch Harry and the officers deal with Ryan, until i feel Louis strong arms wrap around me. "Its going to be ok, I love you!" "I love you to Louis!" Suddenly i feel Louis lips crash on mine.



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