My Life Offline

This is a collection of all my works that are done at school, for competitions outwith Movellas and also stories, poems and songs (?!) that are done in my sparetime, or were done some years ago.
Please give me feedback and stuff because I don't always trust the words of teachers and over-flattering friends... ;)


1. A Nod to Bram Stoker


Mina and Dracula enter. Mina speaks to the audience.

Mina: I met with Dracula as the sun set. We were in the cemetery, him encased in a black cloak, me in my best dress. I had told the others I was simply going for a walk.

Dracula: [to Mina] Where do you wish to go? We must continue with your change.

Mina: The clifftop feels like a fitting place. There we can look down on the world as nothing but trivial. There we can feel like the powers we truly are.

Dracula: Perfect. You are already beginning to sound more like me... So on the clifftop it will be done. You will become immortal.

Renfield enters and rides. He raises his eyebrows at the gathering and runs off.

Mina: Did you hear something? I’m sure I did.

Dracula: There was no noise. You’re just excited.

Mina: Very well. Shall we set off then?

Mina and Dracula set off and exit. Van Helsing, Seward and Jonathon enter.

Jonathon: Mina’s been gone a good few hours now. Do you have any idea where she could be?

Van Helsing: I fear I know only too well...

Renfield runs onstage, grabbing Seward by the arm.

Renfield: She is to become one of them on the clifftop. We must go to her, save her from herself.

Seward: Surely not…

Van Helsing: It is only what I expected. Come, we must go to her now.

Van Helsing gathers his stake and crucifix while the others leave. He exits moments later. Mina and Dracula enter.

Mina: Shall we start?

Dracula: Whenever you are ready.

Mina: [to the audience] It was then that I changed from mere mortal to an immortal power. My soul wept and I felt it, but only very faintly. I cared for nothing but myself and blood from that moment.

Renfield, Van Helsing, Seward and Jonathon all creep onstage. Mina sees them and jumps up, snarling. Her face is twisted and un-recognisable. She grabs Jonathon by the neck.

Van Helsing: No more shall you harm others, Count Dracula.

Van Helsing drives the wooden stake through Mina’s heart.

Renfield: No sir! That is not Dracula, you have killed Mina.

Renfield cries out and falls to the floor.

Dracula: You have killed the one I longed for, but you shall never be the one to kill me. My death shall be truly my own. It shall be solitary and quick.

Dracula exits, running.

Mina: And as I lay in my dying moments my soul ran back to me and i realised I had much to say. But I got no chance to form any of it into words. I simply looked up at Jonathon and then the world went blurry, then black.

Mina dies.

Seward: And so we stood alone in the ruins with a dead body beside us.

Van Helsing: And I was a murderer.

Jonathon: [who is standing with his hand on his neck] And I a widower.

Renfield: And I unable to speak.

Jonathon removes his hand from his neck.

Jonathon: But most of all, I was bitten.

The curtain falls.

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