In A Hopeless Place

When Haley, a normal girl, meets Harry at a party, things change... For both of them.


1. The Party

"Of course! Yes, I'll come. It's your party, why wouldn't I go?" My best friend Louis was talking to me over the phone. His birthday party was in a few days. He actually decided to have it on New Years Eve. Lou didn't think a lot of people were going to show up.
"Do you really think a lot of people are going to come?"
On my side of the phone I made a 'duh' look. But then I remembered we were talking on the phone.
"You are Louis, 'The Tommo' Tomlinson, of One Direction. One of the most popular persons on the earth right now. Why wouldn't a lot of people come?"
"You do have a point there..."
"Haha. Well, I'll see you in a few days, and save me a spot at the tables by you and Eleanor!" I have only met Eleanor once, but she was honestly a lovely girl.
"Ok, you got it! Bye!" and then Louis disconnected.


I walked up to the door after I have security my name. I was kind of nervous. I was a normal girl going to a party with some of the most famous people around right now. Me and Louis were best friends when we went to school together. We still kept in touch but I don't know. It was like sometimes I didn't belong rolling with the big dogs.
Something I always thought about was me not meeting One Direction. Sure one of my best friends was 1/5 of it, but I've never talked to any of those other boys before.
With a sweaty palm I opened the door and walked inside. Club music was blasting through the speakers and everyone was dancing. The place was packed! Even I didn't think Lou knew this many people.
I put my present up and went to go find Eleanor or Louis. I tried to look for them but there were just too many people around me.
After giving up and going to get a drink, I locked eyes with Harry Styles. He was across the bar from me and was smiling. Of course being me I blushed and looked down.
After a few minutes I drinked my drink and looked up again. I didn't see Harry or any place he could've gone. I started thinking about irrelevant things.
A hand touched my shoulder and I jumped.
It was Lou!
"Oh my God. You scared me Lou!" He helped me get out of my chair and when I fixed myself I saw who was standing next to him. Sweet Lord. This boy looked so much better in person.
"Sorry Hale! I just wanted to find you and introduce you to this lad. Harry, Haley. Haley, Harry." he gesture with his hand.
Harry started talking in a slow deep voice, "Actually I think we made some type of eye contact over there by the bar..."
"Oh yeah. That was embarrassing." I blushed again recalling the thought.
Harry smirked.
"It's time to cut the cake!" Someone yelled. I looked over and it was Ed Sheeran. I could not contain this type of emotion.
I turned to Harry, "Oh. My. God. Ed Sheeran is in the same room as me. Eating the same cake as me."
He gave me a weird look.
"I'm sorry. Aha. Um. I'm just not used to this. I'm not famous, obviously."
He smiled widely. "There's nothing to be sorry about! I was the same way once you know."
"Hard to believe." I muttered under my breath.
We started singing 'Happy Birthday.'
Me and Harry got a slice of cake and I saw Eleanor. I complimented her on her dress and she did the same. Her an Harry chatted for a few minutes. Then Lou came. I went to go sit in the seat I had asked Lou to reserve for me. Harry came and sat right next to me. His name was also reserved.
'Quite odd..' I noted to myself.
Then, I realized just what Louis was trying to do to me.
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