Which? Which?

When Lily went home for the summer she didnt know what she was getting into. Now she has 7 people tracking her down!! But when finding a new friend along the way help her stay alive?? Read to find out.....



OMG what just happened who r those people oh no they see me run!!' I think to myself

I came home to visit family but i come home to people murdering my family! And now the people r coming after me. I remember them saying right before they killed my dad "Look whos trying to kill now Lewis and u to Elena and whos ganna stop me! I already killed ur duaghter Anna all thats left is Lily and im ganna find her!!" The whole thing kept playing through my head and it didnt make it anybetter i was being chased.

As i has running i ran into someone "Hey watch whe....." i cut him off by grabbing his wrist and pulling him. "WHY R WE RUNNING" "People r trying to kill me and i need a place to hide and i was wondering if u knew where i could hide!!" "We could go to my place, follow me"

He led me to his house and on our way we lost the guys along the way "Why r those people after u, also what is ur name??" Man he is so cute but stay focuse "IDK, and Lily" "thats a pretty name, im Ryan" "Well Ryan, i think i might have pulled u into this and im sorry but i have 1 thing to tell u, RUN ALWAYS RUN!!"

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