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This is a collection of all my works that are done at school, for competitions outwith Movellas and also stories, poems and songs (?!) that are done in my sparetime, or were done some years ago.
Please give me feedback and stuff because I don't always trust the words of teachers and over-flattering friends... ;)


2. Time Capsule Diary Entry

This is a work I did in S1 (that's age 12). It was on the topic 'Schools in the Future'. I have to say I'm pretty proud of it!

30th October 2157

It’s Halloween tomorrow.

Long ago, in the Golden Age, Halloween was said to be the one night of the year that the wall between the human and spirit worlds was weak. Children would dress up as monsters, ghosts, and witches. They’d run from house to house, telling jokes and singing songs for sweets. It was a night of fun and celebration; now it’s just another lost event on our calendar.

Back then, they thought the future was bright, ripe with opportunity. Let’s just say they were very, very wrong.

We started to run out of all the major fuels. Oil, gas, petrol, all of it diminishing fast. Of course, us humans only saw one way to solve this problem. War.

That brings us pretty much up to now, where the sky is always grey, and not even the very rich can afford to live in anything more than tiny ramshackles.

School is big, and grey, just like everything else in our dark world. It’s made of corrugated iron, and rust. There are exactly 1000 pupils, aged between 6 and 16. There are only 10 teachers. There’s 100 to a class, and lessons are chaos.

I am nearly 13 now and am in the top 20%.  When I turn 17, I will leave this school. If, by this time, I am in the top 5%, I will be a soldier. If not, I will live in a ramshackle all my life and never have a job, unless I volunteer to teach.

Only 5% percent of the Society’s population are soldiers, and half of them die every year.

*  * *

This diary entry is for a time capsule, and I’ve been assigned to write about a so-called ‘typical school day’. I don’t think there’s such a thing, so I’ll just write about today.

It took me an hour to get there, to school. I had to walk. I was quick at first, but as the minutes dragged on, my feet, too, started to drag. I’ve got quicker since my first day of school, back when I was six, then, it took me almost three hours. Even though I’ve sped up since then, it still seems slow.

I entered the building and started to sprint. I was late. Into the classroom, where 99 pairs of eyes stared back at me, waiting for my excuse.

‘Sorry I’m late, miss’ I said, and slid into my seat.

I blush easily, and today was no exception. I’m pretty sure that I turned almost as red as my hair.

I’m not sure what exactly it was we were supposed to be learning today. Perhaps it involved origami, because there were definitely a lot of paper planes flying around.

Paper planes aren’t only discouraged, but they are also a Waste of Resources, and resources like paper are precious.

Lunch was a small glass of water, a hunk of brown bread. Some days, if we’re lucky, we get a slice of hard-boiled egg. Today was not one of those days.

Lunch is at 3pm, and, after that, we get to go home.

If it takes me an hour to get there in the morning, it takes an hour and a half to get back. By the time I’m home, the sun is red in the sky, and I swear that I have a new freckle on my face.

My name is Ness Lomond, and this is my time capsule diary entry.

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