You feel insecure? So do I. This is about me. How I feel and how I want to feel :)


1. Insecurities

I stand in front of the mirror
Inspecting how I look
I wish I could be prettier
Life would be much simpler
I wish I could have a perfect smile
Wishing to look like a model
I want to be thinner.
fitting in the smallest sizes
I want to be flawless.
a wish that I long for
Life would be easier
if only I was prettier 
I look at my reflection 
and see the imperfection 
Nothing will ever be perfect on me
I will never be the most beautiful 
I stare at the face looking back at me
I stare at the sadness in my eyes
I stare at the tears slowly falling
I stare at everything about me
I let a smile slowly break free
and I sigh in relief 
There is the beauty I long for
Right there inside me
then the stars in my eyes begin to reappear 
The smile widens and I laugh in delight 
I've Found my inner beauty
I've found my security 
And I've lost my insecurity 

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