Neverending love

Ashlee Parker has had a rough year. Her father has passed on, in a fatal car crash, her mother, had a breakdown after his death. Ashlee is forced to start college for a fresh start, between meeting new friends and finding her soul mate, Ashlee will have to pick her own path.


3. Dads Will

I was out of hospital. I had to quit my job at my little cafe, and start fresh. Mum and I had used countless hours working on dads funeral arrangements. Our family lawer came around. Mum made three cups of coffee for us as I opened the door. "Hi! Come on in." I stuttered. His black shoes squeaked as he walked on the floorboards. "Now, let's crack down to buissness. His will," his serious face made no movement. 'Just like Chrissy' I thought. I wasn't listening ro all the blabbling he said, all that was for mum, I just wanted to hear my letter. "And now the  letters." I stared directly at the two sealed envelopes in his hand. "For my dearest Lilly,

To you, you are my world. When we first met I knew you were the one. To you, I give you my money and car. I know you've always wanted it. I will always love you, Angel."

He handed the letter to my mum, tears down her face.

"And yours."

He read it aloud.

"My baby girl Ash.

We have had some good times, and some bad. I wish I could take those bad ones and turn them to good. So to you, I've left you something special. Look in the box of special items under my tux. Especially for you my Ashie. I love you."

Tears rolled down my cheek. "I hope you two live a good life even without your husband." He nodded and with that he left. "He didn't drink his coffee." Mum collapsed into my arms and burst into tears screaming and crying.

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