Which? Which?

When Lily went home for the summer she didnt know what she was getting into. Now she has 7 people tracking her down!! But when finding a new friend along the way help her stay alive?? Read to find out.....


4. Not A Chapter

So before you get all, omg who the hell does Lily look like, i will tell u!!!


Hair: she bleached it so it was a bleached blonde color than she made it a light aqua blue color except at the very end its bleach blonde  but with a purple streake on it



Face: She has a nose and mouth piercing and ear piercings, she always wearing blach eye shadow and purple lip stick



Outfits: She normally wears a crop top shirt and jeans, but when she mugs people she puts on a big jacket, but before she puts it on she puts her hair in a bun.



Thats all, hope you like the fan fiction/crime story, hope you like it!!

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