This is a little 1D fanfic!
18 yr old Dari had the perfect life. Great grades, great family, AMAZAYN boyfriend ;)
Her boyfriend Zayn is the best but what happens when she catches him with her best friend? Will she find Solace in the beautiful green eyes that lay before her?


1. Again.

I walked through the small apartment building, I was so excited! Today was Zayn's birthday and as his girlfriend i had already planned the entire party. I got off work early and headed up to our penthouse apt. I was going to surprise Zayn with a special present. ;) Quietly i opened the door locking it behind me. Zayn wouldn't be home yet so time to bake. As i heasded towards the large kitchen i started hearing screaming.someone is hurt! I ran towards the bedroom and slammed the door open. Instead of someone being hurt there was my best friend Bella and Zayn. IN MY BED! I grabbed her hair and dragged her out of my house. I don't care if she was naked.

"YOU!" I screamed pointing at zayn. Tears poured down my cheeks. "Again." i whispered. "GET THE HELL OUT!" I yelled. I started to push him out the door. "Babe i am soo sorry! I LOVE YOU BABE!" he yelled as i slammed the door. He had done it. A G A I N.

Hellllllooooo Munchkins!!!! I hope you enjoy this little insy bitsy chapter! Please leave your HONEST opinion bubbys! ANNNNNNNNNND if people want it i can put out my new story called bad liar....Only if you ask for it though! If you like this please tell me and if you want the new story Bad Liar put 'Unicorns!' in the comments! if i get at least 3 then i will put it up! OK Munchkins? BYE! -Molly 

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