Just 1 more time

Eleanor and Harry have been the best of friends and 1 day Harry introduses her to Louis, but will Eleanor choose Louis or will she finally tell Harry she has always had feelings for him!! Read to find out!!!


1. Hi im Louis

Eleanors POV:

"El wake up wake up!!" Man i luv harrys morning voice its so sweet "El i c u smiling get up!" "Ok but this is for waking up!!" I get up and takle himand pin him to the ground! "I told u dont wake me up Harold" i joke around "El i have known u forever, how many times times to i half to tell u its Harry" "Hmmm until i want to listen!" I unpin him and run downstair screamimg "Harold Harold i like to say Harold!!" When i get into the kitchen Harry grabs my waist and pulls my into the living room. He put some slow music on and we danced.

"Hey El u should get dresssed a guy is coming by and I would like u to meet him, his name is Louis and hes really funny!" "Ok"

I go upstairs and start getting dressed when theres a knock at the door!!
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