Just 1 more time

Eleanor and Harry have been the best of friends and 1 day Harry introduses her to Louis, but will Eleanor choose Louis or will she finally tell Harry she has always had feelings for him!! Read to find out!!!


3. HELP ME!!!

"Who are you??" Omg this guy knocks on my door and im just like wooooooow i dont know you. "Hi im Niall and this is Liam and Zayn, Harry sent us here to talk to you." omg an irish guy, luv it!!! "OH Come in come in but 1 question, how do you know him????" "OH ya we r on the X Factor with him, hes a real funny guy!!!" omg i think Niall said his name was....Liam ya Liam. "So why did he send you here??" i say almost in tears talking about him. "Well first im Zayn and he said he doesnt feel comfortable with it and he needs a break for a few weks, also he never said what happened." "Well first sorry if i start to cry, but i was having this dream i was kissing a guy, not naming who, and i wake up kissing him and he yelled at me and then left!!" 



There was i knock on the door. I knew who it was, it was Louis but they are here it would be weird. I open the door and Louis walks in!! "I CANT FIND HARRY!!! OH hey guys do yall know where Harry is also why are yall here??" "Oh ya Louis Harry sent us here to talk to Eleanor and he was at his house last time we saw him, which was like 20 minutes ago." Niall was so understanding but he would seem like a better friend than a boyfriend but sweet. "WELL HES NOT THERE AND HES NOT ANSWERING HIS PHONE, OH MY WE NEED TO FIND HIM WE HALF TO PREFORM TOMORROW, WHAT ARE WE GANNA DO!!!!"




Harry POV:


I had to get away. I just didnt know she felt that way, i love her and i would love to be with her but i never thought she felt that way. I just think that now it would be to weird, i dont know if we can ever be friends again! But i dont want to hurt her what do i do ugh!!!! 



I think i should leave town for a few wee...... WAIT THE X FACTOR!!!!!! Maybe i could stay at a hotel maybe a few minutes away. i should call Louis!!!



"HARRY WE HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK WHERE ARE YOU!!!" "Listen Louis i will come for when we preform but thats it, im tired of the drama, i will see you tomorrow but not if Eleanor is there, bye!!!!" i just hang up, what did i just say!!!!

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