On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


2. Secret

I noticed everyone was staring at me now. I smiled a very awkward smile. I looked at Niall and whispered into his ear saying "ya I guess Harry". He laughed a little. I grabbed a name from the box. It was Harry. "uh Harry" I said. He looked at me now. "uh" I said. "well do you have a girlfriend or have your eye on one"? I asked butting my bottom lip. "no I don't but I do have my eye on one" he said. He picked a name. But I just zoned out. He already loves another girl! I don't care I guess. He can have a girlfriend if he wants. After a while we got bored. Danielle and Liam went upstairs. Demi and Niall too. Danielle and Louis went into the kitchen to make cookies. Perrie and zayn were outside playing with the snow. I sat there awkwardly next to Harry. "do you uh want to come upstairs"? He asked me. "sure" I said as I got up. I started to walk upstairs. As I passed I saw danielle and Liam sitting on a bed holding hands. They were talking about something. Then I walked by Niall and Demi. They were listing to this song on the radio. Harry showed me to his room. "I know what your thinking he's a slob" he said smiling with a cheeky smile. "no just a little uh messy" I said giggling. I st on his bed as he grabbed a box from under his bed. "do you want to see her"? He asked. "who" I asked. "the girl I love" he said. "o uh ya" I said. He pulled out a picture. He handed it to me. I took the picture and looked at it. It showed a girl with blonde hair. She had brown eyes. She had a big pink jacket on. She was hugging harry. Harry was hugging her. He handed me another picture. It showed them kissing. I faked a smile. "she's really preatty" I said. "I know we were together but she uh broke my heart" he said. "do you miss her"? I said. "ya I do" he said. " im so sorry" I said. "it uh okay she's actually coming to town next week" he said. "oh" i said. "Do you want to see some cute pictures"? He asked me. "sure" I said. He took out another picture. It was Harry as a little 4 year old. I giggled. He was in his underwear dancing. I laughed at it. "you were sooooooo cute" I said. "so I'm not anymore"? He said laughing. I could see his green eyes shine in the light. I giggled and looked into his eyes. We were right about to kiss. I heard a knock. Me and Harry walked downstairs. Harry opened the door. It was the girl from the picture. She came in an said "I decided to come a little early". He gave her a hug. Then he kissed her. I just walked away awkwardly. He found a girl. He loves her. I'm done. My eyes filled with tears. "I love you Emily" he said. I walked into the kitchen. Eleanor and Louis had white flower all over them. They had chocolate too. They had egg shells on them. They had a bake fight. "I'm sorry" I said to them. "hey are you okay" Eleanor asked me. "uh ya uhm I'm fine by the way Harry's new girlfriend is here" I said. "uh okay don't get mad okay"? She asked. "okay what"? I said. "well Niall told Louis and Louis told me what your secret is an I'm do sorry" she said. Then he hugged me. Louis came and hugged me to. I walked out of the kitchen. Harry and that Emily were sitting down holding hands. I ran upstairs. Danielle and liam came up to me and hugged me. "we know" that said. I hugged them. Then niall walked by. "Niall" I said. He didn't say a word he just hugged me. Then perrie and zayn came up and hugged me. Then Harry and Emily came up and said " so why are we hugging"? Harry said.
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