Which? Which?

When Lily went home for the summer she didnt know what she was getting into. Now she has 7 people tracking her down!! But when finding a new friend along the way help her stay alive?? Read to find out.....


3. Dont Even Try!!!

Lilys POV:


*One Year Later*



"Dane honey whats for dinner??" "Oh Lily chinese, its the easiest to steal from that place up the street!!" I have been running from those guys for a year now, i have a boyfriend, me and him are muggers and live on the street. Along with our 4 other friends. Meg, Steve, Dani, Rob, Dani, and I all work together. They are also being chased by those people. Oh gtg i see a couple, time to work my magic!! I run and grab the girls purse and run, when the guy runs after me, Dane goes up to the girls and normally ask for any money they had, most girls had the guys jacket on and if they did Dane took it. 




The gut was gaining on me so i hid in an ally and when he turned to corner i tripped me. i laughed so hard!! "Lily is that you!! Its me Louis!!" "Oh my gosh Louis, its been so long." "Ya um why are you mugging people on the streets??" "I dont know, why are the paparazzi not here Louis Tomlinson!!" "I dont know and um would you want to meet my sister, you can if you give me your purse!" "WAIT that was your sister, im so sorry!!!!" His sister and i were really good friends when we were in High School. "Ya and may i say, for a mugger you look so beautiful. What happened to your blonde hair?? Now its aqua blue with a little bit of blonde at the very bottom!!" "Oh ya 1 lady have 5 thousand dolars in her purse so i got alot of clothes and died me and my boyfriends hair, Wait of no Dane and your sister!!!" Iran and Louis ran by me, when we turned the corner Dane was kissing Louis sister!! "I HATE YOU!!!" I ran into the ally that we normally stay in!! I turn around and Louis and Lo are chasing me but Dane is just on the sidewalk not moving at all! Oh also i always called Louis sister Lo . "Wait wait Lily is that you!!" "Sure whatever, oh heres your purse!!" "Thanks and whats wrong???"



"Whats wrong is you were just kissing my boyfriend LO, im not mad at you because you didnt know but im mad at him!!" I see Meg walking over to me!! "Whoooa ur Louis from One Direction, Lily didnt you go to school with him, man not nce have we known a person me mug...... Lily whats wrong!!!!" "Dane kissed Lo Louis sster!!" "I told you not to trust him its ok its ok!!" I just sit there and cry, i take my hood off of my head and Lo's eyes get big!! "Your hair.......its.....its....BEAUTIFUL Lily i love it!! Um want to stay at my place, well me and Louis place tonight??" "Sure just hold on!!" Dane was in the same stop crying. "Dane i just wanted to say ur such a jerk and its over!!" "Lily im sorry!!" He kisses me but i pulled away quick, it wasnt like all the other times hes kissed me, this time i felt nothing between us. "Dont even try!!!" i yelled at him!!!!!!



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