Which? Which?

When Lily went home for the summer she didnt know what she was getting into. Now she has 7 people tracking her down!! But when finding a new friend along the way help her stay alive?? Read to find out.....


2. WHERE AM I!!!

I wake up in the back of a truck!!!! OMG im tied up and Ryan is driving with the guys that tried to kill me!!!!!!! Why did i trust him at all!!!!! "HAHA and she trusted u omg shes a little dumb ass blonde!!!" "HAHA ya she totally trusted me!!!!! Haha now what do we do with her!!!" "Well shes tied up so lets dump her in the lake!!!" Omg WTF i trusted Ryan but he does this to me!!!! Last time i trust a person off the streets!!!!




They finally get to lake and i am untied!!!! I Untied myself on the way and once they opened the door I kicked them all in the face and ran even Ryan!!!! I cant believe he did that!!!



As i run from Ryan wh ois chasing me i run into a guy! "HELP HELP Hes trying to kill me!!!!!" As i look the guy pulls out a gun and shoots Ryan then runs to me and puts his gun in the trash. "Why was that guy chasing u!!!!!" "Hes trying to kill me!!!!!!" "Why!!!" "IDK!!!!" "Well do u need a place to stay tonight???" "NO last time i did that he turned out to be 1 of the guys who tried to kill me!!!!" "OK well heres a gun incase u get into truble, and heres my number, im Matt!" "Thanks Matt im Lily, Heres my number and thanks for the gun!! AHHHHHH!!!" "WHAT!!!!!" He turns around and we shoot the guys except 3. 



We run and run until i fall and i guy stands above me!! "HAHA man you trust anybody dont you, you sweet sweet girl, so pretty, to bad i half to kill you but since ur so beautiful i will let u go but just this time, come on Kev." 



'Matt' comes over and grabs the gun from me. "Im sorry!!!" I get up and run to the nearest ally and hide behind a trash can. Omg why am i so stupid!!! Ahhh no more trusting people unless i know them!!!!

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