a girl called hollie has a boyfriend called liam payne but her best friend melissa is a bit jealous............... what does melissa do? read to find out


2. kidnapper

well i went home early that day because after Melissa gave me a milkshake i felt dizzy and really sick!

what was in it!

well when i was walking home it felt like someone was following me and it was really creepy seriously, well i was sttill 5 minuets away from home and then i heared someone talkign on the phone behign me saying " i think i have found her melissa shall i get her now?" OMG i was getting so scared so i started to run. the person behind me started chasing me! i dropped my bag and ran as fast as i could and didnt look back and then she caught up to me and tripped me up and put me in a gray sack.

it was black just dark i couldnt remember a thing and had no idea where i was or what was happening. a few minuets later i saw this girl and she was just staring at me. hollie said " WHERE AM I" jackie said " i cant tell you"!! " why cant you HELLO IS ANYBODY THERE PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER ME!! " said hollie.

jackie coved hollies mouth with duck tape so she can ot talk.


hello hollie are you there" said melissa, yes yes yes MELISSA HELP ME", ok im here to help" said melissa, who is there" said jackie?" HOLLIE RUN RUN COME ON BEFORE SHE GETS YOU , ME OR BOTH OF US COME ON" said melissa

I thought in my head what the hell is Melissa just faking this?? Is its all planned out! I don't think I can trust her at the moment 

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