Neverending love

Ashlee Parker has had a rough year. Her father has passed on, in a fatal car crash, her mother, had a breakdown after his death. Ashlee is forced to start college for a fresh start, between meeting new friends and finding her soul mate, Ashlee will have to pick her own path.


1. The accident

The summer breeze. That one day that could of changed my families lives. It was mid afternoon, and dad had picked me up from work. The cafè was quiet, so I knew when dad had arrived. I'd just turned 18, so I could drive. But mum hesitated and made dad drop me off and pick me up for the first week. As I gathered my bag and phone, I could hear dad revving up the engine. "Bye Chrissy!" I forced a smile and waved. Nothing. Not a muscle moved. "Yeah nice talking to you too," I muttered under my breath. As I walked to the red rusty ute, I could tell dad had some beers before coming. "Have you been drinking?" I rhetorically asked dad. "Maybe," the words slurred from his mouth."That's it, I'm driving, move over." Dad didn't budge. He just turned the car on and started driving. "How was work?" More slurred words. I stared out of the window. Holidays were just around the corner, and i wasn't allowed to use them. I started to realise dad was speeding, 40 over the limit. "No, Dad!" Before I knew it, dad had swerved out of control, smashing into a lightpost. My vision was blurry. I couldn't feel my leg, and dad was excessivly bleeding. "Daddy!" I yelled. Tears streamed down my face. "Daddy..."

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