Neverending love

Ashlee Parker has had a rough year. Her father has passed on, in a fatal car crash, her mother, had a breakdown after his death. Ashlee is forced to start college for a fresh start, between meeting new friends and finding her soul mate, Ashlee will have to pick her own path.


2. Treatment

Not everyone recovers. I had a broken leg. Dad, a broken neck. Doesn't sound bad does it? Also, he died. Dads neck had snapped when the pole had smashed through the window onto his neck. I couldn't bare to live without him. The way he would read story books to me, the way he would sing to me when I was upset, just everything he did. I didn't realise how bad my leg was until I awoke. Mel and Jane where sitting by my bed, waiting for me to awaken. Mum was there too. But she was sobbing about dad. I awoke from a loud cry, to find it was mum. It stopped when I fluttered my eyes open. "Ash!" Mel and Jane sung together. "You guys came?" my voice croaked. "Of course we did!" Jane chirped in. Her black, waving hair tossing about. "We've been comforting you mum," whispered Mel looking into her mums direction. "Mum!" My little voice squealed. I looked at mum. Her eyes were red and swelled, with tear stains down her red cheeks. "Ash!" Mum came rushing over to my bed. "Your- your father," Mums voice was trembling. "He, his neck, it-it smashed into the lightpole. He's, gone..." Mums voice trailed off. "Gone?What do you mean?" I managed to spit out the words. "Dead." Mum bursts into tears. My eyes were red and swelled, with red cheeks, and tear stains, just like mum. Mel and Jane's eyes started to swell. 

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