This is a little 1D fanfic!
18 yr old Dari had the perfect life. Great grades, great family, AMAZAYN boyfriend ;)
Her boyfriend Zayn is the best but what happens when she catches him with her best friend? Will she find Solace in the beautiful green eyes that lay before her?


2. Deep In The Meadow.

My whole body shook as i sobbed, my body curled into a ball on the floor as my hair created a safe cacoon. My hair clung to my chheks as i whispered the song i had learned from my favourite book. 'Deep in the meadow-' i sobbed brokenly. 'Under the willow, a bed of grass...' Slowly i shut my eyes tighter. 'A soft green pillow.' I cut off quick. 'Lay down your head, close your sleepy eyes' A soft, silky voice sang.

My body relaxed, my ears indulged in this heavenly voice. Then my eyes shot open, i sat up wiping my face quickly to find a pair of sad gorgeous green eyes staring into mine. "shh Dari, its me.' he said rubbing my hair. "Harry." i sobbed throwing my arms around him.

I layed my head on his lap as Harry rubbed my hair and sang, 'Here it's safe, here it's warm. Here the daisys, guard you from every harm..." Then i fell asleep.

Harrys P.O.V

Dari fell asleep as i finished off the song. "Here is the place, where i love you." I leant down and kissed her forehead and carried her to the guest room.

I put her on the bed and pulled the sheet over her. I stared at how peaceful and beautiful she was. All i ever wanted was for her to be mine, but Zayn charmed her. damn him! Only i knew.\, only i knew what he did behind her back. After he would call me and cry because he loved her. Oh how i envied him! This was my chance though. I climbed in bed next to Dari as she pulled herself closer. If only she would let me love her. 


Hello Munchkins!! sorry i havnt updated in a couple weeks!!! i have been sooo busy! Im working on UID so hang on! anywho i hope you enjoyed this chapter of Smile...AND yes there is P.O.V!  woooo :) -Molly


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