camping for a one direction concert

two girls Hannah and georgia are camping out side the vector arena in new zealand there are a lot of homeless people.....


1. its just one chapter sorry

Hannahs p.o.v  

"hurry up georgia" i yell "im coming" she yells back " we need to get there georgia runs down the starirs i open the door she runs out i shut the door and lock it we hop in the car and are on the way to the arena. arrive out side the arena and set up our tent they meet a couple of other directioners. its 1.00 pm in the morning hannah wakes up in and strange place she realises that she has sleep walked to a shop she fids her way back to the tent she hops in her sleeping bag (the next morning) they both wake up its 8.00 am 11 more hours till the  concert they both get dressed "lets go shopping" i say they head of in the car they find the closet mall (after wards the shooping its 7.00 pm) they get dreesd. i get dressed into my one direction t-shirt and my black skinny jeans and put on my red vans and my red highlights and then georgia wears her one direction t shirt and her blue skinny jeans and her black converse and her black highlights. we enter the arena we are at the front row the concert stars in 10 mins (60 mins later) its thhe end of the concert mr and georgia decide to be the last ones to leave (20 mins later) every one has left the arena.Just then ONE DIRECTION came out onto the stage they saw me and georgia

Liams p.o.v

we went back onto the stage and there was two girls still here there was a light brown haired girl with red highlights she was the one i knew it then there was a blonde girl with black highlights she was alright but the light brown head girl was the one "what are you guys still doing here" i asked " we wanted to stay a bit longer" the brown haired girl said "ok, what are your two girls names?" " Im Hannah and this is georgia" 

Nialls p.o.v 

i saw this lovely blonde haired girl and i believe her name was georgia she was amazing she was the one for me she was my princess i knew it "why dont you girls come back to our room" isaid "ok" georgia said.we get back to the hotel we get to the room we walk in and hannah and georgia plonck down o the coach i rush to sit next to georgia 

liams p.o.v 

i rush to sit next to hannah i could tell that niall was trying to get next to georgia he was in love with her and i was in love with hannah i called niall over to the kitchen "why dont you ask her out" i said "what are you talking about" niall said "you no what" fine i will if you do" "ok" we walk back over to the the lonuge.

nialls p.o.v 

"hey georgia can you come over here" i said  "shore" she said we walk over to the kitchen " how would you like to be my g-g-girlfriend" "YES" she shouted we walked back to the lounge i mouthed to Liam "your turn" he got up and took hannah over to the kitchen. 

Liams p.o.v 

"hey hannah how would you like to be my g-g-girlfriend" "YES" she shouted  we walked back over to the lounge i gave thumbs up to niall 











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